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Just want to ask how much is for keratin treatment... I have a natural curl hair and I want to straight ,thanks ...

Welcome to Tousle, by Dupré's, the area's first and only Extension & Wig salon. ​Featuring Hairdreams, Follea, Jon Renau, GreatLengths, HairUWear, Lasio

Welcome! Fashionistas & Solution Seekers alike will find an abundance of selection, expertise & modern luxury with the secluded and newly renovated space of Tousle, by Dupré's. From lengthening & thickening extensions, to gorgeous, quality wigs and hairpieces, we're proud to bring you only the very best.

[04/27/20]   Wigs like conditioner too, just not as often as your real hair might. It’s recommended that you condition your wig every couple of weeks or so, as this will keep it shiny and soft. Just be sure to rinse it out thoroughly to avoid unnecessary buildup.

[04/24/20]   Why consider a wig or hairpiece? If you want an immediate and affordable solution to a hair loss issue, a wig or hairpiece is the best choice. It will take only a few hours or less to have a wig or hairpiece styled and properly fitted.

When a stylist sees a chicken w/fabulous feathers 🤣🐓
Our girl Kristen is going crazy w/o you all! Thankfully she put the chicken down long enough to write this important message for our extension wearers!

Hello to all my wonderful, beautiful Tousle clients! I hope everyone is well and staying safe. A lot of you have reached out to me in concerns about the removal of your extensions. I know, I hear you. We are all in this together. As y’all know, Jay and I are always saying, “wash your bonds & stay away from oils or conditioner on your roots” ! Well, here’s your chance to break those rules 😆. Below are tips for keeping your hair safe...
1. Put the scissors down!! Do not cut the bonds out!
2. Go a couple of days without washing your hair, your natural hair oils will help the extension slide safely
3. Use products that have silicone like Oribe Shine Light Reflecting Spray, HairDreams Hair Fluid or Oribe Gold Lust Oil at the bond site to help loosen bonds
4. Brush your extensions daily with your HairDreams brush very gently, make sure they aren’t tangling at the roots and pull them apart like Jay and I have shown you before they were installed.
5. Do not pull the bonds down while your hair is wet. Wet hair is more susceptible to breakage. Let it dry.
6. If an extension is hanging on by a few hairs, gently pull the hairs out from the top of the bond. If the hairs do not release easily from the bond, do not pull the hair out. Leave it alone.
7. Put your hair in a low ponytail or even braids to help levitate the extra weight on your hair.
If you can wait, please don’t try to remove your extensions at home. Trust me, leave them alone. In the meantime you can continue using your Olaplex No. 3 to keep your hair strong and healthy for your next set with Jay & I!
I miss all of you! Can’t wait to get back in the salon! Kristen😘
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@ Tousle by Dupré's

Do you follow our other page for #dupressalon ? Give it a like & keep up with pics from your favorite stylists while they navigate this #quarantine time! We are all in this together 💪
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[04/22/20]   When it comes to hair extensions, your stylist can perfectly color match any hair color in existence. Hair extensions come in all colors and lengths, and can be customized to meet your unique styling needs.

Everyday we upload more & more goodies onto our online shop! Don’t see what you are looking for? Email us or DM!
Shop link available on our website
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[04/20/20]   Synthetic wigs are not as susceptible to UV fading and oxidization of color as natural wigs. Extreme heat, however, will damage these wigs, while natural wigs are not damaged by the heat.

[04/17/20]   Lice are a fairly uncommon occurrence for people today, but that was not the case thousands of years ago in Egypt. In fact, an infestation of lice was one of the reasons many Egyptians shaved their heads, relying on wigs and hairpieces for special occasions.

[04/15/20]   With hair extensions, you have the flexibility to change the way you look. You can add thickness or length or allow us to work in some highlights. Regardless of your preferences, hair extensions allow you to adopt virtually any look you want.

Clip, Clip, Clip & the roots are covered! Toppers come in a variety of lengths, colors and sizes and are a safe solution for gray roots. If your roots are driving you mad, don’t create a corrective color situation that you will regret, let’s talk about your options! Email [email protected]

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[04/13/20]   When choosing your wig, pay close attention to hair placement. It’s very difficult to make the hair on a wig go in a different direction from how it was attached, so make sure you’re comfortable with details like the part, bangs, and so on.

[04/10/20]   Fun Fact! In 18th-century England, women’s wigs were often four feet high. These crazy headdresses were dusted with flour and decorated with stuffed birds, garden replicas, fruit plates, or even model ships. Kinda feel like we should have a day to celebrate these creations and make our own!

