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BNN Makeovers

Salon Miro is downtown Tacoma’s premier hair salon, offering a full range of hair & beauty services. All hair types beauty supplies located in the Murano Hotel

Photos from Salonmiró's post 07/18/2023


Are you a talented hair stylist looking for a prestigious salon space in downtown Tacoma? Look no further! We are thrilled to announce we’re now officially offering exclusive booth rental opportunities available inside the upscale Hotel Murano Salon.

Featuring top-of-the-line amenities, our salon provides everything you need to elevate your craft to new heights. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing back bar supplies - we have in-house laundry so your towels are provided along with backbar . Enjoy a dedicated break room for some well-deserved rest and relaxation between appointments. Our salon is designed to inspire creativity and provide a comfortable work environment.

Not only do we offer an exceptional work setting, but we also provide conveniences that will impress both you and your clients. Ample free parking options ensure that your clients have an stress-free arrival. Additionally, our salon is proud to offer food services and cocktails when your clients want to indulge during their service appointments.

Step into a world of beauty and sophistication as the hotel exudes a beautiful, classy atmosphere throughout. You and your clients will be surrounded by elegance, enhancing their overall experience.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to join our upscale salon inside the renowned Hotel Murano. Schedule an appointment for a visiting tour today and apply to secure your place among the best. Elevate your career and enjoy the perks of being part of a high-end salon in a luxurious setting. We have 5 openings available only.

Call now to become a member of our exclusive team and take your hairstyling career to new heights!


This one transformation took me several appointments to get Albina to blonde, but I finally got her to her desired results…. Hair by Will
( Upper left picture was what I had to change) Box color 🥴


5 Hours later Deb get beautiful white/silver hair highlights… Top left is the before picture…Hair by Will


Book any color service with Stacey and recieve 20% off plus a complimentary cut and style valued at $80 .
Stacey has over 30 yrs experience as a color specialist and educator ,she recently relocated to Tacoma from Austin ,Texas and is excited to ofer this amazing special and meet new people.
Make your reservation now ,space is limited .
call 253 272-6476 to book or mesage her diectly here. 😊

Photos from Salonmiró's post 02/23/2023

We love to do amazing makeovers here in the salon.
We do all textures and would love to help you realize your color dreams.
Call and schedule a free consultation and let us make some magic for you.


Did you know that finishing a haircut dry allows for presice texture and a better cut? Salon Miros artist always give you a complete cut and style to ensure the best overall outcome .
Experience the difference of a premier salon experience .


SalonMiro not only has a beautiful space ...We are the only salon in washigton that offers G&C color .
This Italian color line is low amonia and has M.A.B. wich enables it to lighten and deposit pigment simotaneously. The color base is both gel and cream creating maximum coverage and a gel that ensures incredible shine and reflects light. The LIGHTWEIGHT Gel allows the hair to retain bounce and volume after the color process.
Come experience the difference of G&C color



Winter air is cold & dry, and gives your hair a hard time, but worry not! At Salonmiró we have the perfect solution for you: Hair masques!
They replenish moisture, softness and brightness to your hair and have many nourishing benefits.
We've got an amazing hair mask that can make all the difference. It's called K18 and it gives your hair back its strength, shine and fullness and it will completely restore your hair to its optimum health. It replenishes moisture and restores elasticity and health to dry and damaged hair.




SalonMiro is a team based salon, we all work together to create long lasting and loyal relationships with our customers. If you are looking for a salon where you can grow and learn then we want to hear from you! Accepting applications from those with varying experience levels. Including newly licensed hair stylists

Required Qualifications

- A cosmetology license
- Experience using different types of scissors, trimmers and other tools to create hairstyles
- An understanding of the different types of hairstyles a person can request and how to achieve those looks
- A willingness to learn about new styles and techniques
- The ability to communicate with customers and understand a look they want, even if they don’t know the technical terms for a certain style
- Must work as a team
- Positive attitude and energy
- Able to handle customers’ requests and feedback with grace
- Professional and friendly demeanor
- The ability to work in a fast paced environment
- Portfolio (Instagram is ok)

Desired Qualifications

- 3+ years experience working in a salon
- A list of clients you can bring to the salon


- Welcome customers and identify their preferences by asking pointed questions
- Recommend hairstyles and haircuts according to customers’ face shapes and tastes
- Wash, rinse and dry clients’ hair using appropriate shampoos and conditioners (e.g. for oily hair or dry scalp)
- Cut, trim and shave hair using professional equipment
- Apply a wide range of hair coloring techniques, like highlights, ombre and balayage
- Create hairstyles for formal events and everyday looks, including braids, ponytails and buns
- Apply hair treatment products, as needed (e.g. color protection creams and hydrating masks)
- Form bonds with loyal customers and remember their hairstyle preferences
- Help maintain in-house cleaning and maintenance of the salon
- Answer phones
- Help with laundry
- Cross-sell hair care products or services, when appropriate
- Ensure each guest has a unforgettable and consistent experience
- Attend all salon meetings and educational classes
- Continue advance education outside of the salon
- Maintain at all times a professional demeanor and dress accordingly

