Hair By Leiah

Hair By Leiah

VB Hairstylist est. 2009
Multi-Method Hair Extension Specialist
Blonding + Balayage Specialist


Entry #4 .
This one’s extra special cause it’s my daughter 😇



Entry #3


C U T I E 🩷

Another entry!!




+ why wouldn’t I start it out with a B A N G , with my sisters cut and color 🥰

I have been entering for the last few years, so here’s to this year being my year! Please like, share, comment to help a sista out.


I am a sucker for a B+A 🥵
This deserved a spot on my feed, cause this color on her is everything.

Teasy hilights + tone + haircut.
Blow out by my assist: 🥰


It was a complete honor to have this beaut sit in my chair today. 😇
After we got to talking we realized she was teaching at the school I went to around the same time. And we went down memory lane.

Donna is a hairstylist herself, and has been in the game much longer than me, and just to talk about change and how salons were and have changed and talk about techniques and how our industry has grown was so much fun.

Donna you are a GEM. The industry needs more people like you! Thank you for loving on me and my girl today!

+ thank you for trusting me to do what I do.
Added a little bit of depth and pep, and I love it on you!

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 12/10/2023

Part 33. Bloom Xmas party

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 12/10/2023

I’m so fckn lucky.
I’m so thankful.
I love these humans.
Last night was perfect.
Not all pictured here. Photo Booth pics coming soon😼

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 12/06/2023

Put in WERK today baby.
Full head of babylights.
B A B E .

With the assist by .carver 🩷

Who’s next ? 😇

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 12/02/2023


I am living for my lived in blondes this winter.

Teasy lights and tone.
The tease leaves for a perfect blend 🥰


BOOK before the holidays!

Blonde . Bright blonde .

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 11/30/2023

Got my Molly Girl BIRTHDAY ready.
She’s hitting her big 20 tomorrow.

Be sure to wish her a happy birthday!

Love ya MGM.

Mollys nicknames:
Machine gun molly

Lucky to have you apart of BLOOM.
You have been ROCKING it gf.

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 11/23/2023

G I V I N G 🤍
Ready for my hubs to be home.


And she is LIVE yall! 😍
I worked so hard on this!

If you are ready to level up behind the chair this is for you!!!

Use code BLOOM for discount !

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 11/19/2023

The time has come.
And I can FINALLY drop what I have been working so hard on to share with y’all.

If you are ready to LEVEL up behind the chair, this is for you.

Thought of hiring an assistant or co stylist and just not sure where to start, or what to do ?

THIS download is for you!

And as a first time launch I am offering it at a discounted price ! 💁🏼‍♀️👀
+ a FREE BONUS with an extra little bit BIG pro tip in there !

I cannot wait for you to BLOOM baby!

Salon educator
Behind the chair education
Salon mentor
Small business mentor

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 11/16/2023

My heart. And home away from home.

Each and every one of them bring something to the table. We have a few not yet pictured but coming soon!

Not to mention they are SO freaking talented BTC.

I would trust each and every single one of them with your hair.

But let me break it down for you.

Im not perfect by any means, and I believe a well run salon takes a team. A team of people who care as much as you do.

With that being said, i ask these girls time and time again what I can do to help them, to better the salon not just for us, for them for their clients. How can I do better?

I take their advice and do my best to apply where possible.

I swore to myself when I opened Bloom, that I would always protect my peace, and anyone who walked through that door.

We don’t mean girl here. Sure, We 100% get annoyed from time to time, we’re human yall. But when we have s**t we talk about it. We come to each other. We work out what needs to be worked out.

We have a culture here, we arent just a “suites” , im not just a “landlord” or a “boss” these girls are my friends, and I care for them and want them to thrive!

If you want just a landlord and to come and go, bloom just isnt the place for you. And thats ok.

Now brb while I go tell someone to clean their dishes out of the sink😂😂


Are you ready to level up? To BLOOM btc?

I am offering a just a FEW, one-on-one experiences behind the chair before the end of 2023, (prices go up next year ) .

witness consultations, extension artistry, the why and the how, not your every day extension class-
team dynamics, pricing, contracts, boundaries and more.

No fluff, just raw, unfiltered insights into the my BTC realm.

Im ready. If you are.

Comment “BLOOM” if you’re interested !

Hair extension education | behind the chair education | bloom education | salon educator | level up |


A little chop chop for this beaut 🤍
Look at this cut on her !!!

She’s also a small business owner out there doing workkkk. .in.motion check her out!

Always so thankful to have such amazing independent bad ass women in my chair!

Virginia Beach | vb hair salon | Virginia Beach haircut | va small business

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 01/14/2023

𝚂𝚆𝙸𝙿𝙴: to see whats included in your services with me 🫶
.. besides lots of laughs and good conversation!

I take 𝙿𝚁𝙸𝙳𝙴 in choosing to use the best of the best in my formulas. Instead of using $7.93 developer, I am using a developer that is $21.95.

* NOT * saying the og developers are bad, they do what they are supposed to. HOWEVER...

I choose to use these developers as they are a healthier more efficient option to help maintain the integrity of your hair!

Not mentioned in my slides, I also use DE-OX after and even during your blonding services. As lightener can live in the hair, EVEN after being shampooed. De-ox stops the oxidation... which again, assists in maintaining the integrity of your hair!

I want to give you BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY hair. 🫶


I've got an undeniable love for blondes🫶
dimensional blondes.
rooty blondes.
warm blondes.
i just love em.

