Monat with Andrea Milty

Monat with Andrea Milty

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It’s under 90 degrees and raining…let me just channel all things fall 🍁


One year ago today I said yes to sharing a product I love with others and it was one of the best choices I have ever made!
✨I’ve made amazing new friends
✨Achieved goals and ranks I never thought possible in a year
✨Earned a free vacation for me and my family
✨Gained an extra stream of income
✨Help others fall back in love with their hair and skin
✨Support others in building a business to achieve their dreams and goals

This opportunity just keeps getting better and I can not wait to see what the next year with monat has in store for me and my girls. There is always room for more on my team if any of these amazing benefits speak to you! ❤️


Constantly grateful for my other half ❤️
When I told him I was going to do Monat, he believed in me from day 1. He told me if I was going to do this to go all the way, that if anyone could do it, it would be me. Having his support has given me the drive to dream BIGGER!

Being able to take my whole family on a fully paid Vacation feels like a dream, but then I got to remind myself that it is my reality thanks to Monat 👏🏻

It’s as simple as, you put in the work, you get rewarded. And let me tell you, Monat rewards BIG!

✨I’m looking to grow my team and take my whole squad to Vegas next year fully paid for! Qualifications start next month for Vegas 2022 and if this opportunity is speaking to you then let’s chat!!

Photos from Monat with Andrea Milty's post 07/07/2021

Grateful to MONAT for so many things but I most grateful that I get to do something I love with my bestie ❤️ thank you for believing in me and inviting me on this journey.

When you join Monat, you are not on this journey alone. If you are open and accepting to all this company offers, you will gain incredible friendships and support from amazing ladies who will always be there for you.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Say yes and let’s get you started on a journey that will bring so much joy and love to you life. DM me on how to get started 👏🏻


Just doesn’t the last 3 days basking in the sun at the lake and these 3 products were my saving grace on my hair and skin! My Sun veil sunscreen protected my face from the scorching sun. At 115 degrees this sunscreen was EVERYTHING 😳 I am all about “lake hair, don’t care” vibes but I am not about knots and color fading 😂 My color locking + protecting spray has a UV protection in it to keep my hair from becoming dried, dull mess. Mama I swear by our restore leave in conditioner. It kept my hair hydrated and feeling soft all weekend, while taking my frizz. If you are looking for products to protect your skin and hair during these hot summer months, these are great products to start with! ✨DM me for more info on getting your hands on these essentials 🙌🏻


Working that natural hair sassy 💃🏻 •


Virtual Wash Party💦
If you have been watching my stories and posts and interested in finding out what is so great about theses products…this event is for you!

⭐️Learn more about what is Monat and why it is so amazing.
⭐️Hear hair testimonials on how these product really works
⭐️Giveaway for all non monat VIPs/MPs who stay till the end of the wash party for a 🎯

💧when: June 11th at 3:30-4pm
💧where: Virtual via zoom
💧DM me or drop a comment to get the zoom link to join this fun event!

Photos from Monat with Andrea Milty's post 05/30/2021

Virtual Wash Party💦
If you have been watching my stories and posts and interested in finding out what is so great about theses products…this event is for you!

⭐️Learn more about what is Monat and why it is so amazing.
⭐️Hear hair testimonials on how these product really works
⭐️Giveaway for all non monat VIPs/MPs who stay till the end of the wash party for a 🎯

💧when: June 11th at 3:30-4pm
💧where: Virtual via zoom
💧DM me or drop a comment to get the zoom link to join this fun event! @ San Diego, California

Timeline photos 05/02/2021

My all time favorite shampoo sale is happening until tomorrow. It is the lowest price point to join as a monat VIP and reap all the benefits in the future.
•Free Shipping •access to flash sales •Discounts on all orders •

Buy a conditioner, get a shampoo for ONLY $12👏🏻 Free shipping + a Free shampoo pump
✨Plus you get to add on a free “only for you” item and the options are 🔥 Vitamin c serum, dry texture spray, energy sticks, or a hydrating hair mask.

💌 shoot me a DM to get started

Timeline photos 04/23/2021

It’s Friday, there is an amazing Monat skin care flash sale, and I ate the best donut of my life this morning 😂🍩👏🏻 How’s your day going?

