Reveal Your Style with Chrystal Petit - Hair Stylist

Bringing Out Beauty, Transforming Colors, Revitalizing Your Soul. An experience you deserve! I graduated from Rudy and Kelly Academy on March 29th 2013.

I worked at Ulta Beauty for a year, now I work at Blowout Salon. It's a full service salon. Please check out my work on this page! Please don't hesitate to contact me, or Blowout Salon in Hilltop off Laskin Road to schedule an appointment with me, if you like what you see here! I can guarantee that you will be pleased with my work should you schedule something be it a simple haircut, highlight or low-light, or full color. Thanks so much, I look forward to doing your hair!

Operating as usual 03/03/2021

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Before and after.
Did a lowlight to add dimension and brought up some of the blonde pieces. Turned out great!
Fringe Salon


❄️She wanted a icy blonde balayage. 8 hours later, icy blonde! ❄️
Fringe Salon


Did a fun color on this amazing client!
🔵 Blue roots faded to purple! 🟣
Fringe Salon


I have appointments available tomorrow and Friday! Call the salon to make an appointment, message me or you can book online! Hope to see you soon!


Why is drug store shampoo so bad for your hair? The packaging & smell of some of them is so pretty so why does your stylist cringe when you tell her you use Organix? Let’s break down some of the ingredients of some of the most common drugstore shampoos.
◾️SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE: a cheap cleansing agent also found in harsh detergents, like engine cleaner. In many shampoos SLS is the base ingredient. If it can dissolve engine grease, you can bet it dissolves the natural oils of your skin creating dryness & irritation. The average person sheds over 100 hairs a day. During shedding the open hair follicles are vulnerable to SLS damage by drying & irritating them. Unfortunately once hair follicles die, they can’t come back. ◾️SILICONES: you probably swear by your Pantene or tresseme because it’s so shiny!.. but it’s the plastic. Silicones are plastics that fill in your hair’s porosity. It locks out water & even air. It gives the hair the appearance of a smooth shiny surface and that slippery-when-wet feel. Over time the silicone builds up on the hair- making it heavy, lifeless & dull. Remember it locks out moisture, so the hair becomes dried out and becomes a sponge to dirt. You get very shiny hair for a couple of days, but over time not letting in conditioners will just have them sit on the surface and your hair will be one weak and brittle.
◾️SODIUM CHLORIDE: aka... table salt! Great on a baked potato, not so much your hair. This is used as a thickener in shampoos but can cause a dry and itchy scalp by stripping your scalp of its natural moisture.
◾️POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL or PEG: another thickening agent in shampoos that strips hair
◾️MINERAL OIL: engine oil’s cousin! So you probably don’t want that on your hair. Your products claim to have argan or macadamia oil in them but at the bottom of the ingredient list they usually have less than 5 percent and use mineral oil as a cheap filler.
◾️ PARABENS: prolong shelf life of products. They’re known for their toxic nature. Not only do they irritate the scalp but can cause hormonal imbalance which can lead to hair loss.
Fringe Salon


***Important message***

📢 I'm booked for the rest of the month. I don't have appointments available until after the new years.📢

Please call the salon to book your appointment for the month of January before it's to late. My books fill up really fast!!

Fringe Salon


Fringe Salon


Fringe Salon


Fringe Salon

Treating some of the team to some pampering for all of their hard work. Thank you for all that you do. Could not get everyone, you know social distance and all. ❤️


Jennie Walp Hairstylist

As the holiday season begins, please consider donating to help ladies in our community receive a wig! A lot of our typical annual fundraisers have been halted by COVID and we have a waiting list of beautiful women who would love to have a wig!
Wigs and Wishes partners with us provide women who are battling cancer with wigs as no cost to them.
If you know of a Buisness who would like to sign up to Adopt-A-Wig please tag them below! We will shout them out on all of our salons social media platforms and they will receive a certificate for their philanthropy!
Please help us spread the Holiday Cheer this season!


Got a nice surprise in the mail last week. My certification for Dream Catchers hair extensions came in framed and all. I wasn't expecting to get one, nice surprise. ☺️
Fringe Salon


Added some lavender highlights to this beautiful young ladies hair. It's her first time getting a fun color in her hair! She loved it and was so happy! Fringe Salon
*They look pink due to the warm lighting but in natural light they look lavender*


It’s my favorite time of year. 🤤🥧🥮
Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone! ❤️
Fringe Salon


Before and after.

Going natural and letting the grey's show is the new trend.

I lightened where the previous color was and didn't touch her regrowth to make it seemless!

No more frumpy hair for this beautiful lady. 🙂 11/11/2020

Hair Goes Nothing! A Fringe Salon podcast w/ Adrinne Grieco We chat everything hair-related with one of the best stylists around


Before and after:
I did a Brazilian Blowout on this cutie. She absolutely loves it!


Before, during, and after.
She was doing a Halloween photoshoot and they wanted her to have bubblegum pink hair. So they got bubblegum pink hair.
It turned out so beautiful.
Will post the pictures from the photoshoot once I get them. 🙂


Before and after.
Lightened the leftover black that was on her ends and toned her with a rose gold color. 🙂


Before and after. She wanted half her hair a red violet color.

