Bomb Brows Permanent Cosmetics

Bomb Brows Permanent Cosmetics

Bomb Brows offers permanent make up, piercings, body sculpting, & teeth whitening in Swansea,IL. ***BY APPOINTMENT ONLY***
Hi, I'm Jessica- Owner of Bomb Brows!

My goal is to help women feel confident in their own skin. Location:19 Emerald Terrace, Swansea, IL 62226

All PMU appointments require $75 non refundable deposit and credit card on file. All BODY appointments require $25 non refundable deposit and credit card on file. Cancellations/Late/No Show:
72 hour notice for cancellations or reschedules or 50% of SERVICE FEE will


MBI Hybrid Brow Course is everything you need to know to launch your permanent make up business!

👩‍🏫 Online theory and instruction with virtual community support, homework, and 1-1 coaching calls
👋🏻Hands on models in shop with Master PMU Artist by your side
⭐️Learn about the different permanent make up styles and techniques for eyebrows
⭐️Feel confident in which service is best for your client
⭐️Master the art of Brow Mapping
…. And so much more!

Link in Bio- Start Today!

Stay True To Yourself. Period. 09/20/2023

Juggeling life and a small business?
I feel you girl. Don’t lose sight of your values.

Stay True To Yourself. Period. Unleashing the Magic: Why Keeping True to Your Values is Vital for Small Business Success! Beauty biz is tough and it will test you. Even more reason to talk about the importance of staying true to…


I just added a "flat" to my ear piercing collection and Jessica did a great job! We planned where the best location was based on my personal anatomy which is exactly what you hope for in a piercer! Her studio is super cute, clean and welcoming (bf loved the lemon water). Clear after care instructions and expectations. Thanks so much!


Cover Up & New Powder Brows 💋❤️
😎Remember, your brows are the frame to your beautiful face, so why not make them the center of attention? 💁‍♀️😉


One of the #1 questions I get is…”Do you shave off my eyebrows?” And the answer is NO! Some artist might- but I will not!

After we map out the desired brow shape I clean up any stragglers that fall outside our shape with an easy tool called a twinkle razor 🪒

We want to keep as much hair as possible within our shape!

Enhancing your natural beauty with slight tweaks is the best option in my book 📚

Beauty Biz Talk 09/14/2023

For my fellow Beauty Business Gals❤️

Beauty Biz Talk Jessica Weathers Beauty business is not for the faint of heart. Let’s talk about it. As a permanent make up artist & trainer who offers a variety of beauty bar services I know the challenges of finding clientele & students, providing an excellent experience, educating your clients and students, an...

Bomb Brows - The Microblading Institute Affiliate Training Partner 09/12/2023

🌸 Calling all aspiring Permanent Makeup Artists! 🌸

Ever dreamt of enhancing people's beauty and boosting their confidence? We have the perfect opportunity for you! Join our exclusive Permanent Makeup Artistry Training Program and turn your passion into a rewarding career!

💫 A Path to Financial Independence:
With our comprehensive HYBRID training course, you'll gain the expertise needed to launch your own thriving business. Embrace the flexibility of being your own boss and set your own schedule, all while doing what you love.

🎓 Expert Training and Support:
Our program is designed by industry-leading professionals with years of experience in permanent makeup artistry. Receive comprehensive training in microblading and shading-giving you the unique opportunity to offer your clients a variety of eye brow styles.

🤝 Mentorship and Hands-on Experience:
Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, you'll have the opportunity to refine your skills through hands-on practice once your online instruction is complete. Gain invaluable experience working with real clients in a supportive and nurturing environment.

💼 Thriving Career Opportunities:
The demand for Permanent Makeup Artists is booming. Whether you dream of working in a prestigious salon, starting your own studio, or becoming a freelance artist, this industry offers unlimited growth potential to those who put in the hard work!

🌐 Connect with a Community of Artists:
Join our inclusive community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for beauty and artistry. Connect with fellow artists, exchange ideas, and gain inspiration from the talented individuals within our network.

🎁 Enroll Now and Get Exclusive Bonuses:
Take advantage of our limited-time offer! Enroll in our 100 Hour Microblading Fundamentals Training Program today and be one of the select few to complete an additional model FOR FREE.

📲 Don't wait! Take the first step towards your dream career as a Permanent Makeup Artist. Click below to learn more and secure your spot in our upcoming training program now! 👇

🌟 Unlock your potential and become the artist you've always aspired to be. Together, let's create beauty that lasts a lifetime! 🌟

Bomb Brows - The Microblading Institute Affiliate Training Partner Check out this YouTube Thumbnail designed by jessica_weathers.


New Client Promo 📣 $50 OFF NEW Permanent Make Up services for the next 10 people ONLY!

Have you been following my page? Liking my posts? Well, NOW is the time to BOOK! Promo spots will go 💨 fast

Link in bio

Microblading-Lip Tattoo-Eyeliner


Sadly, as a small business owner sometimes you come across very rude people. I declined someone as a client and now they are leaving me 1 ⭐️ reviews on Google under fake email accounts.

