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Give your client the gift of a healthy, bright blonde by using this tip from .

"Instead of picking out the dark pieces in between the blonde, use your dryer instead to push down the dark hair. This will help protect the integrity of the client’s hair and offer them a brighter result." -

Foils: BAEcation

For more blonding tips & tricks, make sure to register for our annual Iconic Blonde event on July 14, the link is in our bio!


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A luscious dimensional brunette with lots of shine by using The Demi Hair Color from .

' Formula:
✨ Base: 6VR + 5N
✨ Lowlights: 6VR
✨ Gloss: 6Gv + 6RB

The Demi Demi-Permanent Hair Color comes in 45+ shades and conditions while it colors to provide incredibly rich results with exceptional shine.

Stop by your local Cosmo Prof Beauty and give your clients the gift of luscious shine using .


Marbled summer nails by using .

colors used:
✨ Seven Wonders of OPI
✨ Love Is In The Bare
✨ Hurry-Juku Get This Color
✨ Alpine Snow
✨ Black Onyx

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Current Obsession: A warm sandy blonde by using Tonal Control

If you've seen the trend of warm blondes but unsure if you're ready to jump in with both feet, try mixing Tonal Control 8GB and 9GV in equal parts and process for the full 20 minutes.

They are the perfect balance of warm and cool tones -

Tonal Control is a no-drip gel-cream formula that lasts up to 6 weeks or 24 washes.

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Having trouble with blotchy lift? Watch for some tips from using to ensure an even lift every time.

's biggest secrets to a non-blotchy lift is to use 's Blonde Voyage Cream Lightener:
✨ Make sure it's thick! Thick lightener = more saturation!
✨ Always slice before you weave.
✨ Keep sections thin.

Why Jessica Is loving Blonde Voyage Lightener:
✨ Keeps the integrity of the hair.
✨ Stays moist inside the foils.
✨ Arginine helps support a gentle on-scalp experience.

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Do you think it's important to use social media to support your business?

It can get exhausting doing hair all day and then optimizing your social media in your "downtime". Luckily gave us some fabulous for when photographing the back of your clients' hair.

1. BARBIE HANDS - Back in my cheerleading days we utilized barbie hands (IFYKYK). Barbie hands are going to allow the hair to lay smoothly on top, without having any fingers poking through.
2. LOOK UP - Have your model look up at the ceiling to elongate the hair
3. HAND PLACEMENT - Lift the hair up, to gently mold and place it on top (don’t forget a hairbrush 😉).
4. PHOTOGRAPH FROM A LOWER ANGLE - Lowering the angle of your camera is going to create the illusion of fuller looking hair.

Let's help one another out; what is one piece of business advice you'd give a new stylist? Leave it in the comments!


How can Koleston Xpress help increase revenue?

According to , "with true color results & full gray coverage in just 10 minutes, you can now confidently slip in extra clients throughout your day. You can get them in, start to finish, in less time than a lunch hour. This not only will increase revenue, but your clients with absolutely love the efficiency. They will walk out with the same beautiful hair in just a fraction of the time."

used Koleston Xpress in 2N & 4N with 30v to achieve this look.

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How do you enhance your services with a relaxing moment for your client?

's go to is Cleansing Shampoo, the Deep Protect Density Mask, and a good scalp massage.

We'd love to learn what your relaxing moment is during your hair service. Leave us a comment below!


The goal: define every curl 👏 feat.

"Applying Mousse Def (a.k.a. the "Holy Grail") to damp hair and smoothing it from roots to ends is a sure way to define every single natural curl."

Mousse Def Texture Foam will leave your client's hair soft, touchable, and with luminious shine. Stop by your local Cosmo Prof Beauty store or visit us online at


Take your color corrections up a notch with Tonal Control like .

✨ Zone toning with Tonal Control 8VG + 9V + 7NA
✨ All over toning with Tonal Control 9V + 8VG

Say bye bye to brassiness with Tonal Control. Tonal Control has real-time visible oxidation formula. Meaning the color gradually darkens as it oxidizes so you know precisely when it’s time to rinse leaving long-lasting, multidimensional results.