Turned out beautiful!


Whelp my blow dryer went out the other day! Sparks and all. 😞 It was on it's last leg so I knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

So I had to get a new one. Excited to try my new blow dryer and flat iron. 🙂

Goodbye Paul Mitchell blow dryer and flat iron! Hello Parlux!


Let's be real... it's the self-care version of "are we there yet?"

I hear it from stylists just as much as I hear it from clients.

Foils in (or almost in), kicked back & relaxing, then you get a buzz.

"Where are you? How much longer? You STILL have foils in your hair? How is it taking THIS long?"

& sometimes, we're not even at the half way mark!

The sooner we normalize that what the majority of us want on our heads is legitimate ART, the sooner so's (and even ourselves) will understand it may need to be a day spent away.

Seriously. Timing needs to be talked about more because we are no longer just foiling & going. There is blending, multi dimensional toning, root melting, treatments, cuts, styles and of course, the much needed photoshoot. To put it in other words for the misunderstood so's, we don't "just do hair." We're artists & there's no time limit on that.

Expectations for results have changed (majorly), so timing expectations need to mirror that.


Before and after- her goal was to go a lavender color. Took about 3-4 sessions to get the red out of her hair. Slow and steady is the key.
She looked beautiful! She loved her hair. 💜


Checked off another certification off my list for my career!
I'm certified in Dream Catchers hair extensions!!
I've been wanting to get certified for along time now. It feels good to achieve my goal.
So if you are interested in hair extensions, I can do them now!!!
Just message me or call the salon to make an appointment. 10/02/2020

Attorney general cracks down on Monat hair care claims in wake of 13 Investigation A trendy shampoo making all sorts of promises has proven to be a real head-scratcher for both consumers and state investigators. Monat is mostly sold person-to-person through multi-level marketing. Now, Monat is once again under the microscope… signing a compliance agreement and issuing refunds.

[09/09/20]   2 years ago today, I started working at Fringe Salon and it also marks 2 years of Redmill being open.
I've grown so much as a stylist and accomplished so much. I got employee of the month only working at Fringe for 6 months, I got a higher commission % in 1 year, and got promoted to team lead 2 months ago, etc. It feels good to be appreciated for my hard work. I take my job very serious. I want no weakness. I want to be able to do any client's hair that sits in my chair.
I'm working on getting certified in Dream Catchers hair extensions. It's something I've been wanting to do and couldn't do without being certified. So I'm excited.
Lots of exciting things are in the works. I'm also working on being master stylist!


I had two color appointments reschedule so I have openings today 11-4.
Call the salon, 757-563-8200, or message me to book an appointment.
Looking forward to seeing you!


Finally got the Babyliss trimmers I've wanted for so long. They match my Babyliss clippers. I'm so excited. I love them so much.
Having good tools is very important. It's worth the investment.

Fringe Salon 07/16/2020

Fringe Salon

[07/16/20]   From red to a golden blonde! I'm in love with this color!


J Beverly Hills

Good hair care is a form of self-care. J Beverly Hills Blue products are:⁠

✔️safe for all hair types⁠⠀⁠⠀⁠
✔️environmentally friendly⁠⠀⁠⠀⁠
✔️botanically infused⁠⠀⁠⠀⁠
✔️made in the USA⁠⠀

[06/11/20]   Before and after.

Added a few highlights and did a big chop.
She loved it.

My Passion

I have been a hair stylist for five plus years in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. You can view examples of my skill in the craft by going to my Gallery page. I feel my work will speak for itself in regards to my professionalism and talent, however, on this page in particular, I want to tell you about why I love doing what I do!

I named my personal site Reveal Your Style for a very important reason and that is because it is in many ways how I view what I do and what makes me so passionate about hair! Let me explain. Clients sit in my chair when they want the best version of themselves to appear. Whether male, or female, whether preparing for a job interview, a new date, or just needing a fresh version of themselves to appear to the world, what they all have in common is they are seeking this best version of themselves.

It is my job to use my ears to listen to what they want to achieve, my professional tools to craft that look, and finally my discerning eye to know how to best use those tools to reveal that new style to the world!

And this is precisely what I love about my vocation! Having the power to take the version of you that first sits in my chair and shortly, thereafter, to reveal to you a style that you will find is the BEST version of YOU! The version of "YOU" that shines the brightest and makes you the most confident!

​I adore revealing my clients new style to them upon completing my work! Seeing the happiness on a clients face is a true gift! Giving that person who came in to prepare for their interview the confidence they need is truly rewarding! Seeing that mischievous look on my clients face as they go on to that date with joy in their heart, rather than apprehension and nervousness reminds me of the great love in my life and it makes me smile. And finally in seeing just that quiet joy in someone's face as they simply rediscover their own inner beauty, by feeling handsome, or beautiful makes me feel at peace with the world and what I bring to it.

These transformations go beyond just the physical and empower my clients, and myself, to bring out our best inner traits and present ourselves to the world with confidence and joy. I take great pride in knowing I contributed to this process of revealing their beauty to all they meet. There truly is no better feeling in the world for me and I truly appreciate my clients for allowing me to do this for them and for their being a part of my life.

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