All new employees are automatically on a 3 month probation period


- Starting at $15/hr
- Hourly pay or commission whichever is greater and eligible for commission increase every three months at your plan review by Salonmiro commission increase structured factors implemented by the salon.
- Free Parking
- 20% Discount on hotel meals
- Eligible for paid vacation after one year for staff with a minimum 30 hours per week
- In house education
- Referral commission structure
- Salonmiro will pay 50% of the cost of all outside education after the 3 month probation period has ended up to a maximum of $300 per year.
- Salonmiro will pay 50% of all employees' business cards after the 3 months probation period has ended.
- Flexible schedule for top earning senior stylist

All applicants. Send your resume to [email protected]


All interested applicants. Send your resume to [email protected]

Required Qualifications

- A cosmetology license
- 2+ years directly managing a team of 3 or more
- 2+ years in Front Desk Sales role, preferably in Salon/Spa focused businesses
- 3+ years experience working in a salon as either a stylist or manager
- Able to handle customers’ requests and feedback with grace
- Professional and friendly demeanor
- Proficient in digital softwares (i.e. Microsoft, Apple, POS, Google Docs)
- Inventory management experience
- Scheduling experience
- Proven track record in growing sales
- Knowledge of best marketing practices for salons
- The ability to work in a fast paced environment
- Excellent organizational skills
- Strong management and leadership skills
- Effective communication skills
- Detailed knowledge of the beauty industry and customer needs
Interest and ability to continue learning about market standards and changes in trends
- Ability to stand on feet for long periods of time and move quickly to accomplish many tasks
- Reliable transportation
- Flexible availability

Desired Qualifications

- A secondary degree or equivalent experience in management or administration
- 2+ years salon management experience
- Experience working with QuickBooks
- Advanced experience in recruiting, onboarding, and developing a team
- A list of clients you can bring to the salon


- Help to implement Salonmiro’s yearly business plan to meet its goals
- Manage the daily operations of the salon
- Work as a stylist and maintain a healthy client list
- Maintain staff records, including salaries and working schedules
- Make sure both guests and team members are scheduled efficiently and effectively
- Keep updated records of costs and revenues (e.g. daily, monthly and quarterly)
- Receive payments from clients and track all transactions
- Order products, like shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics and other hair care products and replenish stock
- Ensure merchandising and visual standards are organized, clean and presentable
- Open and close the salon
- Arrange for regular maintenance services for all equipment
- Apply hygiene practices across all beauty stations
- Find local sources, such as beauty schools, job boards, and chat rooms that allow stylist career information to be posted to find qualified people to fill each position
- Create a comprehensive application with a list of important questions and a series of skills tests to perform prior to hiring
- Minimize employee turnover rates by taking time to effectively on-board new employees, set clear performance expectations, train, coach, and develop staff
- Hold staff meetings
- Lead team building exercises
- Update team on what is new and upcoming for the salon
- Answer questions and concerns from the team
- Develop an employee handbook & training manual for current & future team members to reference when needed, including a plan for any employee to air a grievance
- Set up specific guidelines for hiring, employee conduct, and termination
- Create clearly defined job descriptions and expectations for each position within the entire team. Outline what their duties are, what is expected of them, and what would be deemed a disciplinary offense, including termination
- Conduct employee evaluations to go over individual performance & goals
- Facilitate implementation of company learning/training programs
- Greet each guest as they enter the salon
- Handle all customer concerns and complaints
- Ensure each guest has an unforgettable and consistent experience
- Ensure all beauty treatments meet high quality standards
- Planning and executing educational events that deliver an unrivaled guest experience, driving brand partner collaboration
- Research educational opportunities
- Find & Invite guest instructors
- Make venue arrangements
- Promote event & Invite guests to join
- Collaborating with the marketing team to establish goals & develop strategies to increase sales, promote events, attract new customers & talent
- Promote services, products and events on social media
- Run online competitions and offer discount packages to attract new customers
- Communicate with the marketing team
- Stay up to date on the latest salon & hair trends


- Starting at $20/hr
- Hourly pay or commission whichever is greater and eligible for commission increase every three months at your plan review by Salonmiro commission increase structured factors implemented by the salon.
- 1 Week Paid Vacation after 6 months
- The possibility of profit sharing based on performance
- Free Parking
- 20% Discount on hotel meals
- In house education
- Referral commission structure
- Salonmiro will pay 50% of the cost of all outside education after 3 months probation has ended up to a maximum of $300 per year.
- Salonmiro will pay 50% of all employees' business cards after the probationary period is over
- Flexible schedule for top earning senior stylist


We here at Salonmiró are looking to add to our amazing team. Our current openings include:
- Salon Manager
- Hair Stylists

Please reference the jobs portion of our page for the job descriptions.