Timeline photos 04/18/2021

So grateful for this strong group of women ❤️ When I started this business, I knew I wanted to use the opportunity not only to bless my family but to bless others as well. I am forever grateful to these women for accepting me for who I am and trusting me to support them on this journey. They are fierce, smart, passionate, determined, and driven. Each of you inspire me to grow and push my limits. It really is so much more then selling shampoo. It’s about community, pushing yourself to grow and become better, and building something bigger then yourself.

Although our whole team couldn’t be together, the 5 of us had so much fun, laughing, eating way too much food, drinking tasty mocktails, and getting to spend time together on a deeper level.

BIG things are coming from these ladies and I can’t wait to be their #1 hype girl along the way! If your looking to be a part of a community that loves you for who you are, will be your number one supporter through ever victory and trial, and will be there to motivate you to success...we are your people ✨ Team Locks and Loaded✨

Timeline photos 04/16/2021

🚨 New Product Alert 🚨 Meet our Micellar Shampoo. This shampoo is dye and fragrance free, perfect for the most sensitive of scalps.👏🏻And the best part is, it's packaged using 100% recycled plastic ♻️

💫It increases hydration
💫 gently removes debris, product build up, and impurities without causing irritation
💫 color safe
💫provides soothing benefits to a sensitive scalp
💫 deep cleanses with out stripping moisture
💫protects hair's natural essential nutrients

Start your clean hair routine today and add this bottle of amazingness onto your qualifying order for only $10 this weekend ONLY! 😱 what are you waiting for??

Timeline photos 01/18/2021

Live so that when your children think of love, truth, and integrity, they think of you.❤️


2021 is coming in hot! 🔥
Are you ready to make a change and start seeing the fruits of your labor???🍋
One decision can change everything for you. All you have to do is say YES to being on my team!
YES to community
YES to a residual income
YES to free unlimited training
YES to being your own boss
YES to working from anywhere
YES to living on your own terms
YES to unlimited income earnings
I would love to welcome you to my team where you will get the support you need to be successful in one of the top clean beauty companies around.

Join today and receive a starter product pack for over 40% off plus over $200 worth of additional free product 👏🏻

If you don’t take risks, you will always work for someone who does. Be the girl who decided to go for it! DM me to get started and begin 2021 on your terms 👏🏻

Timeline photos 12/29/2020

Only 1 week left of 2020. Just one week 👏🏻 I’ve been spending the afternoon goal planning for this upcoming year and let me tell you, IT IS GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR! I know how rough this past year has been for so many families out there, but remember: what the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year🎉 So let’s focus on doing, being, and becoming the best version we can be this up coming year. 2020 doesn’t define your future if you don’t allow it. If you are in need of a fresh start and a new source of income, my door is open to welcoming you to a profitable future, the opportunity to build new relationships, and earn some super rad trips! Reach out for more info if your interested in starting the year off with a bang 💥 and really great hair 😘

Timeline photos 12/04/2020

These Monat travel sets are evvvvverything! 👏🏻 I am completely obsessed that I can take my skin care line any where with me now. Monat’s Be Gentle routine completely changed my skin. It’s healthier, more vibrant, and I can feel confident going the day with out any make up, like today 😱 If your not obsessed with your skin, you need to be❤️ If what your doing isn’t working, let’s change it! DM me for a skin consult to determine what products are right for your skin type 📩 With a 30day money back guarantee, what do you have to loose??? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Photos from Monat with Andrea Milty's post 11/16/2020

🎅🏼It feels like Christmas just came early!!
•For a limited time Monat mini gift sets for skin care are now available! 😱
✨Have you been wanting to try Monat skin care and experience what all the magic is about?? This is the perfect sale to jump on! These gift sets have a little bit of everything to get you started with a clean skin care routine as we get into the holidays!
🎁 Want to give the gift of beautiful skin?? These are the perfect sets to give to a bestie, sister, or just a friend that you want to bring some joy to!
Gift sets are available in:

•Be Gentle: Be Gentle cleanser, C. Radiance, Berry Scrub, Essence Water, and Moisturizer (VIP $78)
•Be Balanced: Be Balanced cleanser, C. Radiance, Berry Scrub, Essence Water, and Moisturizer (VIP $78)
•Night Essentials: Rewind, Night haven, Eye Smooth (VIP $69)
+ Free Shipping and a cute travel bag for all your new products!

✨ DM me if you are ready to sign up as a VIP and take advantage of epic sales just like this one! Because trust me, this is the first of many to come!

