ADI By Nicole J

ADI By Nicole J


I can't wait to see you and have my hair done so I can feel and look as beautiful as always.
Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole for a new client consult. I must say, she is very knowledgeable in her craft! I learned more today within an hour that I have learned in all of the years that I have had locs. I feel that I have finally found a stylist that will take care of my hair. I'm looking forward to my next appointment. See you soon!
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Visit me on Instagram too @adibynicolej Welcome to my Healthy Hair Lab! Deposits & Appts Only


I've been thinking of hiring a braider that I can mentor. Not on skill set per se but about this business stuff...I really love pouring into ppl. My loc mentee is Lit rn and I love that for her 🙌🏽


Your favorite Loc Care Specialist has another feature! Just dropped today! Check me out on The Stylistpreneur Podcast 🌬💜✨️🧪




. Before going into my suite then eventually my storefront I was at where everyday was a teaching day for me. I literally taught daily, braids, scheduling, effective communications, twists, parting, locs, scalp care, product knowledge, sew-ins, crochet, boundary setting, creating savings, maintaining the tone in the chair, customer service, detoxing, register etiquette, firing clients, calming an irrational one, client psychology, retail, shampoo services, detangling and so much more!

I'm so thankful to have been able to Co-pilot Fawnne. She trusted me to create a teaching and learning arena in her space bc thats where my heart was and still is.

I give so much Gratitude to each stylist that I was able to work with and every student from the workshops we had.

Going into this season of business as I prepare for the stylists looking to transition into Locticians, I'm here to affirm that you have no worries. I meet you where you are and build from there. I'm honored that the Most High gave me the gift of being able to Actually teach anyone anything that I have mastered.

My goals are getting bigger and I'm going after each of them, I hope you are too.

If you are interested in learning with me, head to the link in the bio to fill out the interest form.

I look forward to working with you.



Hey Techs. Dec is about half way done. I just wrapped up a meeting with my accountant and tbh, I wanna cry. I'm not the front for social media type. This ish is HARD!!! But I gotta keep going.

If you don't have a team behind you that will help business make sense behind the scenes, please do.

These ppl will be important for this and your next level of business esp if you are looking to ever expand. THE NUMBERS. The numbers are the most important part of your business. Idc how well you part, braid, twist, retwist, sew etc

🧪Accountant /Bookkeeper
🧪Financial Advisor
🧪Business Lawyer
🧪Marketing Manager

Now I'm not going to lie and say I have a marketing manager but once I get things the way I need to in order to recover from the expansion, that's next on the books.

This year has been tough but I look forward to building & creating safe spaces to continue to grow within and for my community.


Hey Techs! Today's lesson...and every lesson is business and personal.
Stop letting ppl play in your face.

You don't have to wait until the new year to detox your life and business.

Set your expectations, LEAD by example, stand firm in your boundaries and Observe.

This goes for anyone. I just decided to pick on men bc I love them so much but they play all day. You will not be able to make everyone happy but there's no reason for you to be Unhappy.

Build a stress free brand and business. It's one of the keys to success.

Photos from ADI By Nicole J's post 12/07/2022

12/7 Allow me to introduce you to Antonia D. Jernigan, my sister. 💜 Inspiration of A.D.I.

There's an intentional "A" in A Distinct Image bc her name starts with "A". A is also singular, There's not A soul on earth like my sister. There's also not A business on earth like A.D I.

My accent and prominent color is Purple.
Purple is also the color of the Lupus Ribbon
Purple is also a color of Prominence, Royalty and Dignity which is what I instill into my business daily.

The Salon Lab is Science Lab themed because that is the subject that both my sister and I both enjoy...a Lot.
The molecules that drape the walls in the lab tell a story. It ends with Oxytocin, the Love molecule. This is my favorite bc I love and miss my sister so much!

My certs drape my walls bc she inspired me to Learn unapologetically. She did NOT play about her education. She encouraged me not to either. I promised her that I would finish college with honors simply bc she did, LIKE A G!

She's a warrior, she's an anchor, she's SO smart, she inspires me so much! She is a Masterclass of Endurance, Persistence, High Quality and Confidence. She is my business model.

