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I had my eyebrows done (Microbladed) by Janice on Monday .
First of all... I want to express how nervous I was! This is essentially a TATTOO on your face , so of course I was nervous and anxious. When the day finally came ( it’s a 2 appt process - 1st a consultAtion to explain the process, and a small deposit .. then you schedule the appt )
Total price $ is 500ish
This is on the lower end from what I can tell from online research.
I did a ton of research and decided on Janice because of the overwhelming reviews online ... overwhelming GOOD reviews . After reading the reviews I discovered Janice is Deaf. I was concerned that there would be a communication barrier ( just because I’ve never been exposed to anyone with a hearing disability ) .... but once you get used to her tone and pitch , it’s really not a problem. She is a master at lip reading and it didn’t hinder the process one bit.
So back to the experience ... I was so nervous I almost cancelled the night before and the Morning of . I mean this is your FACE... one mistake and OMG- that’s all I could think of .( also I saw a lot of bad jobs done online ... and that didn’t help my confidence )
But Janice scheduled me for a Monday (She is usually closed on Mondays ) just to accommodate my schedule , and also it was a federal Holiday , also I had rescheduled once already due to a Dr Appt that I had previously scheduled the I had forgotten about... so to say the least I would of felt like a huge jerk cancelling. Plus you give a small deposit ( I think it was $50-$65 - which comes off final cost ) and I’m guessing this is why she does a deposit so her consultations aren’t wasted time of someone changes their mind.
So I fight through my anxiety and nervousness and make my way to Her shop to my appointment.
I told her right away how nervous I was, and she immediately put me at ease by telling me most clients are also nervous when they come.
So we get right to it.
First she cleaned my brows and took before pictures.
Then wasteing no time, she went straight to the “mapping” process to draw the outline of my brow. I told her from the beginning that I didn’t want to go from NO brows ( or barely there brows ) to Brooke Shields. I asked her to fill them In but not too big. She took her time ( you can tell she is a perfectionist ) and used several tools to measure distance and shape to make sure they are perfect. When she finished she asked me to inspect to
Make sure I liked it . It’s very hard to see or picture the final result by just an outline - but I could tell they were even and shaped in a natural way , so I gave a thumbs up , and again we moved right along.
Time to pick a color. This was another concern I had . I didn’t want too dark brows. . So... she picked a few that she thought were close to my natural color. But to me one looked to dark and one looked to light - so she actually mixed the two, and in a few seconds I had the perfect color that matched wonderfully.
She then applied the numbing cream. It’s just a topical lidocaine and then we had to wait 30 minutes for that to sit and start working. This was the longest 30 minutes of my life. She used this time to go over some after care tips, and make sure I understood what I needed to do for the next 14 days.
So the time finally came.... I layed back down on the table and prayed for the best.
So , first of all... you can hear the scratching of the “blade” but to be honest that’s the only way I knew she was doing it . I actually stopped her after a few strokes to ask if she was even doing it. I FELT NOTHING!! It was amazing. Now this did not last the whole time - it seemed as the process continued , I felt a few little stings here and there... but for the most part it was more annoying from the sound than painful. I’m sure everyone’s tolerance is different, but I honestly closed my eyes and almost drifted off a couple times. When I did feel anything , it was like a quick bee sting - but it is so fast - it goes away as soon as she finishes the stroke.
Also I want to mention she uses a huge lighted magnifying glass - so she is precise.
Ok- so she finishes and tells me to get up and check it out - I stand up and proceeded to the mirror.
OMG - I can’t believe I was ever doubting the woman!! They were perfect !!!!!!! After close examination .. I felt one brow should be a little longer / she agreed and did a little measuring and decided I could use 1 or 2 more strokes close to the middle - and she added it , and then it was Perfect . I imagine she proceeds with caution because you can always add more , there’s no taking it back after it’s done and I really appreciated that!
So I layed back down and she cleaned the brows up and took after pictures.

I was nervous for nothing 😉

So I am on day 3 after they were done , and she prepared me for everything that was going to happen. So far So good. The healing process takes 14 days - so I don’t want to post pictures.
They get a darker and darker 2-3 days after ... then ( from way she said ) they will practically disappear soon, then close to the 14 day mark they will reappear .....

We scheduled my follow up appointment for 6 weeks from now .
At that time once they are totally healed she can see any missed spots and just freshen them up. And that’s it !!!!! Maintenance free brows !!!!!

I know this was long , but I wanted t reassure anyone who is contemplating using Janice for Microblading -
Don’t hesitate !!! She is a master ! All my nervousness was misplaced. Plus I need to mention , my brows WERE a mess ! 2 decades of waxing pencil thin has just destroyed them.
She totally rebuilt them, and it looks so natural... I just can’t wait till the end.

Don’t doubt her
Make your appointment today

Janice's Brow Bar offers a variety of services including Brow Design, Brazilians, Oncology Trained, Facials, Chemical Peels, Dermablading, Lashes & Makeup

Janice Fucci, owner of Janice’s Brow Bar, has been delivering a variety of personalized skincare and makeup application services since 2014 and has built herself a reputation for giving love to the often neglected – eyebrows! She is well known for her shaping skills, whether she’s creating the best arch or styling a BrowBoy to make a natural look for men. As a 1997 graduate of the Von Lee Internat

Operating as usual

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What dreams are made of 😍🥰


The scent of these is heavenly! Thank you to my sweet client, Stephanie for brightening my day! 🥰💐

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Longer, natural lashes 🅰🅽🅳 sunny days? Yes to both!


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That @elleebana brow henna process 🥰 🙌

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Out with the old and in with the new because it's officiallyyyy !🌟😍

👉 are a controlled way to cause skin shedding and sloughing. They target fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, acne scars and evening out skin tone and texture.

