Salon Thairapy

Salon Thairapy is located in the Hilltop North Shopping Center inside Salon Plaza, Suite 131 (1612 Laskin Road Virginia Beach, Va. 23451) Check me out!

Photos from Salon Thairapy's post

Before and After amazingness!!!💜💚💙
Decided on a sultry fashion color meld on my girl Farrah. It’s so gorgeous on her! 😍

What will your next look be?
Text Holly @ (757)472-2878
and let’s get you booked and excited
for change and pampering! 🙋‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️💇🏼‍♀️

What an amazing change on my client and dear friend Missy!!!
It was so much fun and so much hair! 💇🏼‍♀️
I am obsessed with it short and sweet!😍

Ready for a change?
Text Holly @ (757)472-2878

✨Rose Gold🌹💖✨
My favorite new look on my girl Patty!
Text Holly @ (757)472-2878 to reserve
your next appointment ASAP. 💇🏼‍♀️🙌🏼😷

Before (bottom right)

Such a pretty lighter look for summer
on my girl Courtney!

Text Holly @ (757)472-2878 to book
your appointment asap🙋‍♀️

(Before bottom right)

Tired of those Roots!?!🙋‍♀️
This gorgeous pearl blonde with long layers could be your new summer look! ☀️

✨I am booking appointments and back to the new normal. Can’t wait to see you all soon!✨

Text Holly @ (757)472-2878
(Before Left)

Before and afters are just my fave! 🥰
(Before bottom right)

So good to be back doing my craft! Here a few amazing looks since I reopened! 🥰🤘🏻😷

Text Holly @ (757)472-2878 for your next appointment asap💇🏼‍♀️

Salon Thairapy

Great reopening day at Salon Thairapy!

Getting used to the new normal and so happy to be back.

I am now Barbercide Certified and Hand Weft Extension Certified! I am confident in ensuring our safety during your service and very excited to share this amazing technique with you! (Ask me if interested)
I also am in love with AG’s new line, Vita C. It is rich with Citris Oils and hydrates the hair while repairing damage and improving elasticity over time. The styling products rock as well.

The new industry procedures are in place and working well. Please let me know if you have traveled recently or have any symptoms and we will get you rescheduled.
You must wear a mask and I will greet you at the entrance to Salon Plaza then walk you to the salon. Text me when you arrive, there is no longer a waiting area.

Text me ASAP for your appointment (757)472-2878.

Can’t wait to see you all!!!!

[05/15/20]   ✨Hello all Salon Thairapy Guests!✨

Today is the first day the city starts to go back to normal. This is very exciting for my industry especially. I will be reopening Salon Thairapy 5/27! This is weeks sooner then I thought and I am very excited to share this news.

Please be patient with me, as I am working so hard on being fair with my rescheduled clients and also needing more time with each guest from being away and having to follow the new safety guidelines will mean longer booking times. I’m working night and day on getting each of you in when you prefer!

Text me (757)472-2878 if you would like to schedule or want to move your appointment sooner ASAP!

I will greet you at the Salon Plaza Entrance and text you when I’m ready for you. We both must wear masks and wash our hands after entering the salon.
I will be using disposable plastic capes to ensure to the new regulations.
I will be in touch prior to your appointment to inform you on the new regulations and procedures we both now have to follow. These will also be displayed in the Salon. I have received my Barbercide Certification to ensure your trust in me and my safety procedures in the salon during this phase as well.

I ask you all to let me know if you have been exposed to the Virus or someone who has. Also if you don’t feel well in anyway, we will get you rescheduled with no problem or cancellation fee.

I am so excited to see each and everyone one of you. I take this situation my health and your health very serious. I am looking forward to getting used to our new normal and at least we are all in this together and much more appreciative.