And eventhough she took her last breath on this day 8 yrs ago, she's still very much so alive through me and A Distinct Image.



Please remember that when you tell someone that they are "too expensive" you are doing 2 things.
1. Blatantly telling a person that they are not worth their value
2. You haven't learned to express your words so that they don't project and reflect .

🧪I'm not willing to invest in my hair/self.
🧪I cannot afford....
🧪My budget isn't able to accommodate your value.

Make it personal to you, not the service provider. ✨️


I need loose natural hair content so I created, the Right Quick Appts. They will consist of the ability to schedule a shampoo, 1 treament and a twist out, flat Twist set or Lump Twist for one flat rate of only $60

Keep in mind that I have Nothing on my price list under $150 so there are absolutely No negotiations & I require consults for Everything. This situation is extremely affordable And no consult is required nor will they be performed.

I need a lot of content to sift through so scheduling an appt is giving your consent to to have pics and videos taken of your hair. (no faces)

You're literally coming to get your hair done "Right Quick" so that I can build content, I just can't do it for free.

It's a WinWin.

After my current clients schedule for the week, I will offer this until I feel like I have enough content.

If interested pls use the link below, after today please contact 757-563-3316


Hey Techs!! What are yall going to do with meeeeeeee!?

I've been screaming I want to be an herbalist for yearsssss. Been begging stylist to teach me, paying for consults that ended up with Nothing as a result. I was just trying to get a head start before I jumped all in...smh

I remember having a conversation with about 6 years ago... I was like Fee I want to do what u do, how can I, can u help me? She told me in her calm and caring voice, "Nikki u don't need me. It's already In You"

At the time I didn't know how to take it but after the things I've experienced in these last 3 years, I'm Having My Way! I understand now Fee! 💜💪🏾

I ain making any noise yet with these certs but I didn't get them for no reason.

I'm a Forever Student, that's my super power!

Yall like my first "TikTok" ? 😆


Morning Techs! I just want to share with you that you HAVE to do your best on everyone you touch.

Showcase all of your clients. Show their growth. Show their scalp's progression.

Keep your audience updated so that we can see your consistency.


I don't post many styles but I do them all the time. For her style, I channeled my baby . Comment 💜🔒 if you want to see it.

P.s. My Jr.Gem loved it sooooo much! Her smiled almost made me cryyyy! Ty for being inspiring Jas 💜🧪



Hey Techs! Serious Question...

What song plays in your mind or out loud when you give your clients Amazing feedback after giving them their at home regimen that they followed to a T so they can start their locs?!

I gotta know bc for ME, I def turn into and the Goddes Code is rockin LOUD!!


*before pics for personal journey)

*This is just a coil set not her starter locs

If ure in the Lab with me often enough, you have heard her and this song a million times lol

Lizzy Jeff - Goddess Code



The Lab is ready for your Gratitude Moments: Beginners Yoga with our instructor

You rip and run all day, everyday. Take 60 mins to yourself as we turn the ADI Salon Lab into an oasis away from home and work.

Prepare for comfortable vibes, warm tea, aroma therapy and an amazing playlist as you stretch your challenges away a layer at a time.

Every Tuesday in the month of October 7p-8p we will meet on the mat to give ourselves Moments of Gratitude and hold space for what we Have accomplished.

We hope to see you on the mat.
Tickets are in the bio. Namasté


is a beginner's yoga class intended to share space with an amazing instructor and others giving Gratitude for themselves.

Deets: Every Tuesday, 7p-8p in Va Beach

Complimentary Tea & great vibes will be served.

You will need a mat and a towel to participate.

Head up to the link in my bio to get your tickets.

We look forward to meeting you on the mat 💜🧘🏽‍♀️

The A.D.I. Salon Lab is a Leaning and Teaching safe space for Anyone who's Soul-Mission is Wellness. If you are interested in hosting a class in your field, please email me via the contact tab above.

Jumbo - Plant Based


Morning Techs! This is the style our Gem was getting.

