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Living in color


Wolf cut anyone? We colored this beauty to create an even canvas over previously red hair.
What happened next was life changing for both of us! Lots of layers, long curtain bangs, and a decent chop!
We are both loving how this turned out.


For years, even as a licensed stylist (I've been in the industry for 16 years!)
I had convinced myself that curls in the morning were too much work. That is, until I figured out a couple of tricks.

Step 1:
Divide your hair right down the middle and pull all of your hair to the front on each side. Start curling at the nape of your neck and move your way toward your face,

Step 2:
When curling your hair make sure you are curling away from you face. To check you are doing this correctly make sure the clasp of your curling iron is facing towards you in the mirror. Don't forget heat protectant!

Step 3:
Once your done with a curl, throw it behind you! This keeps the hair that's been curled separated from the uncurled hair so you don't get lost! Wait until your whole head is curled before using a wide tooth comb to brush through the curls.

Have fun practicing!


Who remembers tinsel from the 2005-2010 era?? well I'm here to tell you...
It's BACK...
My gorgeous client here has gold and silver tinsel which is installed using a bead and secured to her natural hair! It will stay in her hair until she decides to remove it.
Try a different color every time you come in!

Photos from Danielle Do My Hair's post 06/22/2022

WHOA! Transformation alert.
My client Lisa is looking like a blended babe now, but swipe right to see where we started!

This color will grow out flawlessly and this beauty wont have to lighten her ends for 9-12 months to maintain this rootier look.

Looking for a more low maintenance do? I've got you covered.


A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.
Happy Father's Day!


Curls Night Out!
and are killing it with these gorgeous curls.
Everything goes great with a side of beach waves.


It’s giving dimension, it’s giving low maintenance, it’s giving absolute FIRE.
This HOTD (Hair Of The Day) is to dye for.

Photos from Danielle Do My Hair's post 06/04/2022

Sometimes all it takes is adding a little dimension and A LOT of length!! is wearing 20’ luxury that have been custom colored to match her 🔥 red hair.


Refreshed her copper/red and side shave for this STUNNING woman. Individuality looks SO good in you.
We answer to NO ONE and do what makes us happy. Our happiness is our own.


Extensions aren't actually about the hair. The transformation ends up being so much more than that.
This is Kristin, she has 2 rows of at a length just a few inches longer than her natural hair, but whoa! Look at that difference.
SO, it's not always about crazy length, it's not about shock and awe, it's about helping women feel like the best versions of themselves.


Today kicks off mental health awareness month.

I take mental health seriously. Come in and practice some self care, you deserve it. You are enough. You aren't too much or selfish.
You cant pour from a cup with nothing in it.
Let me help you fill it up.


Three reasons why I have the best job in the world:

1. I get to make brides feel their absolute best on the most important day of their lives.

2. No two brides are the same. Each Bride has their own style, vibe, and dreams about their day. I like to find out from my brides more about the little aspects of their wedding day, what flowers do they have? What do their bridesmaid dresses look like? I do this to ensure their hair compliments their day.

3. Weddings are a day full of love , joy, smiles, and only happy tears and I feel so lucky to have so many days in my life filled with that much love.

Photos from Danielle Do My Hair's post 04/06/2022

Extension transformation on this bombshell.
Swipe to see the before!
Look at the Length and fullness this look gave her!

Ang got 2 rows of 16inch extensions in the colors#Coffeemelt and for that perfect blended blond.


Weekend vibes in full effect!

Cheers to fun, relaxation, and tasty lemon drops

What is your weekend beverage of choice?


"I want to be blond but I don't want to come in every 6 weeks."
Say no more! Schedule a Half Balayage or Full Balayage session.

What is the difference in the two sessions? Let me break it down for you:
✨Half Balayage Session
-- This session is designed for those wanting pops of brightness and dimension. This session would be perfect for those wanting more brightness around the hairline and crown with more depth and dimension through-out the length.

✌This is also a great maintenance option for those in-between appointments. ✌

✨Full Balayage Session
-- The Full Balayage Session is my most popular service!
This session is designed with a more low maintenance, dimensional end result in mind. This session would be perfect for those wanting to add brightness while maintaining dimension and a more natural root.

Interested in seeing what a general price range is for these sessions? Follow the link in my bio and fill out a Color Consultation Form.


If you’ve dated a redhead raise your glass, if not…raise your standards.


Different textures of hair can have drastically different end results, even if you do the same technique over and over again. Some hair is more stubborn while other hair will let you do anything you want. Some hair curls better than others, some hair straightens better than others.
It’s important to remember no one head of hair is the exact same as the other. Thats what makes us unique! An inspiration picture is just inspiration, it is then up to you and your stylist to create a plan catered to your individual needs and expectations.

Do you show a picture when you get your hair done or do you like the stylist to have creative freedom?
Tell me in the comments below!


Danielle Do My Hair is proudly offering sessions! These extensions are extremely luxury and full from top to bottom. They are machine tied, double drawn, and keratin reinforced at the root for virtually 0 shed and fall out.
Custom fit to your head using a seamless bead and hand tied method that ensures you can wear your hair up, down, half up half down, and never see a seam or bead.
Have you ever had extensions before? What did you like? What did you dislike?

Follow the link in my bio to fill out the extension consultation form and get your best hair ever.


I’m an all or nothing kind of gal…

This is true in every aspect of my life. I give my all or I don’t do it at all. I take pride in what I produce.
This is also true with my Instagram and social media posts track record 🤣😬🥴 but I’m trying to be better! So let’s forget about that and all drool over this bomb ass hair that belongs to .takashima 🤤
While I get my life together


I love this saying... Do what makes you happy.

That's a motto I live by and how I run my salon. Some of you might've seen the story I did the other day that said something like this:

"Don't hesitate to ask for a silent appointment if you're anxious, tired, mentally drained etc. and you just want to avoid conversation and have some quiet time."

on that same note,
If you want to talk and need to get somethings off your chest and tell someone I am ALL ears! I will always have a listening ear and might even have some things to say (as long as that's okay with you too)

There will be no judgment, there never is. This is what I love about what I do.

Your mental health matters!


Now this is what dreams are made of.

I love using Balayage on my brunettes to add in sun-kissed dimension that stays low maintenance and grows out seamlessly.

Our Story

My name is Danielle Tillman. I am a licensed Barber & Cosmetologist since 2007. After running salons and working in others, I decided to just take a step back and re-focus on building my own clientele. Although I have always had this page open, Covid-19 forever changed my outlook on working for a salon.

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