I encountered a woman who inquired about getting their eyebrows done.

This woman explained how she had her brows done at a previous artist, hated them, and has been trying to get someone to fix them. When I asked her to send me a photo- I respond she needed removal before I would do new brows.

She didn’t agree with my professional opinion and accused me of just trying to get money out of her.

So I declined her as a client. If she don’t want to do removal, then I didn’t feel comfortable working over her brows.

Almost a year later she books an appointment for eyebrows with me on my website! Clearly she never found anyone. We both apparently realize that we’ve already had conversations with each other at the same time, and agreed to cancel the appointments

 She is now leaving me another one star review under a fake email account on google because I declined her again as a client.

Her main complaint is I didn’t “see her in person”. Well, I don’t need to see you in person when I have a photo and to be honest there were other RED FLAGS as to why I didn’t want to be your artist . When you think you know more than the professional, complain about other artist, and then have a bad attitude when I’m trying to steer your in the right direction- YOU’RE A RED FLAG & I will not be serving you. Ever.

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💋 Drop that lipstick and go natural with our Lip Neutralizing Tattoo service. Dark cool toned lips to soft pink or skin tone n**e. Be ready to pucker up at any moment! 💕


Now offering pigments for Powder Brow & Microblading!

I still love and use my LI Pigments- but it’s important to learn new pigment lines and understand the the importance of versatility in your craft.

This 100% organic pigment line is manufactured in Italy and created against EU ingredient standards. It implants like butter!

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Bomb Brows is officially an Affiliate Trainer for offering the 4 day online brow course!

💋Includes a full student kit & weekly 1-1 calls

📣LAUNCHING MBI’s hybrid-online training program is a game changer for those seeking to enter the PMU industry in the local St Louis & Illinois market.

📣This 4 day class was TRANSFORMED INTO a Flexible ONLINE INSTRUCTION with access to rewatch & study the class material for 30 days!!

🔑Learn the fundamentals of permanent makeup. This class will teach you a basic microblading pattern as well as shading techniques using the machine. Giving you the flexibility to offer a variety of brow styles to your clients.

🔑We'll go over intro to color theory, brow mapping, needle theory, and much much more.

🔑Students have the opportunity to work hands on with two different brow models in this class.

🔑 Apprenticeship or Virtual Mentorship are highly suggested as an add-on to continue honing skills and seeing demonstrations regularly with your local Master PMU. Me!


Can you guess the BIG SURPRISE? 🎂

This one is for all my aspiring PMU Gals!

I’ve had an awesome couple of days here at sharpening my skills and working with some amazing new PMU Artist. My gal .glam really knows how to serve and support our PMU community in the classroom & beyond. These girls are going places!

Photos from Bomb Brows Permanent Cosmetics's post 08/31/2023

Can you guess what I’m bringing back from The Microblading Institute: Brow Gang in Louisiana? 🧠💎

This one is for all my aspiring PMU Gals


Hi 👋🏻

I’m Jessica. Mom to 9 year old son, wife to my amazing supportive husband, dog mom x3 & I have to write everything down and check it off or else it never happened.

I LOVE what I do and who I do it for. The LADIES!

My shop is in Swansea, IL. Fun fact I lived in Fairview for the first 10 years in this state in 4 different dwellings. We built our new home in 2022 and moved in earlier this year - what a blessing!

I am a Christian and proud of it! My son likes to say “moms always got her Jesus music going” and well- yes, that’s true!

My goal is to make women feel comfortable from the moment they walk in the door. We laugh, share stories, or sometimes my gals just need to get a nap in during services. I’m here for it all.



I am working so hard to bring you all something VERY EXCITING!

🖥️ This one is for all my aspiring PMU Gals


👄 Let’s talk Lip Neutralizing & the wonders it can do for dark or super cool toned lips.

My client had deep purple lips with a majority of her top lip and partially her bottom.

💉 I used a mixture of Permablend’s Orange crush 🍊 + a few drop of Passion 🍎 (an orange/red mix) to cover the darker areas of the lips. Finally, a dusting of Badzooka Pink 🫦 (a bright bubbly gum pink) at the very end - her lips will lighten and neutralize with a soft pink color near the center of her mouth.

Her lip texture was a bit on the thicker side (most darker lips are- that’s normal) so I grabbed 3RL .25 cartridge and it worked like a charm 🍀


Kiss smudged lipstick goodbye! 👋 Our Lip Blush Tattoo offers the perfect solution for women on the go. Get that natural, flush of color on your lips without the need for constant touch-ups. Rediscover your beauty today. 💄💋

Pat Yourself On The Back 08/25/2023

Pat Yourself On The Back Unleash Your Inner Boss: Staying Motivated as an Independent Business Owner in the Beauty Industry Introduction:Running an independent business in the beauty industry comes with numerous perks – th…


Beautiful Powder Brow Transformation

💋Two rounds of saline removal, one round of laser removal & 6 month waiting period to allow her skin to fully heal from the trauma of removal—from previous artist—to BOMB BROWS!

This brow journey was well worth the wait- we started working together in October of 2022!