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A low-maintenance expensive brunette using ? Sign us up!

used a bold and strategic foil placement with Blonde Voyage Powder Lightener and Color Calypso Demi Permanent Color.

's Formula:
✨ Blonde Voyage Powder Lightener
✨ Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Color
✨ Root Shadow: 4.0/4N + 6.1/6B
✨ Mid-Length and Ends: 6.3/6G + 7.9/7Ch

Pro Tip: Do not over-foil. Make sure to keep a lot of her natural depth so that the ribbons of light actually look dimensional.

Save this post for when your client comes in wanting the trendy 'expensive brunette' and visit us in-store to shop the look!


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☀️ Introducing Cosmo Prof's Best of Summer List ☀️

Prepare your chair for summer blondes, styles, and repair with our top picks.

Blondor Lightener; dependable results with moisture retaining lipids to brighten with ease.

Purple Treatment; your same favorite Moroccanoil treatment enhanced with non-staining violet tones to neutralize brassiness.

BlondME; up to 9+ levels of lift and anti-yellow agents to neutralize warm undertones.

Strong Hairspray; instantly provides strong hold with humidity- and frizz-resistance for up to 72 hours.

Neuro+ Dryer; ultra light, foldable dryer with 12 heat/speed combinations and auto pause options.

Sleek Stick; achieve trending slicked back styles with this convenient style stick.

No. 6 Bond Smoother; a highly concentrated leave-in smoothing cream strengthens, moisturizes, and speeds up blow-dry times.

Dream Coat; powerful, ultra-moisturizing, anti-frizz treatment keeps dry/dehydrated hair and coily/curly hair glassy-smooth, straight and frizz-resistant through 3-4 shampoos.

Food For Soft Multi-Use Oil; infused with avocado oil, is a leave-in treatment that helps to seal in hydration for hair that looks shiny and smooth.

Explore all your summer hair solutions by visiting us in-store or online at


Save Big on Olaplex

✨ Save on N°.4 & N°.5 retail sizes.
✨ Free N°.4P Liter with purchase of the Salon Intro Kit.
✨ Free N°.4P with purchase of the Traveling Stylist Kit.

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Are you properly cleansing your client's scalp?
Wella shares his to be successful in scalp care with .

✨ Tip 1: Choose a shampoo/cleanser that
is fitting to the hair type & needs.

✨ Tip 2: Focus on massaging the shampoo into the scalp, not the mid-lengths and ends.

✨ Tip 3: Apply conditioner working your way from the ends towards the root (but avoid the scalp!)

✨ Tip 4: Follow up with a treatment for added hydration and nourishment.

is specifically designed to help cleanse the scalp, remove buildup, and promote a healthy scalp environment for optimal hair growth. Shop the latest from by visiting your local Cosmo Prof Beauty store.


Join .Nicky on a quick trip to Cosmo Prof Beauty for a mini stock up of her favorite blonding products!

Products Shown:
✨ Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment
✨ Lumishine Liquid Toners (in 9NV, IYKYK), BlondeLife Lighteners, Rise Up Powder Spray
✨ Detangling Brushes

Get Summer ready by visiting us in-store for all your blonding needs.


Your backcomb decides your balayage; check out this super informational video by .

Less Backcomb (25%) = Bold & Bright Highlights, ideal for wanting a noticeable contrast.

Medium Backcomb (50%) = Blended & Sun-Kissed, creates a seamless transition between your natural hair and lighter pieces.

Heavy Backcomb (75%) = Subtle & Natural, perfect for a touch of dimension without harsh lines.

PROTip: Backcombing requires a gentle touch to avoid breakage.

Did you find this video useful? What content are you most excited to see on our page? Let us know in the comments!


Pops of pink with by the talented .

Products used:
✨ Bleach & Shine Lightener; Lifts up to 9+ levels
✨ 20 Volume Developer
✨ Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Bond & Seal

Underneath: Baby pink with 1 shot of red additive from the trending colors on LG CHI COLOR FACTORY.
Blonde: 11i + 11N and 2 shots of violet additive + 10 volume with the LG CHI COLOR MASTER.