The wedding party she was in wore a low side ponytail with a deep side part and she wasn't sure of she would be able to get anything similar bc of the length and fullness of the desired look.

I assured her that I would get her right, explained how and got her right on together. She felt & looked amazing

Sizzle Kalonji -Get to the point



Hey Techs!

I know, I Know, theses are rhe Loc Classes you have been waiting for BUT they are coming. Pre Requisite Classes are first though.

My background of being a Master Braider, Natural Hair Salon Manager and Natural Hair Educator is calling me back to the forefront.

is coming and I want to be able to participate. Everyone could use some extra coins!

I have put together a Mean line up up of classes that will help you do the following:

🧪 Allow you to create another stream of income

🧪 Adds another service to your service list

🧪 Receive knowledge that you will never forget bc when I teach, I TEACH!

🧪 Allows you to get an Immediate ROI

And so much More!

These classes are intimate in size but can be reoccurring if the demand is there.

These Classes can be purchased individually or as a package and is open to anyone who can hold a comb, take directions and reach a chair and or shampoo bowl.

If these classes will help you, a Braider, Salon assistant Loctician you know or anyone aspiring to be either, Let Them Know classes are here.!

Vet or amateur, Stylist or not, young or seasoned.

Tickets are available Now!

Please Note:

A Distinct Image Salon Lab is a Salon And freelance teaching and learning safe space for Anyone who has a Teachable service that aligns with our Soul-Mission of Wellness. Please feel free to pass this information along to anyone you know who may want to teach classes, hold pop up shops, nonprofit drives etc and are looking for a space to do it. Email [email protected] to inquire.


I'm bringing my yoga instructor to the A.D.I. Lab for my clients & community every Tues evening in October. I've been wanting to incorporate more lifestyle into my brand/community and I'm starting with 💜

Photos from ADI By Nicole J's post 08/22/2022

Up like me? Save this post and head to the link below to listen to the interview I had with podcast.

We got to dive into my life as a stylist from a psychological pov..Check Yourself: Its You & Not your Clientele
I might step on some toes with this one!

Take a listen and let me know what you would like to add to the conversation 🙏🏽


My new ig handle is be sure to follow me there as well


Dope mom, 1st
Community Supporter, 2nd
Healthy Loc Preceptor, 3rd

Loctician Of The Year, Nicole Jernigan.

Thank you so much for seeing and Affirming me Mo 💜✨️


I've been building forever but the most important things I feel like I learned how to build in business are teams of reliable people to partner with.

I'm VERY particular about everything but once it's done correctly, I'm happy and on to the next.

Yall this salon had me rethinking everything in the beginning but working with dope ppl made it so worth the journey.

When building your team consider these things:

🧪 Have a plan, something, anything for them to work with. Contractors charge (as they should) for designing/creating YOUR vision.

🧪Communicate clearly. Write them down first if you need to. Words of uncertainty lead to a LOT of double work mentally, physically and def financially.

🧪 Choose Learners. Contractors who are open to considering Your way and not just One way.

🧪Check in on your team but don't be aggy. If you have to be aggy, you chose the wrong people.

🧪Be polite. Contractors are humans just like we are. Just bc you, the bank or whoever is paying them doesn't warrant rude and entitled behavior. It won't get things done faster and they also won't and don't have to work with you again.

Let me know if these things to consider helped/ will help you out.

Song : We Made It by H.E.R.


In my season of the New I Do....I said YES to the New AdDress 💜✨️

I do not own the rights to this music.


Music by NBA YoungBoy Wusyaname


Techs!!!! This was my first attempt at an Aurora Borealis!!! I cried in the car!! I'm still perfecting the color part of my craft but BAYBE!!!!! IT KICKED MY TAIL, but I Did THAT!!

BASICALLY, everyone was correct lol

Music : All The Way Up by Fat Joe


Happy Monday Techs! Remember that Appearance is customizable.

One client may want their locs to look like this, another to look like that, one may want them as close to perfection as possible, another may feel that the "imperfections " give character.

It's YOUR responsibility to be able to educate your clients on the possibilities of each choice so that they know what to expect and proceed.

