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Photos from Lo Did My Hair's post 09/05/2021

BLUE for my girl blue! Back to back babylights for my girl and a full vivid overlay. Swipe for processing pics and before!


babylights for this beauty and a lil peekaboo purple surprise underneath that’s not pictured here! For her first vivid I wanted to start her out nice and natural so we went for a light lilac color in a crown section on the bottom! Video coming soon 😎

Photos from Lo Did My Hair's post 07/04/2021

golden & b l e n d e d ✨ love pampering my mama!


my platinum muse forever even tho she went dark 🥲😭 I loved transforming hope from dark to light back to work and enjoy how go with the flow about her color she is. She always let me have creative freedom with her toning and it helped me grow so much as a stylist. Thanks for being one of the best clients to work with bb! Love you! 🤍


’s /71 series def has my heart

Photos from Lo Did My Hair's post 06/15/2021

purple drip 😈 for my birthday girl 🤍 SWIPE for before
Full lightener retouch • pretone • vivid application • all using


it’s beach wave szn but personally I think beach wave szn should be year round


lighter & brighter for brigette ❤️ full head of highlights and toned with 10/01 🤍

Photos from Lo Did My Hair's post 02/27/2021

my clients are 🔥🔥🔥💥❤️😍

Toned down all that brass and brought Sofia to a shroomy brown - my personal favorite trend right now!


doing what I love most on people I love the most ✨🤍




I love custom creating patterns for my clients! Sharan wanted pretty much straight up plum purple all over but I introduced the idea of alternating pink and purple panels underneath for an extra pop and it really turned out beautiful!



Story time! So Sharan had what we ~ thought ~ was virgin level 2 (black) hair. But during our lifting process we discovered she had used overtone or something like that on her ends last year which disrupted the lifting process, but thankfully we were able to work with the pallet and still achieve our goal outcome.

I first went in and lifted her midshafts with and 30 volume, with in every step for strength. Then went back in and painted her roots and foiled the ends with the same formulation.

Processed with a little heat for about 15 minutes, then went to the bowl and pre toned with rapid toners moonstone, ashy, and interstellar series.

Blow dried and applied semis - deviant in a teardrop section over the top with alternating panels of Cupid and velvet underneath for fun pops.

Rinsed, blowdried and styled with .

If you or someone you know is interested in hair like this, please message me!



Video coming soon on this 11 hour transformation!

thanks for trusting me with your hair 😽

is the paint as always deviant with panels of velvet and Cupid!


NICOLE 🍑 with this post comes an exciting announcement! I’ve been slowly working on my makeup skills but I’ve been really scared to show them off or even do applications for fun because I’m no James Charles - but I think this one turned out pretty good! thanks for having such a beautiful face for me to practice on! Im not taking clients for makeup or anything like that yet, but I’m looking forward to growing my skills and learning more! Here’s to new things in 2021!


champagne blonde 🥂✨


so let’s talk about the color correction I created 🌟 myself 🌟🥴

This is y’all’s lesson to a. Never box dye and b. Ask for demi permanent when you’re going darker

Sam came in three weeks ago and basically wanted a darker root, so I gave her just that (remember my color melt from a few weeks back?) I toned her down to a level 5, but she missed the blonde so I needed to lighten her base and break up the dark root.

First I went in and used sebastians clarifying shampoo 3 times and really scrubbed to remove as much pigment as possible, then I used color renew to gently lift her base without using something harsh like a lightener. That got sams base to basically a level 8, and then I was able to babylight and give her dimension. We toned ran out of natural lighting but I toned with 9/16 in CT and juuuust like that she’s a cool blonde again!


ICY GRL 🤍🧚🏻🧁🌬❄️


just up early obsessing over hazy’s new cut + color 🔥🔥🔥 I love how customized this look is to their style. I feel like I really pushed myself creatively and made their vision come to life! Super proud of this one 🥰🧡




mullet Monday 🧡💥🔥 used all to lift and color hazy!


did a special project for a very special person...stay tuned!

