The Beauty Tree Spa

The Beauty Tree Spa


Glen Sharp and Kelsi
Glen Sharp
The Beauty Tree Spa is a fun place for the teens to feel special.
Teen facials are fun, specialized for their skin type, and educational.
Huge shoutout to Cassie at The Beauty Tree Spa! I rarely get manicures because I like to keep my nails natural and had such failures with regular nail salons. I am so excited about my Razzle Dazzle manicure & pedicure! Ready to celebrate the holidays with "Forbidden Passion!" 😹
First I want to start with Janet and her team make you feel you are home away from home... even better Paradise! I suffer with chronic pain and have an anerysum on my brain.I was going to get a massage and Janet wanted to look it up as she wanted to make sure it was a good idea for me with my condition of Anyerysm and wanted to be safe .I appreciate that so much as after talking to my doctor not good .I appreciate how much she cared and wanted to be safe.Today I went in and tried this anit-fluid gel and tested on my wrists first because I have bad inflammation on right side.I get neck pain and horrible migraines on a daily bases due to the anerysm and arthritis.I said can I test it on my neck and head? She said sure.It has now been hours since I used it and no migraine or neck pain!!!! This is huge.If you suffer with spasms inflammation or migraines I can't express enough how much this soothes it and takes the pain away!!!! I can't thank The Beauty Tree Spa enough as I have been on so many medications and in bed for a long long time!!!!
Facial with Cassie yesterday! Sooo amazing! Sooo relaxing! My skin felt and looked rejuvenated! Recommend HIGHLY!
Funny the things you see when waiting in a doctors office...Janet, my toes need some TLC
Janet, you've created a healing place! It's a gorgeous environment with your beautiful and caring touch on everything! The Beauty Tree is a spa I will visit regularly. My skin feels and looks amazing! Love my new products too 💚 Brava!!!!
Are you open yet? Also, I bought a facial but the system gave me no you keep a record?
Happy to "like" your lovely site. Kindly do the same for me

Inspired by nature and all of its’ unique forms of beauty in all seasons, we built the spa to be a place of healing, natural physical and mental enrichment.

[05/23/20]   We Will Be Closed
Sunday & Monday
5/25 and 5/26
Happy Memorial Day!
Thank you to those who gave all so we may be free...

Want to bolster your immune system as beaches and public spaces reopen? We have Purely Elderberry Syrups and Tonic Herb Shop Elderberry Teas and Syrup Kits in stock! We are open regular hours. Stop in and get yours!

Tips and Toes Perfect For Summer & Everyone's FAVORITE Skin Tightening Treatment Now On Sale - We Are Back In The Business Of Helping To Keep Your Hands & Feet Naturally Beautiful, Super Healthy and READY FOR SUMMER!

We had a WONDERFUL first day back in biz! TY to our amazing clients and friends who made us feel loved, appreciated and MISSED!
We missed you too! You guys are truly the BEST! We are honored to be able to live and work in such a great community! 💚🌳💚✌🏻
Sherry Derkaoua
Cassie Shepard
Misty Renee
Kimberly Burford

We are bright, freshly sanitized and READY for you! Reopening regular hours tomorrow ~ 5/15! Can’t wait to see and serve you!

P.S. Our Natural Nail Department has been expanded and we welcome veteran Nail Specialist, Sherry Derkaoua to our amazing team of natural beauty pros! Sherry has decades of experience, is a wonderful person and joins us on Tuesdays & Thursdays!
Sherry Derkaoua
Cassie Shepard
Misty Renee
Kimberly Burford


Messy Nails and Stiff Muscles... - Summer 'Essentials' Are (hopefully!) Just Around The Corner...

Gift Bags Galore! - Edge To Edge Gift Bags Going Out Today...

Fully restocked with beautiful, delicious, USDA certified organic, affordable yet effective skin care! Open Th, F & Sat 1 pm to 4 pm for product and gift card sales!
All gift certificates 25% OFF until 4/30!
Call 757-226-9474 or stop in during our retail only hours!

Old Beach Farmers Market



*Start time 9am
*Drive Thru Only
*PreOrders Only
*Drive in through 19th and Cypress on the backside of Crocs 19th street Bistro
*No Bikes or walking through the market
* We will be there to guide you in safely
* If you cannot get in right away, please be patient and we will be there to advise you where you can wait to safely pull into our parking lot

If you have any questions please feel free to message us anytime! Lori

Today’s retail orders ready to go! Did you know we offer Curbside Pick Up OR Local Delivery OR Free Shipping?

We have beautiful products to keep you healthy and healthy products to keep you beautiful!
Call 757-226-9474
Text 757-803-3792
Or reach out on this forum!
Gift Certificates ~ 25% OFF all month long!