Achieve this look and endless possibilities with , available in-store and online at


Control your toner with this hairstylist hack from .

✨ Mix Igora Vibrance Lotion Activator 1:1 with your favorite shade for blendable color melts.

Step up your summer game with 's Igora Vibrance line, available at your local Cosmo Prof Beauty or online at


Transform your golden blonde to a bright blonde with Blonde Life SilverLight Lightener.

Check out how the talented used Blonde Life SilverLight Lightener to counteract brassiness and intentional foil placement to transform her client.

The placement:

✨ with longer layers, by focusing a majority of the lightening mid-ends in a horizontal placement, more territory is covered & it gives an overall brightening effect.

✨ when I get to the top, the focus moves to brightening regrowth, and selecting certain areas for impact.

✨ in this scenario, by utilizing an existing golden blonde & sandwiching the layers with a cooler blonde, the tones compliment one another creating an overall brightening effect.

If you've seen 's Blonde Life SilverLight charcoal lightener but not sure how to use it, visit us in-store and speak with one of our knowledgeable store associates or leave your question in the comments below!


is making waves with his educational stop-motion videos and this Wolf Lob is giving us all the inspo!

How do you learn new techniques best? Is it hands-in-hair videos? Online classes? In-person classes? Let us know in the comments!

◾️ Technical Breakdown ◾️

✨ NAPE: Take a vertical section at center, elevate diagonal at 45 and set guide. Direct all sections to stationary back.

✨ BACK: Take a vertical section to crown and match to guide at nape with same 45-degree angle. Diagonal elevation. Then elevate to 90 degrees from each plane to get guide set to high point. Per direction change. Take back and crown are to stationary guide at center 90 degrees to head shape.

✨ TOP: Taking horizontal subsections, Elevate to stationary center guide at vertical 90. Fingers are horizontal and cut blunt.

✨ SIDES: Elevate entire side to horizontal 90 straight out from back of ear and cut a vertical line.

✨ SIDE PT.2: Take entire section forward to front(flat with side) and cut vertical line to guide at top of section.

✨ FRINGE: Dividing in two triangles at center, direct horizontal 90 degrees on opposite side of center and match the inside corner to guide length at face frame(side). Cut diagonally leaving length on the outside corner. (Inside corner is shortest.)

How do you learn new techniques best? Is it hands-in-hair videos? Online classes? In-person classes? Let us know in the comments!


Healthy lifting with .

Products used:
- Lightener: Blondor
- Color: Antique & Cheap Date
- Developer: Welloxon Perfect Crème developer
- Foils:
- Cap:
- Color brush:
- Toner: Violet Pearl
- Texture Powder: Spray Powder
- Pomade: Matte Paste

We love seeing your transformations, keep tagging us for a chance to be featured!


is mixing it up with Igora Zero Ammonia color.

"I love that I’m able to mix any Igora developer with the new Igora Zero Ammonia color! I don’t need a different color line for the developer, and it’s still so true to tone!" -

Stop by your local Cosmo Prof Beauty to stock up on Igora Zero Ammonia!


Scalp health is the new skincare. If your client wants thicker, fuller-looking hair; start with the scalp!

's Dermabrasion Treatment is like a facial in a bottle.
✨ Gently exfoliates the scalp.
✨ Removes build-up on the scalp.
✨ Regenerates and revitalizes.
✨ Up to 34% acceleration in scalp regeneration.

Stop by your local Cosmo Prof Beauty or take advantage of our 2-hour delivery by shopping through the app.


Give the gift of gorgeous, shiny hair with N°.7 Bonding Oil.

According to , N°.7 Bonding Oil is highly concentrated yet very weightless.
✨ For short, fine hair use 1-2 drops.
✨ For thicker, longer hair use 3+ drops.
✨ For most hair, use 2-3 drops.

N°.7 Bonding Oil also works as a heat protectant up to 450°F and helps tame flyways. Add N°.7 to your basket on your next Cosmo Prof trip!

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