All interested applicants, please send your resume to [email protected]


Now that masks are gone you can wear lipstick again 🥰

Which red lipstick? Here are a few suggestions ladies.

Fair skin with neutral or warm undertones.
A bright coral shade of red will compliment you, and give a younger, brighter spin look.

Fair skin with cool undertones.
Go for raspberryred shade to warm your skin and compliment your shade. It’ll finish your makeup off nicely, leaving you with fun and fresh-faced retro style.

Medium skin with neutral or warm undertones.
Choose a strong red with a hint of pink for vintage chic. You can a also go for a true bold red for a bit of Hollywood glamour.

Medium skin with cool undertones.
A bright orange-red Will give you a beautiful sun-kissed look.

Tanned skin.
A deep brown or plum red will compliment your caramel complexion and add class to your makeup. You can also go for a orange-red to ensure you’re right on trend.

Dark skin.
A wine-red color with blue tones will really make your lips pop.


Did you know that pulling your hair up right in a ponytail or top knot when wet can cause breakage??
The hair expands as it is drying and having a tight band or hair pulled too tight into a bun can cause the hair to snap as it expands.
Try loose knots or a soft ponytail until the hair is atleast 50% dry to avoid all those little broken hairs 😉


Did you know that using a moisturizer , primer and setting Spray can make your makeup last all day with a flawless finish ?
These are the three staples of a fabulous look.
Moisturizing the skin is crucial for an even application of cosmetics.
Primer ensures that pores are diminished and provides an even pallet so that cosmetics don’t set into fine lines and wrinkles.
Setting spray is the magic that’s allows makeup to last all day without worry.
No matter how much or how little makeup you wear these are the golden three products have.


Did you know that using the wrong brush for your hair type could be responsible for your bad hair day ?
If you have long hair a wet brush pro paddle brush is your best friend when comes to preventing damaged locks
Curly gals should use a cushioned brush with nylon bristles.
If you are overall frizzy a boar Bristle paddle or round brush will give glorious blowouts.
Nano ceramic brushes are the best thermal brushes for smooth fabulous blowouts.
Don’t forget to always use a wet brush on wet hair to reduce tangles and finish breakage.
Has your hairbrush been the culprit of your bad hair day ?


Did you know that a silk pillow case or silk scarf wrap can help you to avoid frizz in your hair ?
Do you wake up with frizzy and fuzzy hair in the morning?
Try using a silk pillow case which reduces friction and keeps the hair smoother during the night, or wrap your hair in a silk scarf like mom use to for the same benefits.
Stay tuned for more did you knows 😉


Did you know that the scalps connection to the health of the hair is often overlooked ?
The scalp is the place where healthy hair begins.
As the seasons change the skin and scalp can become unbalanced and unpredictable.
Using a scalp pre- treatment in between salon visits can correct this.
Vitamins are also an important part of a daily routine to feed the scalp from the inside out.
Make sure to use nourishing hydrating treatments to keep the hair soft , smooth and free of breakage as you continue to care for your scalp and to insure an overall beautiful healthy head of hair.

Photos from Salonmiró's post 09/16/2022

I introduce you to the butterfly haircut…


Each season brings home challenge
maintenance to keep up . The work you do I think fall will have your home totally prepared for the coming winter months. Here will will share a common to do list to help you get some of the important chores done…
1. Clean your gutters is a must .
2. Check your smoke detectors and make sure they’re working and if batteries are needed this is a good time to replace them if necessary.
3. Have your chimney’s cleaned and inspected. We tend to use our fireplace more frequently during this time of the year.
4. Have your heating equipment checked. In the middle of winter the last thing you don’t want is your heating go out.
5. Trim your trees especially the one who’s branches are hanging over your house, you don’t need a stormy windy weather to have them breaking and falling on your home or vehicles.
We hope you enjoyed this short read got a little bit of information to help you along the way into winter.

Photos from Salonmiró's post 09/08/2022

Did you know we have a full luxury skincare and cosmetics line at SalonMiro?
The month of September you can get a fabulous deal when you buy two products you can get one At 50% off
Come in and get a custom consultation and complimentary color match


How to Explain What You Want to Your Hair Stylist.

1: If it’s your first time going to a new stylist or salon, I recommend you schedule a consultation appointment. This allows you to get to know who you will be working with and if your comfortable with the salon environment and culture.

2: Bring photos of inspirational haircuts and colors you like … Showing your stylist exactly what your talking about instead of trying to describe it can make a difference between liking your new look or loving your new look.

3: Make your consultation appointment at Salonmiró today.

Want your business to be the top-listed Hair Salon in Tacoma?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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WINTER ❄️ CAN PLAY HAVOC ON YOUR HAIR.Winter air is cold & dry, and gives your hair a hard time, but worry not! At Salon...
Hey everyone meet Stacey… DID YOU KNOW…
Bridal hairstyle courtesy of Will Morales
Breanna's new look..Thank you for coming to Salonmiró for your transformation.





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