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Bringing Out Beauty, Transforming Colors, Revitalizing Your Soul. An experience you deserve! I graduated from Rudy and Kelly Academy on March 29th 2013.

I worked at Ulta Beauty for a year, now I work at Blowout Salon. It's a full service salon. Please check out my work on this page! Please don't hesitate to contact me, or Blowout Salon in Hilltop off Laskin Road to schedule an appointment with me, if you like what you see here! I can guarantee that you will be pleased with my work should you schedule something be it a simple haircut, highlight or low-light, or full color. Thanks so much, I look forward to doing your hair!

Operating as usual


8 hours later!
6 different colors!
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Photos from Reveal Your Style with Chrystal Petit - Hair Stylist's post 05/28/2021

Before and after

Had some fun with this color. Took 8 hours but it was so worth it. It turned out beautiful!
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Photos from Reveal Your Style with Chrystal Petit - Hair Stylist's post 05/24/2021

She wanted long, thick hair so I did tape-in extensions.
She was very happy!
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Happy Friday Everyone! 😂

Happy Friday Everyone! 😂

Photos from Reveal Your Style with Chrystal Petit - Hair Stylist's post 05/20/2021

In case you were all wondering about hair extensions.

I hear this on a weekly basis " Don't Hair Extensions Make you Lose Hair?"

Fun fact: The average human sheds 100 strands of hair a day.

If you're seeing your stylist comb out hair during removal or re-install don't panic! (Unless it's hurting; which it shouldn't be) Typically we are combing out that months shedding from the hair extension bonds.

I'd like to break down the most common reasons why people experience hair loss after having hair extensions.

1. Irritation from adhesive methods. If your hair extensions are itchy and irritating it might be time to try a different method. This can cause a condition called Traction Alopecia.

2. Not showing up on time for maintenence. We tell you 6-8 weeks for a reason!! If you are weeks past your move-up you're most likely developing dreading and tangling around the area of your regrowth.

3. Removing hair extensions at home. Please do not remove your extensions at home. Tape in hair and keratin fusion especially need to be removed with a special solution and the bond must be broken in a very specific way.

4. Aggressive brushing. Start brushing your hair from the ends up, pull the extensions away from your scalp and brush as close to the bond as possible- not on top of it. USE A BRUSH NOT A COMB.

5. Tying up your hair if your hair extensions were installed to be worn down. This can create tension on your scalp- if you wear your hair up please tell your stylist so you can determine what the best installation method would be for your lifestyle.


There are different hair extensions for different hair types. A cosmetology license is not a replacement for hair extension certification. We spend hundreds of dollars and invest many hours on specific training centered around hair types, hair sourcing, installation techniques and removal techniques. All of these techniques must be followed to preserve the integrity of your natural hair.

Please take care of your extensions!

***Not my pictures shown below***

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Photos from Reveal Your Style with Chrystal Petit - Hair Stylist's post 05/10/2021

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Photos from Reveal Your Style with Chrystal Petit - Hair Stylist's post 05/10/2021

Did a color retouch and tape-in hair extensions on this wonderful client. I'm very happy with how it came out. The color and blend was spot on.

She said to me "This came out way better then I expected, it looks like my real hair. You can't tell I have extensions".

Best feeling ever.
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Photos from Reveal Your Style with Chrystal Petit - Hair Stylist's post 05/05/2021

Before and after.
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Best of: Virginia Beach - Virginia Media 05/04/2021

Best of: Virginia Beach - Virginia Media

Best of: Virginia Beach - Virginia Media 2021 Best of VIRGINIA BEACH

Timeline Photos 04/22/2021

Timeline Photos

Happy Earth Day! 🌎

Here's how we're taking the initiative to protect the planet:
🌿 responsibly sourced ingredients ⁠
♻️ recyclable bottles and packaging (except for pumps)
🐶 cruelty-free ⁠
🇺🇸 made in the US ⁠

Join us in recycling your bottles and packaging and making eco-friendly choices!


Most people think hairdressers suggest good shampoo to make extra money off their clients. However, THIS is proof how bad build up can get on the hair!

I was lightening a woman’s hair yesterday and noticed how resistant it was to lighten, and this I realized why. What u see at the bottom of this processing cap is buildup literally melting off the hair! The ingredients in certain shampoos are basically coating your hair with plastic. It may feel “silky smooth” at first, but after a while you get so much buildup your hair dies from the inside out, because it can’t get any moisture through the layer of coating.

Makes you think twice before grabbing that Pantene off the shelf next time 😉

Side note: everyone wondering what’s a good shampoo; your main focus is to look for products without silicone, sulfates, or parabens.

Best of: Chesapeake - Virginia Media 03/03/2021

Best of: Chesapeake - Virginia Media

Take a second to nominate us 🙂 For best Hair Salon
If your feeling generous, nominate us for both cities! 💯❤️🥂
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Chesapeake Location

Best of: Chesapeake - Virginia Media 2021 Best of CHESAPEAKE

Photos from Reveal Your Style with Chrystal Petit - Hair Stylist's post 03/02/2021

Before and after.
Did a lowlight to add dimension and brought up some of the blonde pieces. Turned out great!
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Photos from Reveal Your Style with Chrystal Petit - Hair Stylist's post 03/02/2021

❄️She wanted a icy blonde balayage. 8 hours later, icy blonde! ❄️
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Photos from Reveal Your Style with Chrystal Petit - Hair Stylist's post 03/02/2021

Did a fun color on this amazing client!
🔵 Blue roots faded to purple! 🟣
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I have appointments available tomorrow and Friday! Call the salon to make an appointment, message me or you can book online! Hope to see you soon!