Healthy and Beautiful Is A Wonderful Combo! - We Have Beautiful Products To Keep You Healthy. We Have Healthy Products To Keep You Beautiful.

Immune-Boosting Teas & Syrups, Superior Skin Care and more... ~ -

Our wonderful ‘Chief Maintenance Officer’ taking good care of the spa front and Pacific Place Shoppes common areas - even though we are not fully open! So proud of him and our team of pros who are using this time to do maintenance, advance education and skills and to meditate & help heal our world!
Cassie Shepard
Miranda Johnson
Misty Renee
Lynn Hancock Gilbert
Kimberly Burford

TY to our clients who continue to support us through product and gift certificate purchases! You guys are the BEST!

PS... we have immune boosting Elderberry products here to help keep you well! Call for pickup or come TH, F or Sat from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Pacific Place Shoppes

Many of our shoppes and services are still open to serve you! Everyone is practicing recommended sanitization and social distancing, but we are here! Shop LOCAL for goods and services. Those that are on mandatory shut down still appreciate your online and/or retail business.
The bikini hut
Perked Up Coffee Cafe
The Doctor's In
French Twist Boutique
Beach Pharmacy
Atlantic Cleaners
Salon 3200
The Beauty Tree Spa

Now OPEN for retail and gift certificate purchases ONLY... no services at this time.
Thursday + Friday + Saturday
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Stocked with immune boosting Elderberry Syrups, Teas and Syrup Making Kits!
Plus Organic Skin & Body Care....

Stop In!!! Or call 757-226-9474 to arrange local delivery or shipping!

Buy Gift Certificates while here or visit

Timeline Photos

[04/01/20]   We are working on a wonderful plan to ensure we return fully ready to serve you!
Stand by...

Necessity truly is the mother of invention & creativity!

It is with great sadness that I announce that as of 11:59 p.m. this evening we must close our doors for 'at least one month'
per the mandate announced yesterday by Governor Northam.
(Executive Order 0053, 2020)

As you can imagine, this is devastating order for a small, boutique spa like ours and we are struggling to figure out how we can 'stay afloat' and still be here to serve you once this crisis has passed.

Unfortunately, due to our unique standing as being only 13 months in business with no means of verifying numbers and credibility (it's a bit more complicated than being shared on Facebook and other social medias) we are likely to not qualify for the SBA Crisis Loans that many in our industry will be able to access. While we are grateful for this program for our brothers and sisters in the industry, we are likely not in a position to take advantage of it.

At this time, we plan to hunker down and spend a lot of time praying that this ends quickly so we can get back to our mission of keeping our clients healthy & beautiful before our resources run dry.

To help us in this effort, we IMPLORE you to include us in your gift certificate and/or product purchases right away and throughout this crisis. ANY denomination of GC is welcome and gift certificates never expire... you can use them as soon as we re-open or at your convenience. If gift certificates aren't your thing, it's a great time to try our amazing skincare product line which is USDA certified organic, super effective and wonderfully affordable.

To create additional VALUE, all GC purchases are 15% off until the mandate expires. You can order online*, or call us 757-226-9474 voice
757-803-3792 text

I/we can't even begin to express how much we appreciate those of you able to make this purchase. YOU... our beloved clients are a huge part of the reason we do what we do and continue to love doing it!!!

* Online purchases will not automatically deduct the discount at this time. We are working on changing that. If you purchase a gift card online, please reduce the amount you desire by 15% and we will physically send out a GC showing the full amount. TY!

Compliance With Gov Northam's Mandate ~ -


For your protection, we are implementing EXTREME sanitization practices in all common areas and treatment rooms - steaming door handles, fawcets, countertops/surfaces, seating and more multiple times per day. PLUS we are wiping down contact areas after each engagement including the hospitality bar, reception/desk/check out, pens and clip boards and product shelves/products... if it can be reached by humans, its cleaner than it ever has been!

We will remain open to serve you and HELP YOU STAY HEALTHY until we are specifically mandated not to do so. Every service we offer is wellness based and helps to bolster good health. We are spacing clients out as requested, but we are HERE and can help!

Obviously if you are in the high risk category for transference or susseptability, then we recommend you isolate and protect. But if you are NOT in that category and want to engage in treatment that can support your health and well being, give us a call!