Bomb Brows Permanent Cosmetics - Swansea, IL 08/23/2023

Hey Gals!

I recently listed my business on Yelp 🙂

If you received services could you kindly take a moment to leave a positive review. This helps me when other ladies are searching for a PMU artist on the platform. TIA

Bomb Brows Permanent Cosmetics - Swansea, IL Specialties: Bomb Brows offers permanent makeup services & training for microblading, powder brows, combo brows, eyeliner and lip blush - Swansea, IL. Permanent Cosmetics. Ladies are you tired of drawing in your eyebrows everyday? Momma do you have enough on your plate and want to do something nice....


Elevate your ear game and add a touch of sparkle to your life! Our ear piercing service will leave you feeling confident and stylish. Explore our collection of stunning earrings and get ready to turn heads wherever you go. 💎💖


🌸 Enhance your natural beauty with our Lip Blush Tattoo service! 💋✨ Say goodbye to smudging lipstick and hello to long-lasting, perfectly tinted lips. 🙌🏼💄

🌹 Our skilled artists use the latest techniques and high-quality pigments to create a soft and natural-looking lip color that complements your unique features. Whether you prefer a subtle blush or a bold pout, we've got you covered! 😍💕

✨💄 With our Lip Blush Tattoo, you can wake up with effortlessly beautiful lips every single day. No more time wasted on touch-ups or searching for the perfect shade of lipstick. Just confident, kissable lips that last for years! 💋💕

👉🏼 Ready to take your lip game to the next level? Book your appointment today and let our talented team transform your lips into a work of art! 😘✨💋


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👉🏻Saline Removal / Lightening

⏰ Lightening is visisble immediately after treatment and the pigment will continue to lighten and fade over the next 6-8 weeks!

🚨 Redness is 100% normal and usually subsides within 24 hours.

‼️ This service lightens and removal pigment. The saline solution is tattooed into the skin and the chemical compound adheres to the pigment pulling and lifting the color out of the skin as it heals over the next 6-8 weeks. 🔔

🌈 Saline targets all colors and is suitable for most skin types. If you’re PMU has healed blue/gray or an unwanted color I can help! Some eyebrows need multiple sessions of saline removal before a target color can be applied for fresh new brows.


💋🖤About Bomb Brows

Beauty Biz Talk 08/19/2023

Let’s talk Beauty Biz…

Beauty Biz Talk Jessica Weathers Beauty business is not for the faint of heart. Let’s talk about it. As a permanent make up artist & trainer who offers a variety of beauty bar services I know the challenges of finding clientele & students, providing an excellent experience, educating your clients and students, an...


💄 Lip Neutralizing for dark or cool color lips is an amazing service to help lighten, even out, and bring more of a neutral tone to darker lips.

Do you wish your lip tone was more even? Are there dark spots you want to address? Do you have a strong dark purple undertone to your lips?

Lip Neutralizing is your go to service!

💋2-3 sessions to achieve desired end results
💋long lasting results
💋throw on your gloss and go

Lip Tattoos can offer a variety if benefits and easy to your daily makeup routine
🔑This permanent make up service is key for those who want to wake up and go!

Photos from Bomb Brows Permanent Cosmetics's post 08/17/2023

Drawing is TONIGHT! Last chance to enter- How to enter:

Tag 3 Friends
Share the Post
PING THE PEEPS YOU TAGGED & ask them to share & get a last minute bonus entry!


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Laser Lipo- Lipo Cavitation- Skin Tightening

🔥 Melt away stubborn fat & tighten skin with Bomb Body Slimming Sessions

Treatment Includes:
👉🏻Non Invasive Laser Lipo
👉🏻Ultrasonic Cavitation Lipo
👉🏻RF Skin Tightening

❤️ Melt Body Fat
❤️ Sculpt Hips & Abs
❤️ Reduce Cellulite
❤️ Tighten Skin
❤️ Promotes Blood Circulation
❤️ Promotes Detoxification

💻 Contact for More Details!
📱 call/text 314-671-0534

Bomb Body Slimming Sessions include customized body contouring, fat reduction, and skin tightening.


Bomb Brows now offers PIERCINGS!

Piercings are done using the needle method with only the highest quality jewelry available. implant titanium steel and 14 karat gold. Nickel free jewelry.

Body Sculpting - Bomb Brows LLC 06/09/2023


Purchase the New Client Bomb Body Package and get a FREE teeth whitening treatment in June & July

Body Sculpting - Bomb Brows LLC Loose inches and tighten skin with Body Sculpting services in Swansea, IL. Meet your weightloss goals faster with body sculpting. Laser Lipo.

Want your business to be the top-listed Beauty Salon in Swansea?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Booth Rent- Swansea IL
Books open back up July 24th! #asmr 🖤Brow Touch Up👉🏻Check out her healed brows before her 8-10 week touch up!📱 call/text...
#SmallBusiness owners can do ALL THINGS! Check my page for updates on the space over the next few weeks! I am beyond exc...




19 EMERALD Terrace
Swansea, IL

Opening Hours

Monday 4pm - 7pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 3pm - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 1am - 5pm
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