Timeline photos 11/03/2020

Adding to the many voices 🇺🇸 Pray for our nation. At the end of the day, it’s all in Gods hands🙌🏻 It’s not to late to go out and vote! Make your voice heard ❤️

Timeline photos 10/30/2020

🎃No Tricks here, just lots of Treats!👻

🔮Have you been wanting to experience Monat’s magic?!?

💛Well friend, I got you! It’s SO important to determine what products are right for your hair type and needs vs slinging out any and all samples to anyone who will take them.

•Do you suffer from oily hair and need to find a product that provides you a balance that you don’t have to wash you hair every day, yet you are aren’t stripping all the essential oils that provide hydration to your hair?? 🙋🏼‍♀️ I have a sample for that!

•Is your hair super dry from the weather changing back and fourth from hot to cold and your scalp is feeling itchy and dry?? 🙋🏼‍♀️I have a sample for that too!!

I joined Monat not just to benefit me and my family, but to also to be able to help others! I use to think my hair wasn’t “that bad” to have to invest in good quality products 🤦🏻‍♀️ boy, was I wrong! Now that I have healthy hair I look back and realize I had NO idea what having healthy hair was like!

✨If you know me, I love a good deal on a good quality product! I wouldn’t promote a product I didn’t truly believe could help someone at a good fair price. Let me send you a free sample so that you can experience for yourself just how amazing these products!

🤗DM me to chat about what products are right for you and try Monat at no risk 👏🏻

Timeline photos 10/26/2020

Why Monat? ✨The proof is in the pictures! Today vs October 2019.
My Monat Story: My hair growth was absolutely stunted when I was pregnant with Tatum. I was desperate to get my hair healthier with all the color processing I was doing and to get my growth back. I have an extremely sensitive scalp along with sensitive skin. Monat’s clean, chemical free products along with being able to tailor products to my specific hair and skincare needs became a GAME CHANGER! Committing to the Monat process was my saving grace. My hair is now long, healthy and getting better every day with using these products!
I joined Monat as a Market Partner because it’s a product I genuinely believe in! I am committed to using this new venture to support those looking to be their own boss, support their family, be able to have the hair and skin they have always wanted while using clean products, and provide stability in such unprecedented times ❤️ With such unknown times, Monat is an amazing platform to build your own business that YOUR in control of. Praying this will bless my family as well as so many others 😊 Interested in joining my journey and being a VIP or Market Partner as well? DM me for ALL the details

Timeline photos 10/23/2020

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦We are the Miltenberger’s

These sweet faces are my forever “why” in ever choice I make.
✨Why I dream BIG
✨Why I work hard
✨Why I stay up late and get up early
✨Why I give 💯 in anything I put my heart into

I chose Monat not only because I loved the products and what they stand for, but because it checked all my boxes to fulfill my “Why”. I knew there would be hard work involved, but the benefits this business could provide for my family outweigh any doubt or fear. Success is the only option. To love and support my family will always be my greatest privilege. They deserve every bit of good in this world and they are worth every ounce of hard work.

What’s your “why” for what you do and is what your doing currently fulfilling that “why”? If not, it’s time for a change and I know just the answer 🤗

It’s time to work hard, love harder and start filling your cup with all things good! Your dreams are worth chasing 🌈And you won’t be in it alone 💛

Timeline photos 10/21/2020

The day has finally come! The first day it is cold enough to wear a comfy turtle neck 👏🏻

☁️ I felt like this moment needed to be documented, as it is a BIG deal for this Cali girl😂

I am also obsessed with how great Monat’s Dry Texture Spray gave my hair the shine and boost it needed today! I love how it helps my curls hold, while adding a soft shine and not one strand of crunchiness like most hair sprays 🤗

🌈What makes this spray so magical is in its uniquely formulated ingredients:
💧Rejuveniqe S to achieve immediate and long lasting hydration
🌱Fiber Rescue, plant based lipoprotein technology proven to pe*****te deep into the hairs cortex to target damage at a microscopic level
✨Procataline, to support healthy, younger looking hair by helping to protect your tresses from pollution
💪🏼Crodasorb, which helps to preserve hairs natural pigmentation while keeping strands protected and strong!

💛So as you can see, this is SO much more then just hair spray! It’s healing, hydrating, and preserving my hair.