Did you know that, with hair extensions, you can still curl, crimp (hey there beach waves!), and/or straighten your hair? Our hair brands (Hairdreams and Great Lengths) use strong, healthy hair that can withstand the normal rigors of shampooing, conditioning, brushing, and styling. Plus extension hair holds style very well so creating gorgeous looks is simple and long lasting!
Image Credit Great Lengths USA

[04/06/20]   Alopecia and cancer treatment patients may be able to reduce/slow some hair loss by wearing a hair net at night, or sleeping on a satin pillowcase (check out our selection!), which causes less friction and pulling. Remember to also be gentle with eyelashes and eyebrows which can also be affected by hair loss. Allow hair to air dry before brushing as hair is most fragile when wet.

Are we able to do services? No, but we can answer your questions! Caring for your extensions or wigs over the #stayathome order period can seem challenging. Let us know via DM or email how we can help! You are not alone.
[email protected]
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[04/03/20]   Fun Fact! By the mid-17th century, wigs were so popular and wig making was so firmly established, French wig makers created their own professional guild. Other countries soon followed suit, and wig shops could be found in every major city in Europe.


Increase your self-confidence by wearing the kind of hair style you've always wanted. It's your look, make it one you love #hairdreams
Picture by Hairdreams

Good morning. As we all heard yesterday, the state has directed us all to stay home until June 10, sooner if all goes well. We know this is hard news for our guests who count on regular appointments. Right now we are refraining from rescheduling as we re-group. The past week has been a lot to take in. We will put together some information for caring for your extensions during this extended break. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the via DM. We will try to respond as quickly as we can. Stay home & stay tuned! 😘

A wig can be dried after washing by either placing it on a bath towel or a folding wig stand. Wig stands allow wigs to dry faster than bath towels. Don't have a wig stand? Swing by and check out your options, we have several to select from! We also can wash and style it for you, simply call 757.464.9400

Although there are a variety of reasons that people wear wigs, hair accessories, or toppers. While they certainly are a great option for those with less hair, they are also great for saving you time in the morning! Simply place and go! Plus, wigs are a great way to enjoy looks that your natural hair may not be capable of! There are lots of reasons to enjoy wigs, hair accessories and toppers! Have fun with it! 757.464.9400
Pic by Hairdreams and features a top piece that is bonded to your hair, and worn for weeks at a time. No need to remove it daily. Call for details.

We know you have a lot to worry about so we have waived membership dues set to charge during the 30 day closure. No need to call, it’s already done 😘
We are planning on reopening for services April 24. I will be back in the shop Monday & will continue to assist guests with scheduling. If you need to reschedule, rest assured I will reach out to you. #wevegotthis #dupressalon #flattenthecurve #stayhome #socialdistancing2020 #pleasestayhome #stopthespread #touslebydupres

Please make the 30 day pause work❤️#flattenthecurve

How long DOES it take to create a look with extensions? Much faster then you may think! We do sides in an hour or so, a full head can take 3-4 hours. Your hair extension specialist can tell you, based on the look you desire, how long your appointment will take. Want it done even faster? For a modest fee, we can reserve two stylists to perform your service and get you in and out, looking fabulous in half the time!

As you may have already heard, tomorrow is the last day we will be offering services per the Governors 30 day executive order. This has all happened so fast and we are still processing what it means. It is our hope to provide some hours for product and/or gift card sales during this time, if not in person, then online. We are open tomorrow. If you would like to get an appointment, call and leave a message. We will return your call in the morning. Our phones have been overflowing with calls since the announcement so please be patient with us. We appreciate your business and support so much and we are so sad to have to close our doors to doing the hair & spa services we love so much. 757.464.9100
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While it is okay to blot a wig with a towel to dry it out, twisting or wringing the wig may damage it or decrease its lifespan. Need more tips on caring for your wig? Schedule a free consultation today 757.464.9400 or simply send us a message! We are here to help!

Late night last night 😴
Jay & Kristen stayed up late to create this stunning blonde mane! We use hair by @hairdreamsusa b/c as you can see, it’s healthy, shiny and absolutely gorgeous. There is something extra special about staying past closing time, the shop is quiet & you can just relax & chit-chat while creating beauty. It’s peaceful 🧘✨
Thank you to our guest for spending her #fridaynight with us. You look fabulous!
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Did you know, you only need to maintain a wig as much as you actually use it #timesaver. While it really depends on each case, you can expect to need to clean a wig after it has been worn 8 to 12 times. We will wash & style your wig for you, simply call, 757.464.9400
Wig featured is Ignite by Jon Renau shown styled two ways- Available at Tousle by Dupres

Is there a special event coming up in which you'd love to make a real entrance? Talk to us about what you're interested in doing and let us make it happen! 757.464.9400
Picture by Hairdreams and features a full set of extensions by Hairdreams

