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Welcome to Tousle, by Dupré's, the area's first and only Extension & Wig salon. ​Featuring Hairdreams, Follea, Jon Renau, GreatLengths, HairUWear, Lasio

Welcome! Fashionistas & Solution Seekers alike will find an abundance of selection, expertise & modern luxury with the secluded and newly renovated space of Tousle, by Dupré's. From lengthening & thickening extensions, to gorgeous, quality wigs and hairpieces, we're proud to bring you only the very best.

Operating as usual

Wigs are more then just hair. There are so many features designed to make your wearing experience pleasurable! We touch on a few today but there are many more enhancements to consider. But don’t worry too much about it. Just think about what features you might enjoy and tell us in your consultation. We will sort through the options & direct you to your best bet. That’s what we are here for 😘
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By adding a weft extension by #hairtalk Stylist Caitlin Essing was able to connect the lighter top color to the bottom, building an overall fuller & more evenly colored look. Wefts are $150 to install plus the cost of hair. Hair can be reused. Let’s talk about your options, 757.464.9400
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Hand Tied Wefts by @hairtalkusa as placed by Stylist Caitlin ✨
What a difference it made! This guests styling options just exploded! Ponytails, braids, curls & more! So much fun!!
#touslebydupres #blondehair #weftextensions #caitlineattousle #hairextensions

Kinda the exact opposite of our usual posts😃
But our staff are not just extension & wigs experts! They are also colorists & haircutters too! This before & after is by Stylist Caitlin Essing who transformed her guest with a balayage & a major haircut! The cut & color instantly made the whole look appear thicker. Even with a lot of length cut, these gorgeous guest still has a thick, fabulous head of super long hair! Love it!
757.464.9100 for appointments
#caitlineattousle #touslebydupres #beforeandafter #balayage #haircut #virginiabeachhairstylist

Our lovely guest took the time to provide us with a few words about her experience for our recent TV commercial & we are so thrilled! It was, and continues to be, a pleasure to be a part of her hair journey. Take a listen then give us a call to set your appointment, 757.464.9400


Another hand tied weft by @hairtalkusa as placed by Stylist Caitlin Essing! So quick, so comfortable & so beautiful! ❤️
#touslebydupres #caitlineattousle #hairtalkextensions #hairextensions #virginiabeachhairstylist

We ❤️ it when busy Stylist/Owner Jay has time to take a picture of his work! Yesterday he & fellow Stylist Kristen worked together coloring & then adding extensions to this lovely guest! 20” Blonde Hair Extensions by Hairdreams 😍
757.464.9400 for appointments
#touslebydupres #jayattousle #kristenattousle #hairdreams #hairdreamsextensions #virginiabeachhairstylist

Another happy #hairtalk guest! This beautiful look by Extension Stylist Kristen ✨
#touslebydupres #kristenattousle #hairtalkextensions #extensions #beforeandafter #virginiabeachhairstylist

Hand Tied Wefts by Stylist Caitlin E. were applied quickly, comfortably & fabulously 😘😘😘
We are doing so many of these each day and it never stops being amazing! Need more information? Consultations are free/ 757.464.9400
#caitlineattousle #touslebydupres #hairtalkextensions #virginiabeachhairstylist

Today’s video is all about our best selling hair accessory: the Topper! Extension & Wig Stylist Caitlin Essing breaks down everything you need to know about this beauty must-have!

Toppers! Today Extension Stylist Caitlin Essing explains the magic behind our best selling hair accessory: Toppers! Find out why it’s a must have by watching then be sure to click ‘like’ and share!

Good Morning! It’s officially #february 🙀
January is typically all about making changes for the #newyear but don’t forget, you can reinvent yourself any day you want to! Sure, we might be a little biased 😀 but we think nothing beats the wintertime woes then a fresh hairstyle! Featured here are tape in extensions by @hairtalkusa
You can create density like this guest, or simply add a few as highlights or lowlights. Tape in #extensions are a quick & easy way to refresh your look without any drastic changes! Consultations are free, call 757.464.9400
This look by Stylist Caitlin Essing
#touslebydupres #caitlineattousle #hairtalkextensions #tapeinextensions

This looks secret weapon? A removable hair band by @hairtalkusa ⚡️
Super simple to wear, you just place & go! Hairbands are not bonded so you can easily pop them in & out. Excellent for special events like weddings or fancy dinners but comfortable enough to wear daily! See your #touslebydupres Stylist for details. This look by Stylist Caitlin Essing @sirenstylist
#hairband #virginiabeachhairstylist #extensions