Are you ready to make the switch to a clean, natural based product to get your hair to it’s healthiest state?? I got you! DM me to start living your best hair life TODAY 👏🏻

Timeline photos 10/18/2020

Do you ever get so excited that you literally jump for joy?
🙋🏼‍♀️That would be me and Tate 😂
All of our new friends enrolling as VIPs has us jumping around the house in excitement!

Today is the LAST day to become a Monat VIP with NO MEMBERSHIP FEE👏🏻
What are the benefits of become a VIP:
•free shipping
•access to flash sales
•15% off all products + additional purchase plus discount
•free only for you product with each flexship order
Tons of holiday deals and flash sales in the weeks to coming! Join now to have great healthy hair using all clean, natural products at an affordable price
*30 day money back guarantee if you are not obsessed with your results, which ⚠️ warning: you will be!


🎅🏼 Santa came early and he brought ALL things Monat!! 🎉

🎄Snag a holiday gift pack for a friends, family member, co worker, anyone you care about and then grab one for yourself because this deal is INSANE!! There is literally a holiday pack for anyone and everyone with a stellar discount!

📩Dm me to place your order before these amazing holiday bundles disappear!


One of my favorite after shower combos to put in my hair while it’s air drying is 3 pumps rejuvabeads + 3 pumps Restore Leave in Conditioner✨
It almost sounds like a starbs order 😂

But seriously, this combo is magical! If your ends are needing a little more love this is the ticket! Emulsify combo in your palms and apply from mid shaft to ends. Comb through with a wide tooth comb and let the healing begin! 👏🏻

Photos from Monat with Andrea Milty's post 10/15/2020

🏃🏻‍♀️Why wait when there is money to be made

🎄The holiday season can be stressful when trying to budget for gift buying, decorating, visiting family, taking time off work and everything in between!
✨Make this season a little less stressful and focus on what is most important, spend time enjoying the holiday with those you love by starting this side hustle NOW!
👏🏻Yes, RIGHT NOW👏🏻 I’m talking don’t put one purchase on your credit cards, don’t panic about working extra hours at work to make up taking a few days off to be with your family, don’t skip out on the holiday vacation you have been wanting to take because money is tight!
❄️DM if you are ready to jump in and start saving up for all the holiday fun that is quickly approaching!

Timeline photos 10/12/2020

Are you in love with your skin and the products your using?? If not, jump off that wagon girl and there is always room on my cart!

✨These two products are just a few of the many reasons I can say I love my skin!
🌙Night Haven is a night cream that literally melts into your skin upon applying! My skin literally is glowing thanks to this luxurious, rich in hydration voodoo cream!
🔮Rewind Age Control Nectar is literally a serum that I think was made by sweet baby angels! Say bye bye to those wrinkles and fine lines and hello 👋🏼 to smooth, soft, radiant complexion!

💜If your not obsessed with your skin, let’s change that! DM me for a skin consult and let’s get you set up with a great discount and a great skin routine tailored to your skin type!


Why I joined Monat and why you should too! No filters, no gimmicks, just me sharing my journey and the benefits of how this business can help other people ✨

Want your business to be the top-listed Beauty Salon in Temecula?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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2021 is coming in hot! 🔥 Are you ready to make a change and start seeing the fruits of your labor???🍋One decision can ch...
🎅🏼 Santa came early and he brought ALL things Monat!! 🎉🎄Snag a holiday gift pack for a friends, family member, co worker...
One of my favorite after shower combos to put in my hair while it’s air drying is 3 pumps rejuvabeads + 3 pumps Restore ...
Why I joined Monat and why you should too! No filters, no gimmicks, just me sharing my journey and the benefits of how t...
🌱Healthy from the inside out 🌱#monatwellness is NOW available today to Market Partners and VIP customers 🎉Monat Wellness...
Flaaaaash sale Friday!! Creat your own Beauty Bundle with our new Glossy Shine Mist +1 prep product + 1 styler product +...
Join me for my nightly Monat: Be Gentle skin care routine 🤗 The Be Gentle skin care line is for dry to sensitive skin. ⭐...
🌱Healthy from the inside out 🌱#monatwellness will be exclusively available to Market Partners and VIP customers Monat We...
Welcome Monat Wellness! Monat now supporting your beauty from the outside in! 💪🏼Energy: boost for body and mind ✨Balance...
Flaaaaash sale! ⚡️ buy a conditioner, get a shampoo with a pump for $12 annnn get an Only for You product for FREE😱 Read...



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