Your armor is in your education.

Music - Labrinth - Still don't know my name


Evolution is inevitable.
Always in All Ways

May your intention and integrity behind your chair bring you and your clients the growth and health that you desire.

Happy Sunday Techs!

Music: Talking to the moon by Jnr Choi & Sam Tompkins


Listen Up Techs! It's ME for me, never the chatter.
I've changed , yep for the betterment of Me.
Mentally, Physically, Spiritually.

Ppl are going to talk about you, criticize you, your work, your business structure,
your hours to.

The sauce: Take another class, meditation, prayer, LEVEL UP! Give them another reason to keep showing up to your "that's her" platform. Show your imperfections. Let them see you building, so maybe they will find something to build.


Your Healthy Loc Preceptor loves you!


Hey Techs! Real quick, what do you call this? (The two areas that I'm pointing to)

This is a safe space for learning, no answer is incorrect.

I realize that based on your knowledge and region, locticians identify certain terms differently, so I'm interested in learning your lingo.

Music by Nicki Minaj & Lil Baby - Do We Have a Problem


Quick Loc Style : Barrel Twist/Roll

This style can be

* Dressed up and down
* easy to wrap
* easy to access scalp when itching without compromising it

Music : JustA Cloud Away - Pharrell Williams


She got haaair, lol
Fr, a tip to dry ends under the dryer is to put your clients locs in a ponytail leaving spaces at the scalp and in the ponytail to allow for actual air circulation. Without thee spaces, the dryer would dry the perimeter evenly and you risk the middle not being g as evenly dry.

Let me know if you think this tip will help you.

SAVE- To keep it to yourself
TAG & SHARE in your story if you want to share the wealth

Yall a lil stingy, we will see how this goes lol


Truth is, I drop about 5-8 clips when I'm doing the take down.

How many do you drop?

This is a safe space, it's ok. You won't be judged

Music by Raiianandwhitney


Diamonds parts are a challenge for me

I love the way they look though!

Would you get with your ?

Music By Shirley Bassey - Diamonds are Forever


Business Tip Post! I ain post a "Pretty Pic" bc business ain always pretty.

Listen Up Techs!

Truth is Onboarding New Clients is draining and fulfilling at the same time. When I do it, it takes me a while to recharge. So I Only do it when I have the mental and physical capacity to receive Whatever comes to me.

Its so important to intentionally Tap In with yourself when you perform in a part of your business that you don't function in daily.

Knowing how it affects you negatively or positively is imperative to how you approach the next time and every time after that.

Write it down, give it a name or theme so it's familiar to you and becomes part of your Process & Procesure Plan for your business.

Every SUCCESSFUL business is so, bc of Processes & Procedures.

I hope that helps someone who might be trying to figure that part out.


She felt like her hair wasn't retaining length. Sometimes, stylists don't retwist all the way down to the ends, so it bunches up more and more over time.
💜(New Gem)💜

Disclaimer: DO NOT DO THIS ON YOUR OWN or on anyone else if you don't know what you are doing.

There is a technique, and if you are not careful, you will destroy your or someone else's locs and they will never book u again.


When current and new clients sit in my chair and tell me how they prayed for Me...a stylist like Me, that cares and it shows like Me, it's emotionally overwhelming in the best way. I'm not the most popular, I don't have a huge business but HE saw fit for ME to be a life changer for people. I enhance lives for a living. I'm so abundantly grateful for my gift. 💜💫🌱🧪🙏🏽💪🏾

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The Lab is ready for your Gratitude Moments: Beginners Yoga with our instructor @yogawithzee_  You rip and run all day, ...
Morning Techs! This is the style our Gem was getting.The wedding party she was in wore a low side ponytail with a deep s...
Yes to the New AdDress
Bc styles are a must!
A Loc Aurora Borealis
Happy Monday Techs! Remember that Appearance is customizable. One client may want their locs to look like this, another ...
Be Sure
Loc Style
Drying Your Ends
Truth is, I drop about 5-8 clips when I'm doing the take down.How many do you drop?This is a safe space, it's ok. You wo...




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