When a guest walks in looking for change 🙋🏻‍♀️
Gorgeous @hairtalkextensions make over by Master Stylist Bridgette plus some pretty impressive color work took this already gorgeous lady’s look to a whole new level! Bridgette used a mix of tape in extensions & wefts to build a beautiful mane of platinum hair. And unlike most blond hair, extensions won’t fade or turn brassy giving you fabulous color day after day. 😘

Hairtalk Wefts by Stylist Kristen✨

Length, & body in a under 2 hrs😘
#kristenattousle #touslebydupres #hairtalkextensions #weftextensions

All permed & ready!
20” Hairdreams Extension hair normally has a pretty wave when air dried, but to best match our guests beautiful curls, Stylist Bridgette permed each strand. The result is a gorgeous, thick mane of shiny curls! Love it! Thank you to the guest for the opportunity to create this fabulous look! 757.464.9100
#customwork #touslebydupres #bridgetteattousle #perm #curlyhair #hairdreamsextensions #extensions #virginiabeachhairstylist

Another gorgeous After by Master Stylist Bridgette! The 2nd pic is the before. This guest was seeking thickness at the ends to bring her look together & I think we got it 😘
Extensions featured here by @hairdreamsusa
#bridgetteattousle #touslebydupres #hairdreams #extensions #virginiabeachhairstylist

New Video! We will be posting a new video weekly (aiming for Monday’s! 😃) discussing our fav topics : Wigs & Extensions! And of course, color, cuts and fashion trends. We will also be answering your questions so pls comment or DM with them! The world of wigs and extensions is huge & it’s our goal to simplify & make it easier for you to discover the look you love. Subscribe to our channel on #youtube & never miss a video! Simply search Tousle by Dupré’s in the YouTube app & click subscribe 😘

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Hello and Welcome

Good Afternoon! We have a YouTube channel! We are going to be posting weekly videos answering your questions, sharing tips and just connecting with you. Please follow the below link and click subscribe! Welcome to our channel! We are a Wig and Extension Salon/Shop in VA BCH VA and every week we are going to post videos answering questions, giving tips and sh...

Great Lengths Extensions never disappoint! ✨
Their customizable nature allowed Master Stylist Bridgette create a lot of extra thickness while still keeping the bond size appropriate for the Guest’s nature hair. The goal with extensions is balance. Too heavy & they will pull, too light and they won’t make enough of an impact to the look. Just right and, well, they will be just right 😘
#bridgetteattousle #touslebydupres #greatlengthsusa #hairextensions #virginiabeachhairstylist

Quickly becoming our best selling Volume product, Bleu by @randco brings the height without all the extra chemicals & drying of traditional styling products. 757.464.9400
#touslebydupres #bleubyrandco #bleu #volume

Bleu by R&Co is now available and, whoa, does it give volume! Ask your stylist to use #bleu at your next visit 😘
#touslebydupres #randcobleu #haircare

This is why we love our job!!! Fabulous before & after by Stylist Jay! He used carefully placed #hairextensions by @hairdreamsusa to build thickness while enhancing her dimensional color.
#touslebydupres #jayatdupres #jayattousle #hairdreamsextensions #dimensionalblonde #blondehair #virginiabeachhairstylist #beforeandafterhairextensions

Your Hair Extensions I will do.
At #touslebydupres we only employ the finest, most qualified stylists that have been highly trained in The Force. 😀 Is the ability to levitate or heal wounds instantly needed to apply gorgeous extensions? No- but we appreciate the extra skillz 😉
#grogu #babyyoda #hairdreamsextensions #fridayfun #themandalorian #virginiabeachhairstylist #funnymemes @hairdreamsusa #hairextensions #jedi photo credit Stylist Bridgette 📸

The Olaplex family of bond builders✨Dramatically strengthens, protects and repairs all hair types. Compatible with all color lines- often imitated, never duplicated 😉#patents #touslebydupres #dupressalon #Olaplex #Olaplexjourney #healthyhair #hairrepair