I have appointments available tomorrow and Friday! Call the salon to make an appointment, message me or you can book online! Hope to see you soon!


Why is drug store shampoo so bad for your hair? The packaging & smell of some of them is so pretty so why does your stylist cringe when you tell her you use Organix? Let’s break down some of the ingredients of some of the most common drugstore shampoos.
◾️SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE: a cheap cleansing agent also found in harsh detergents, like engine cleaner. In many shampoos SLS is the base ingredient. If it can dissolve engine grease, you can bet it dissolves the natural oils of your skin creating dryness & irritation. The average person sheds over 100 hairs a day. During shedding the open hair follicles are vulnerable to SLS damage by drying & irritating them. Unfortunately once hair follicles die, they can’t come back. ◾️SILICONES: you probably swear by your Pantene or tresseme because it’s so shiny!.. but it’s the plastic. Silicones are plastics that fill in your hair’s porosity. It locks out water & even air. It gives the hair the appearance of a smooth shiny surface and that slippery-when-wet feel. Over time the silicone builds up on the hair- making it heavy, lifeless & dull. Remember it locks out moisture, so the hair becomes dried out and becomes a sponge to dirt. You get very shiny hair for a couple of days, but over time not letting in conditioners will just have them sit on the surface and your hair will be one weak and brittle.
◾️SODIUM CHLORIDE: aka... table salt! Great on a baked potato, not so much your hair. This is used as a thickener in shampoos but can cause a dry and itchy scalp by stripping your scalp of its natural moisture.
◾️POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL or PEG: another thickening agent in shampoos that strips hair
◾️MINERAL OIL: engine oil’s cousin! So you probably don’t want that on your hair. Your products claim to have argan or macadamia oil in them but at the bottom of the ingredient list they usually have less than 5 percent and use mineral oil as a cheap filler.
◾️ PARABENS: prolong shelf life of products. They’re known for their toxic nature. Not only do they irritate the scalp but can cause hormonal imbalance which can lead to hair loss.
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***Important message***

📢 I'm booked for the rest of the month. I don't have appointments available until after the new years.📢

Please call the salon to book your appointment for the month of January before it's to late. My books fill up really fast!!

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Fringe Salon


Fringe Salon

Treating some of the team to some pampering for all of their hard work. Thank you for all that you do. Could not get everyone, you know social distance and all. ❤️


Jennie Walp Hairstylist

As the holiday season begins, please consider donating to help ladies in our community receive a wig! A lot of our typical annual fundraisers have been halted by COVID and we have a waiting list of beautiful women who would love to have a wig!
Wigs and Wishes partners with us provide women who are battling cancer with wigs as no cost to them.
If you know of a Buisness who would like to sign up to Adopt-A-Wig please tag them below! We will shout them out on all of our salons social media platforms and they will receive a certificate for their philanthropy!
Please help us spread the Holiday Cheer this season!


Got a nice surprise in the mail last week. My certification for Dream Catchers hair extensions came in framed and all. I wasn't expecting to get one, nice surprise. ☺️
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Added some lavender highlights to this beautiful young ladies hair. It's her first time getting a fun color in her hair! She loved it and was so happy! Fringe Salon
*They look pink due to the warm lighting but in natural light they look lavender*


It’s my favorite time of year. 🤤🥧🥮
Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone! ❤️
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Before and after.

Going natural and letting the grey's show is the new trend.

I lightened where the previous color was and didn't touch her regrowth to make it seemless!

No more frumpy hair for this beautiful lady. 🙂 11/11/2020

Hair Goes Nothing! A Fringe Salon podcast w/ Adrinne Grieco We chat everything hair-related with one of the best stylists around


Before and after:
I did a Brazilian Blowout on this cutie. She absolutely loves it!


Before, during, and after.
She was doing a Halloween photoshoot and they wanted her to have bubblegum pink hair. So they got bubblegum pink hair.
It turned out so beautiful.
Will post the pictures from the photoshoot once I get them. 🙂


Before and after.
Lightened the leftover black that was on her ends and toned her with a rose gold color. 🙂


Before and after. She wanted half her hair a red violet color.

Turned out beautiful!


Whelp my blow dryer went out the other day! Sparks and all. 😞 It was on it's last leg so I knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

So I had to get a new one. Excited to try my new blow dryer and flat iron. 🙂

Goodbye Paul Mitchell blow dryer and flat iron! Hello Parlux!


Let's be real... it's the self-care version of "are we there yet?"

I hear it from stylists just as much as I hear it from clients.

Foils in (or almost in), kicked back & relaxing, then you get a buzz.

"Where are you? How much longer? You STILL have foils in your hair? How is it taking THIS long?"

& sometimes, we're not even at the half way mark!

The sooner we normalize that what the majority of us want on our heads is legitimate ART, the sooner so's (and even ourselves) will understand it may need to be a day spent away.

Seriously. Timing needs to be talked about more because we are no longer just foiling & going. There is blending, multi dimensional toning, root melting, treatments, cuts, styles and of course, the much needed photoshoot. To put it in other words for the misunderstood so's, we don't "just do hair." We're artists & there's no time limit on that.

Expectations for results have changed (majorly), so timing expectations need to mirror that.


Before and after- her goal was to go a lavender color. Took about 3-4 sessions to get the red out of her hair. Slow and steady is the key.
She looked beautiful! She loved her hair. 💜

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🐝Had a color reschedule so I have openings today. Also have openings tomorrow 10-4. 🐞Call now to make an appointment wit...
🎄Our Christmas Tree at the salon!
Big chop today! Cut 10" off! She's donating her hair to Wigs and Wishes. Happy she trusted me to do it for her. ♥️




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