See the potential? Stylist Kristen did! In the second picture, you can see how beautifully the clip in extensions look with some custom color work. A tad cooler, and a lot more dimension! We can custom color just about any human hair accessory and the best part is you can just drop it and and we will have it ready when you need it! No need to hang around, waiting! Call 757.464.9400
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Beautiful work by Stylist Bridgette today! In #touslebydupres you enjoy privacy as only 3 stylists are here at any time. Private, quiet and available, call 757.464.9400 for appointments.
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Longer wigs may require extra care to avoid tangles! When brushing, gently hold the hair midway up, and brush the ends, slowly moving up the hair toward to crown. Be mindful of hair that may spend time around shirt collars, as they can create fiction, matting the hair. To best extend the life of your wig or topper, schedule regular wash and style appointments with our trained stylists. 757.464.9400
Item featured available for purchase

All in a days work 💁🏼‍♀️✨
Color & #hairextensions by Stylist Jay & Kristen #friyay #touslebydupres #weekendready @ Tousle by Dupré's

[03/13/20]   Fun Fact: During the 17th and 18th centuries, wigs were custom-made, finely crafted, and quite expensive. As a result, wig thefts became a common crime! Mounted on horseback, thieves would slash a hole in the canvas sides of a carriage, reach in, and snatch the occupant’s wig. The moral of the story? Always have a spare!!
All joking aside, it is a good idea to have more then one wig. With two or more, you can wear one while the other gets washed and re-styled (call for an appt!) so your look stays fresh and you aren't stuck waiting around for it to be ready. Also, we offer similar styles in different caps so you can wear a lighter one to the gym, or with a hat, this way your main wig isn't getting sweaty! Don't limit yourself to just one! Check out your options! 757.464.9400

Do you know how to properly care for your extensions? Daily brushing with the specially designed brush by Great Lengths or Hairdreams will safely remove old hair from the bonds and keep them looking beautiful! Also, remember to avoid high ponytails or very tight buns and always secure your hair back while enjoying activities like boating so the hair stays tangle-free and gorgeous!
Picture Credit: Hairdreams

More Blonde, More Length ✨
Stylist Team Rae & Kristi spent their Tuesday adding highlights then adding Hairdreams extensions to create a beautiful, bright look on this lovely guest. No better way to spend the day 🥰
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Like with natural hair, it is best to wait until a wig is dry to comb or brush it out as hair is most fragile when wet. However, separating damp hair strands gently with your hands instead of using a brush or comb is OK! Or, you can simply drop your wig or topper off and let our trained Stylists properly cleanse and style it for you! Many guests schedule these wash & styles in advance so their look stays fresh and hassle-free! Call 757.464.9400

There are many temporary causes for hair loss, such as hormones, dietary changes or cancer. Many people rely on wigs or hairpieces until the chemotherapy or other treatment has ended, and their hair grows back. Our website showcases several options that we have in stock. You can purchase directly from the site, or pop by and check out your options in person. All human hair wigs or pieces, can be custom colored if desired. This picture features a stunning look with lots of dimension! 757.464.9400 for more info or simply comment below!

Set a reminder! Tomorrow we meditate from 6:30- 7ish. Please join us- cushions & water are provided. Event is free🍃
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Did you know we are the only shop in town to offer you a specially vented room for your #brazilianblowout treatment? When renovating Tousle we contracted a local ventilation specialist (whose family runs a salon in Maryland so he totally understood our concerns!) and custom designed our treatment room to filter out fumes and pump in fresh air. This is not only safer for you, but for those around you. Safety first, Glamour second 💫✨💋
Pic Featured is a before and after of a BrazilianBlowout. The curl is not removed, but smoothed so it dries faster, smoother and with less tangles and frizz.
#touslebydupres #dupressalon #virginiabeachhairstylist @ Tousle by Dupré's

Have you checked out our new website? You can view, learn more and purchase right from the site! We are adding new products daily. What would you like to be able to purchase on the website? Let us know and if it’s possible, we will do it 💫
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Do we offer tape in extensions?
𝓐𝓫𝓼𝓸𝓵𝓾𝓽𝓮𝓵𝔂 ✨✨✨
Stylist Rae added length & thickness in a quick appointment with tape in extensions by @hairdreamsusa
These are removed & replaced every few weeks and can be re-used once or twice depending on your care of them. They are quick, beautiful & of gorgeous quality human hair. Schedule a consult with Rae by calling 757.464.9400
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Do you need a moment of peace as much as we do? 😬Join us at 6:30 today for meditation and mindfulness. And together let’s turn 😬 into 🧘🏽
Free event🍃
Dm for details
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