The Year is New & Ready for You! 🥂🍾✨
We are back to our regular hours and more ready then ever to create gorgeous looks for you! 2020 was unique but we took the time to grow & evolve. We are excited to offer our guests wigs, extensions & the best hair care available. Just this past few months we started offering Hairtalk Extensions & hair care by Bleu, a totally green, super luxurious hair care line by @randco
2021, you are looking beautiful and we are excited to meet you! Appointments available- 757.464.9400

Extensions by Stylist Kristi ✨
Lots of length & extra volume, just in time to ring in the holidays! We have one day left after today before we are closed until New Years Eve- Kristi has a little availability on 12/31 and 1/2 but Kristen can do extensions tomorrow (12/24) if you want to wow #santa with a new look 😘
We are in the shop ‘til 7 today, call/text 757.464.9100
#touslebydupres #hairextensions #kristiattousle #kristiatdupres #extensions #holidayhair

Great Lengths Extensions for the win!!!!😍
Stylist Caitlin E transformed this guest’s look by carefully selecting just the right color #extensions then placing them expertly to create length that blends in with her natural hair. Since shipping has been a nightmare all year, we always keep a good inventory on hand so when this guest said she wanted a new look, we were able to quickly create it. No wait time! 😘
#touslebydupres #caitlineattousle #greatlengthsusa #hairextensions #virginiabeachhairstylist #redhair #copperhair

Little Hairtalk Weft & Tape In Combo 🙋🏻‍♀️
By Stylist Caitlin E.
#caitlineattousle #touslebydupres #hairextensions #hairtalk #beforeandafter #tapeinextensions #weftextensions #virginiabeachhairstylist

Hairtalk Hand Tied Wefts by Stylist Caitlin E.
The way these are placed make them quite hidden and very comfortable. All anyone sees is your gorgeous hair!
#caitlineattousle #touslebydupres #hairtalkextensions #hairtalk #hairextensions #virginiabeachhairstylist

As always, we are committed to offering you the very best so when we heard @randco were releasing a sustainable, beautiful new #hairline called Bleu, we jumped at the chance to be the first in the area to carry it. Vegan, Gluten-free & never tested on animals, this line offers superior hair care while not compromising on their commitment to the environment. Learn more by speaking with your #touslebydupres or #dupressalon stylist today. 757.464.9400
#sustainableliving #veganhaircare #glutenfree #celiacfriendly #nottestedonanimals #sustainablefashion #randco #bleu

Can you get very blonde hair & length? And thickness? Of course! This is where #hairextensions come in! Blonde hair is generally drier & more delicate so achieving length & thickness can be a challenge. By throwing in a few extensions, the look is easily created in a matter of hours! Beautifully uncomplicated 😘
Look by Stylist Jay
#touslebydupres #jayattousle #virginiabeachhairstylist #virginiabeachhairextensions #blondehair #blonde #longblondehair

Thick hair for Christmas? Absolutely ✨✨✨
Don’t leave it to #santa to get you the gorgeous hair you want 😉
This look is by Stylist/Owner Jay & he’s got a bit more experience then jolly old Saint Nick when it comes to creating fabulous looks 😘
#touslebydupres #jayattousle #christmas #hairextensions #virginiabeachhairstylist

Fabulous custom color & cut! People often ask why appointments are necessary (I just wanna browse😫!!)well, our consultants are also licensed hair stylists. And this means, unlike other wig shops, our staff is allowed to help you place the wig. That’s right! #VA rules state that only stylists can assist in fittings! And this is important b/c you benefit greatly from trying on a wig that has the features that are best for you. And yes, there is a right way & less right way to put your wig on😉. The cost of a wig is determined by it’s features (cap construction, material used, etc) and it’s important to invest in the wig that is best for you. Once you have selected your wig, it can be custom colored and cut to look absolutely fabulous on you! You are one of a kind you know! And you know what’s way better then browsing? Finding the perfect wig😘Let us help you enjoy your next wig- call to reserve 757.464.9400
Color by Kristen & Cut & Style by Shannon
#touslebydupres #wig #humanhairwigs #customcolorwig #virginiabeachhairstylist

All wigs priced under $1500 are on sale! All hair care, skincare, supplements, cbd, candles, gift sets and more are #onsale This is the day we support each other, come on out! We have appointments if you’d like to try on wigs or get hair services. No appointments required to shop non-wig retail items. Hair extensions not included in sale. 757.464.9400
#touslebydupres #hairsalon #smallbusiness #smallbusinesssaturday #shoplocal #christmasshopping #virginiabeachhairextensions

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