Photos from Lo Did My Hair's post 12/21/2020

the perfect melt for a perfect girl 🤍🌟 swipe to see the process and before!




Fresh blonde 🤍🌟


lightener retouch on my absolute fav babe! 🤍 we toned with 10/01 and 9/16 to make it platinum and cool toned but not super purple or silver. Lightened with ✨

Photos from Lo Did My Hair's post 12/14/2020

today’s blondie 🌟🤍✨

Photos from Lo Did My Hair's post 12/13/2020

transformations are my fav 🌟

Highlighted with & toned with ✨

Check out that before! 6 months of regrowth and now she’s all brightened up and ready for the holidays! 🥳🤍


loving these ashy silver tones 🤍✨



Brightened up around Ashley’s face with some soft money pieces and melted with +


Peaches n cream ✨

Photos from Lo Did My Hair's post 11/13/2020

switched things up a bit for my mom today and went for a rosey gold tone since she’s working from home right now!

Lift/grey coverage/tone:
Styled with


refreshed ’s color with a mix of aquatic and nightfall 🦋


Just obsessed 🤤

Photos from Lo Did My Hair's post 11/04/2020

big color correction on nicole •

We started by blank canvassing her ends and then neutralizing the green left over by using the new by . Then we babylighted her entire head to break up some of her old permanent red and give her more of a dimensional look. We then toned her down to an ashy brown and gave her a haircut with facial framing! Love this girl sm 🤍


details coming in the next post but first session of color correcting my girl - finally working on getting all that permanent red out!

Photos from Lo Did My Hair's post 10/28/2020

aaaand we’re back on late night blonding 🦋 took this babe platinum last night in one session thanks to . ***just wanted to add ladies this was possible because she was a level 6 with a professional demi permanent dye on top. No box dye. If she had box dye this would not have been possible. Stop box dying your hair :)

Photos from Lo Did My Hair's post 10/27/2020

HANNAH 🔥✨ huge transformation for this girl! This was my second time cutting Hannah’s hair and it’s always so much fun. SWIPE FOR BEFORE!

So first of all I wanted to start off by shouting out for really being the mastermind behind this cut and helping teach it to me - I appreciate you so much ❤️

Hannah really was itching for a much needed change since she works with dogs (how cool is that) and was getting tired of her hair constantly getting in the way. She brought in a few inspiration pictures for what she wanted - something i always recommend for my clients so we can achieve their goals. Then khuong and I collaborated on cutting this fun edgy pixie that we customized for her.

I’m obsessed with Hannah’s new cut. It frames her face perfectly and gives her a much more sophisticated look which is what we really wanted.

Thanks Hannah for your trust! ❤️


styled by me on my favorite giiiirl 💖✨✨


😈✨ hidden Halloween hair!

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11 HOUR VIVID TRANSFORMATION on my girl @sharan20 Story time! So Sharan had what we ~ thought ~ was virgin level 2 (blac...
ICY GRL 🤍🧚🏻🧁🌬❄️ @sam_milani8
lightener retouch on my absolute fav babe! @hopewolfe_ 🤍 we toned with @wellahairusa 10/01 and 9/16 to make it platinum ...
my clients are 🔥🔥🔥 @kelseynoel97 hair by me! #pulpriotisthepaint
I figured out how to use tiktok and now I can’t stop please help
you like my hairy? Gee thanks, just bought it 💜💖🧚🏼‍♂️✨
BEACH WAVES • just curled vs brushed out 🌊🔥✨
Flat iron curling my day away ✨
Just showing off my best friend 🥰✨ cut by me #LoDidMyHair #LDMH
just showing off my bestie ✨ #LoDidMyHair #LDMH
🧚🏻✨ #LoDidMyHair #LDMH
Foil practice in class yesterday ✨ #LoDidMyHair #LDMH




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