I cannot wait to see you all! 👏🏼
✨See you soon! (757)472-2878✨

Hey there, Salon Thairapy Guests!🙋‍♀️

I’m hoping you all are healthy and well despite the times. I miss you all terribly and can’t wait to get back in the salon!🙌🏼

After a lot of thought and consideration I have made the decision to re-open Salon Thairapy on ✨Wednesday June 10, 2020!!!✨

Unfortunately this could change, but I am remaining optimistic that all we’ve done as a society and will continue to do in combination with time and hot weather will rid us all of this worry finally. I picture us all back to normal and much more appreciative💕

I was hoping for May, but with no concrete date on the State Order for my small business to reopen or word from the Company I lease from, June 10th it will have to be. Im feeling the need to be extra precautious to all of our health as we get back out socially in public situations all at once, therefore May is still a bit concerning to me and a majority of my clients. Also Having no full time daycare until 6/10, I am left with no choice and feel this is the best decision for my clients and I at this time.

If you have hair needs prior to June, please text me and we will figure something out in the meantime. I have a lot of cool ideas and products to get you by until June.
Or you can take this time to give your hair a rest, grow out some layers or that side bang for summer. Either way, I’m a text away...

Keep in mind I’m still trying to get clients in from March and April and want to remain fair as to when you are rescheduled. Please be patient with me and I thank you all for doing so this whole time.❤️The May appointments will be pushed to June and I will do my very best to get you all scheduled this week!

So text me for your June appointment ASAP! I am so excited to see each of you, I could scream!!! Please stay healthy and well🙏🏼

Salon Thairapy

[04/21/20]   Dear Salon Thairapy Guests!

As soon as I know for sure when daycare will be available I will get back to each of you on your appointments being rescheduled. We are both going to be working as of 5/8 according to plan, but as of now have no daycare and most likely won’t until mid-June!
I really appreciate your patience with all of this. I will most likely have to adjust my schedule dramatically until June and will do my best to get you all in ASAP. Talk with you all as soon as I know more! ❤️Holly

💕Hello from Salon Thairapy🙋‍♀️💕

The Governor just announced that I will be able to re-open the Salon on 5/8!!! This is a two week extension on the original 4/24 date. It is meant to protect us from the peak of the Virus, which we are supposedly going through as we speak. This date could change, but I am moving forward on booking each one of you from that date on with Optimism!

Please be patient with me as I am rebooking clients that have been waiting since the end of March. I will do my very best to get you all in fairly and promptly.

I will be wearing a mask and still following the same safety precautions you and I both deserve during this outbreak. I will be in touch and feel free to reach out for anything.

Can’t wait to see each of you! Thank you for supporting me in every way possible through all of this. I am eager to spoil you all and make you all feel like you have something special to look forward to!

See you soon, hang in there and text me about that regrowth and please don’t buy a box color or cut your own bangs!

Stay smart, safe and healthy.
Much love❤️Holly

Hello from Salon Thairapy! 🙋‍♀️
Hoping you all are staying well and praying hard for us all to go back to normal soon🙌🏼

I miss you guys. If you technically have an appointment with me in the next few weeks (4/1-4/22), we will have to get you rescheduled. I will be in touch next week to do so, when I know more timeframe wise.

Your Gift Certificates are in Route and the sun is out!!! 🤘🏻🌸☀️

Try to enjoy this slow down and I’ll try to stay in touch and keep y’all laughing with funny memes. Take Care all, talk soon!😘

The extreme amount of gratitude I am experiencing is during this unsure time is overwhelming! Especially the day after the Governor declared a Stay at Home Order for all of Va. A Silver Lining is found...🙏🏼☺️🙌🏼

To each of the clients that have reached out in concern and/or purchased gift certificates towards your next service, Thank You! I honestly can’t say it enough. You are so sweet to think of me and my family during all of this. Your thoughtfulness is keeping my small business afloat. I cannot wait to spoil each of you in the Salon for you’re extreme generosity🥰

Please know that in this dark time, you have given me faith and shown me, your stylist and friend that there is a light coming through these storm clouds we are under. Your friendship and trust in me as your Stylist all these years means the world to me. Being away just makes me appreciate each busy day in the salon with you all even more. I miss you dearly. I miss doing your hair and making sure you are well, but we will see each other very soon. FYI, leave your hair alone, I got you🙌🏼

You’re gift certificates are in route and I will reach out to get any up coming appointments rescheduled ASAP! Let’s stay in touch here, Instagram or text.
See you all soon, stay healthy and well!