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 01/11/2023

my girl wendy with the good hair💁🏼‍♀️

22inches baby.
machine wefts. that pearl is like no other , that dimension is 🤌🏼

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 01/09/2023

630am ✅

consistency. will be one of my words for 2023.


lived in color.

and a HUGE shout out to my lovely assistants .bloom & .by.molly_bloom always helping make the client experience better than ever🤌🏼

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 01/04/2023

R E D baby. 🍒

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 01/01/2023

Cheers to the new year! 📣

i was just sitting here reminiscing, and thinking how lucky I am to get to do work life with this crew.

and to those not pictured who have been apart of this last year you all mean the 🌎 to me.

so thankful . thank you for believing in and trusting me. Believing in BLOOM and most of all believeing im YOU, yourselves. You babes are bad ass, boss babes and I am so proud of all of you!

cant wait to rock 2023 with you! So many big things to come.

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 12/19/2022


As most of you may know, the saga of trying to find the perfect new location has been LOADS of "fun" 😅

We found a spot once, only to find the landlord was also showing it to another salon and basically enjoying us battling it out.

then another location, the landlord would tell me the landlords work was complete, however everytime I checked there were leaks in the ceiling and lights.

I decided, hey maybe its a sign- lets stay put a little longer. Then I was surprised to receive a notice that we had less than 90 days to move from our current location .

We have been in that location for 3 years, and was planning on keeping it as one of our locations.

However with this surprise to find a new location, pull permits, and build- it felt impossible to find a place in this amount of time.

I cried for 10 days straight, trying to find a plan for bloom, for our team. I felt as if I had failed them.

But I wasnt going to stop trying. I reached to so many people, and so many were so helpful.

My family & friends never once doubted me even when I was doubting myself. They told me over and over again, it was all going to work out.

I finally came across a space I had my eyes on for sometime, and met with the owner. He was kind, personable, and all of his tenants raved about him.
the offer was perfect, and i signed on the line.

Things were finally looking up.
BUT then with city permits we found, we would not have anywhere to work for almost 90 days. 😳

I asked for more time, I called salon friends after salon friends, and as of march 1st we will be in a temporary location, which we will announce as soon as we can.

as i know this isnt ideal to be in a temporary place, but please pardon our "dust" as we maneuver through this time. i promise itll be worth it!

so thankful for those who have tried to help us in all of this it means the world. 🫶

We are so excited, for this. I cannot wait to show you the NEW & IMPROVED . Its going to be like no other, yall know me😏

ps. booth rent, commission, suites available for rent in may 2023.

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 12/09/2022

I'm gonna get some s**t for this one😏

but thats ok, cause YOU are entitled to your own opinion. Just like me.

But hear me out.
-1st read each slide.

this system works for my business. my salon. my team. For me.

My goal was to create a space that is SAFE. Where we dont feel scared to speak or exist, or want change.

and this works. Now stylists aren't scared to say they have a new change in goals, plans, life. They come to me and ask me how they can get there, to their new goals.

is change nerve racking- yes of course it is. but I give them a space to be able to come to me and talk to me. without judgement or anger. or acting as if i OWN them.

This way, clients dont feel scared- not knowing after they FINALLY found their favorite hairstylist- just to hear "oh shes no longer working here, but you can go to kim shes great"

😳thats is scarrrry to a client. or the dreaded - client shows up for her appointment with her fav stylist- and gets sat in kims chair- no one even told her. 😳😳

even scarier.

My goal for our clients is to make them happy and feel good- if they LOVE their stylist, why would I try and prevent them from going to them??

and then ya know what:

that client remembers that I reached out and let her know her fav stylist has relocated, moved, etc and here is her info.

Or if you would like to schedule with another stylist we have some availability with kim. (this gives THEM the choice, because it should be their choice) .

they remember, and maybe they do choose to go to their fav stylist, but their bestie needs their hair done. and their fav stylist isnt available... who do you think they might recommend for their bestie??

🫶possibly, maybe, us.

so this is how I do things .

What do you think? I know I am going to be chewed up and spit out for this one. but ive got tough skin. and who is anyone to tell me how to run my business? lol.

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 12/05/2022

this trend is pretty rad. ai

it definitely caught my personality while creating me 🫶

Photos from Hair By Leiah's post 12/02/2022

Tis the season.


this shoot was the first of many of events and shoots.

who would've thought just a few years later, I would lose the passion I had for doing makeup?

I did makeup for , Music videos with TheMoonshinebandits
Until it Hurts documentary, The Possession experiment movie, commercials , , weddings and more.

I even had the chance to act in some of them! look up my IMDB 🤣 shes small but shes there.

I used to DREAM of becoming a celebrity makeup artist, editorial or just really being on set anywhere... but the reality of it - most of the time, I wasn't paid fairly. or sometimes at all.

Now dont get me wrong, some of the companies absolutely paid me and respected me.

I think the makeup part of my career is truly where I learned my worth, and how to stand up for myself and my craft.

Pretty proud of the person I've become. Standing up for whats right, for myself, my business, my team.

I love creating magic behind the chair, helping people feel beautiful inside and out and making a living doing so. Its truly a dream come true.

ps. look how hot is🔥


what your super power? 🔥

entering another view of this beaut.


If this doesn't make you want a brownie, are we even friends?

Get ready yall, I've got a lot of entries this year ! I've been practicing behind that camera.


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while we await our 4380 sq ft building located off general booth/redmill area, we have one more chair available off Lask...
a lil chop & tone goes a long way. #sistasista #oxleiah



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Virginia Beach, VA

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