👉 Can be applied to the face, hands and neck.

👉 You can combine a peel WITH your facial to maximize results.

👉 Choose to peel 1-2 layers or 2-4...both will offer glowing results.

Now is the perfect time for a peel so your skin looks and feels its best for the holiday season.
Call or text 757-500-3066 to b

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Back at it! 🎨 🖌️ 💙

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to all my hardworking esthy friends on 🎉

It's hard keeping up with all the @instagram holidays but nonetheless, thank you to everyone who's tagged me in your post and sent messages. I appreciate all of you 🥰💙

Beauty products you'll never buy again 09/21/2021

Beauty products you'll never buy again

PSA: pretty packaging does not equal high quality products. See video below 👇

It's important to look beyond pretty packaging or your favorite celebrity, guiding you towards a new purchase. We carry Advanced Mineral Makeup here at Janice's Brow Bar . It's a clean, high quality mineral makeup that is free from parabens, talc, fragerence and dyes....AND it's an affordable price point. 🙌

Call or text 757-500-3066 to get more information!

Beauty products you'll never buy again Beauty product's you'll never buy again once you know what ingredients they use that can be harmful to your skin.


Through thick and thin, baby!! 🙌

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Back to school brows & lashes ✏️🍎 🙌


Hey there 👋

If you live in , this is officially the last month of summer. But don't be sad! You have 30 days to do more, experience more ANDDD have great brows while you're doing it 😁💙

👉 Call/text 757-500-3066


No bad days with brows this beautiful 😍Happy !

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Summer and in full effect at @janicesbrowbar ☀️⛱️

‘Massive’ American flag greets boaters at entrance to Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach 07/04/2021

‘Massive’ American flag greets boaters at entrance to Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach

Happy 4th of July, Beauties!! 🇺🇸❤️🥳

Check out the article from The Virginian-Pilot about Cheryl's love for the flag, freedom and Virginia Beach! ♥️🤍💙 Have a safe and happy 4th!!


‘Massive’ American flag greets boaters at entrance to Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach Mariners cruising through the heavily traveled Oceanfront inlet get a giant patriotic welcome thanks to Virginia Beach businesswoman Cheryl McLeskey.

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Carmela doesn't know it yet, but she is the luckiest girl to have you as her dad 💙💙

Happy (first) Father's Day Justin!!


Self care breeds self confidence 💪 💯
@kaizenathletics_ is the BEST for a healthy body and a healthy mind!! Check them out to be a part of their new


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Did you know.... colors come in 7 different colors that are completely customizable? 🎨🖌️ That means you'll get THE perfect custom shade for your brows every.single.time! 🙌

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What total happiness looks like 💞👶🎉

"Carmela August Fucci was born February 13, 2021 at 1lb 10 oz at 24 weeks old. Fast forward 111 days in the NICU at the most amazing children's hospital and we are home at last. 2 days after her due date and now weighing 6lbs 13oz. Carmela you are a blessing and a miracle to our lives, we thank God every day for coming into our lives and can not wait to see how you conquer this world." @rachelfuccihair

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I'll have what she's having: 👇
✅ Dewy Skin
✅ Fresh Henna Brows
✅ Weekend Ready

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Remembering the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep this great country free and safe. Yesterday, today and always, we remember. 🇺🇸❤️


Just a little reminder 🙅‍♀️😘

👉 Appointments available this week on Thursday & Friday. DM for availability or click the booking link in our bio 👈

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Let's hear it for low maintenance, big impact services 👏👏👏

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Lash lifts & henna brows on repeat 🔁

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🌺🌼 Happy Mother's Day to all but especially to my daughter in law @rachelfuccihair who celebrates her 1st Mothers Day today🌷🌸


If you'd like to in before next Wednesday, text us at 757-500-3066. There are still a few available appointments but they won't last long‼️

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Its sunny & 70 here in today and these beauties are getting warm-weather ready ☀️


My beautiful client is 70 years young... doesn't she have the most beautiful brows? 🤯💙

That's what I love about @elleebana brow henna...it offers THE perfect coverage for people of all ages!


🌷Spring has sprung...finally!! Now is a great time to get those lashes IN shape for the warmer days ahead!

Did you know that are a great choice for any lash length? Results are more dramatic with longer, thicker lashes of course but impact is still 💯 even with shorter, natural lashes.

Lash lifts are a low maintenance service that don't require touchups, can last up to 6-8 weeks and allow you to ditch the mascara completely.

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Beautiful blessings to all my friends and family 💙✝️💙🐰


2nd done ✅

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Go 💥BIG💥 or go home!

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Another sunny, warm day in Virginia Beach?! We'll take it!

Now let's get those brows & lashes ready for ! 💐🌷

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☀️Spring, is that you?!? It's sunny and 65 here in Virginia Beach and we are here for it!

Now if you're like me, you probably haven't thought about your feet since quarantine began.🤷‍♀️ But now that the warmer weather is on the horizon let's whip those feet into shape!

This foot peel is fantastic and so easy to use:

🌱 Soak feet in warm water
🌱 Dry off then place in peel solution booties
🌱 Cover with socks and just chill out (1 hour)
🌱 Rinse and dry off

In about 4-7 days feet will begin to peel and continue until they are soft and callous free.
**Tip - keep feet well moisturized for best peeling results**

Each kit is currently 1/2 off ($12.50) while supplies last! Grab one at your next visit!

Photos from Janice's Brow Bar's post 03/08/2021

Happy International Women's Day to all the FUN, incredibly smart, strong, inspiring women I have in my life 💙 🎉

Thankful and appreciative today AND every day!

Photos from Janice's Brow Bar's post 03/01/2021

And you KNOW I love a good brow 💙 Happy Monday, Beauties!

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