We are offering 15% discounts on several immune boosting services and ALL GIFT CERTIFICATES until 3/31/2020

HIFU for BODY Lifting & Tightening! ~ -

More WOW factor for those interested in HIFU - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound - for tightening, lifting, and smoothing skin AND reducing fat. This is an immediate Before (left) and After (right) of a local Hampton Roads client. Notice how much her skin texture and tone has changed already. She actually lost mass right away from the treatment and the way HIFU works is cumulative. The immediate results are more minimal. This same client had her tummy treated with HIFU a few weeks ago and can already SEE and feel the difference in that area as well. This treatment is revolutionary. We are one of just a handful off spas that offer this exact procedure. It's pain free, semi-permanent, safe and results driven! The national average for this treatment is well over $1500 per session. Here at The Beauty Tree Spa, it starts $750 for one, $1400 for two and $1800 for three. From now, until the end of March, you can buy the 3 pack for only $1650 and save another $50 per session! If you are self isolating, buy now and use it later! This face and body modifier is the latest and GREATEST! Call for more information 757-226-9474

[03/16/20]   ANNOUNCEMENT

We have read all recommendations and after much consideration and consultation, we have decided to remain OPEN regular hours until further notice.

We NEVER have in excess of 50 people in our spa. We are an appointment-based, locally owned & operated, small biz with the tools, resources and training for superior sanitization. We deep-cleaned the entire spa and will reopen regular hours tomorrow with every surface and product fully wiped & safe for handling. We will now treat ALL common areas with the same practice of full sanitization after each engagement just as we have always done in every treatment area.

We have already connected with other healers who are referring to us temporarily if they choose to suspend practice. In other words...
we are still here on the same mission we set on when we opened our doors - to support and bolster your body with safe, organic healing arts/therapies/products in an effort to help you live beautifully & age naturally!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out via FB/IG/Messenger/phone/email.


You are 100% SAFE with us! ~ -

Hand-crafted, locally made Purely Elderberry immune-boosting daily syrup is in stock! We have several but they do go fast so get in ASAP! Elderberry is proven (medically) to bolster the immune system. Our blend has the advantage of anti-oxidant rich organic blueberry as well! Help protect you and your family with a daily dose!

Just so you know... we use professional quality sanitization wipes and practices everyday here at The Beauty Tree Spa!
We also use a versatile and full bacteria killing steam cleaner for all floors and surfaces regularly.

We diffuse and 'rainmate' Immunity Boost essential oil, burn sage to kill airborn contaminates and wipe door handles and counter surfaces several times per day.

This is probably the safest space ever to spend some time during the pandemic event! If you are NOT immuno-compromised and not sick, COME SEE US! Specials are in motion. Call and discover how you can actually BOLSTER your health with our extensive menu of products and healing arts services. 🌳☺️✌️👊

Study: Elderberries Block Flu Virus From Attaching To and Entering Human Cells

We have 4 bottles 8 oz. handcrafted local Purely Elderberry Syrup in stock now and ready for you! 16 oz. bottles should be back in stock before the end of the week. Get them while we got them... 🌳🌳🌳✌️✌️✌️😄 New study explains how elderberries stop the flu virus dead in its tracks Scientists have identified a chemical compound in elderberries that immediately immobilizes the flu virus. Previous studies have already shown elderberry extract can ease flu symptoms and cut the duration of the illness in hal...


Check out these amazing B&As featuring the MLis Contour Body Wrap system! These wraps are our March feature...
Buy A Five Pack for only $550 (saving $15 per wrap or $75 on 5) PLUS you get a FREE bottle of MLis Cell U Rid to maximize your results!
Call 757-226-9474

♥️ We really don't need to say much when 40 years of successful body lovin' results speak for themselves.

Learn the body-smoothing science here:

Summer Bodies Are Made In Spring... ~ -

We have been RECOGNIZED! ~ -

yikes! we've certainly come a LONG way baby!

A woman having a skin peel to remove freckles, Budapest, Hungary, 1937

Can HIFU Benefit YOU & Your Skin? ~ -

This Is Us…

Inspired by nature and all of its’ unique forms of beauty in all seasons, we built The Beauty Tree to be a place of healing and natural physical and mental enrichment.

Our belief is that every human has the means to live beautifully and age responsibly. The human body is an intricate work of design and art that when properly nourished–thru natural, organic products and therapies, can not only function at every age and stage, but can thrive and radiate true BEAUTY. With each service and product we offer, we strive to help our clients access the natural light that is uniquely theirs. By custom designing a combination of home regimen, routine professional maintenance and special ritual practices, we tailor a wellness program that is equally instinctive, purposeful and responsible.

Our mission is always to help you thrive daily and rock your natural beauty by providing premium, organic beauty and health solutions that encourage long term, inner & outer well-being, soothe the mind, balance the spirit and yet respect the environment and world in which we flourish.

From therapeutic massage to organic skincare to natural nail care and more, every modality offered at The Beauty Tree utilizes the natural botanicals, herbs, flowers, minerals, waters and elements that originate from nature itself. Our programs and services help clients harness our human, fundamental connection to Mother Earth and all her bounty.

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3198 Pacific Ave, Suite 126
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Tuesday 10:00 - 19:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 19:00
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