✨Hey all Salon Thairapy friends!✨

Just wanted to reach out and let you all know that Salon Plaza will be officially closed until 4/23. It is not recommended for me to service the public in the salon or in your home during this time due to the severity of the Corona Virus.

I am deeply saddened to close my Salon’s doors and will miss each of you. I will be in touch to get each appointment rescheduled ASAP. I’m hoping with lots of prayer, optimism and the social distancing needed to kick this thing, I will see you all in the Salon again in April. 🙌🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼

I have a few tricks up my sleeve for helping you out with that regrowth this next few weeks, including AG’s Tinted Dry Shampoo. It is awesome and comes in every color. Text me and I’ll ship it to you, as well as any other Hair Products you may need along the way.
Never hesitate to ask please, I’m a text away🙋‍♀️

Also, I plan on posting funny Memes, Hair tips and pics of my work to still keep us connected. 😄

If you purchased a Gift Certificate, Thank you so much! You helped this Small business keep afloat. I’m so excited that they will be mailed out tomorrow!!! 💌
Can’t wait to spoil each of you for your generousity! 💝
Thank you all for your continued loyalty, lots of patience and for thinking of me during this crazy time. 🥰
Take care each of you and stay healthy!
See you soon!!! 🙏🏼❤️💇🏼‍♀️

[03/25/20]   ❤️Dear Salon Guests and friends❤️

Now that I was forced to close the Salon, I am out income for my family for another month. My schedule was already cut in half the last week and now Dan’s calls have been cut drastically as well. As we pray for resilience and more answers, we are growing scared for our financial future. I have received many texts of concern and wanting to help in some way... Thank you all so much for offering, it means the world to my family and I.
If you are willing to help this Small Business Owner at this scary time, I have Gift Certificates available. Free shipping to your door. Believe it or not a few of these can help this girl keep things afloat. 🙌🏼

Please contact me @ (757)472-2878
if you are interested...

Take care everyone, can’t wait to see you back in the Salon!!!❤️

✨Attention all Salon Thairapy Guests✨

Salon Plaza will be locking their doors by midnight tonight to ensure more Social Distancing due to the Corona Virus. Although our Suites are small and one on one mostly, the 6 foot rule is very hard to follow while in such close quarters. Due to the severity, I want to keep myself, my family and all of you safe so I will be remaining closed until 4/23 and will contact each of you to reschedule.

There is a chance that this timeframe could change. If so, I may do house calls, if necessary. I will keep you all posted here, via text and on Instagram. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Take care each of you, I will be keeping each of you in my prayers and urge you not to use any box color or cut your own bangs, I’m still your girl/stylist🙏🏼☺️❤️
See you all soon, stay healthy😘

✨Dear Salon Thairapy Guests✨

I wanted to reach out to each of you with future appointments and reassure you that you can trust me to act accordingly during the Corona Virus Scare. I am sanitizing all communal areas in the Salon as well as the waiting area chairs outside it. I have not shown any symptoms, nor have the few guests or family members I have been in contact with. Other then the salon, I have been home with Dan and Levi Social Distancing, getting fresh air outside and taking the no more then 10 people/6 feet of space rule very seriously. I am also limiting the amount of guests in the salon each day and have been forced to go down to 3 work days due to no daycare.
If you or anyone you have been in contact with have been sick, shown any symptoms or have traveled please contact me ASAP and we will get you rescheduled.
The online booking option has been turned off for now and text is preferred for making future appointments.
I care dearly for each of you and want us all to do our part to get through this together. Let’s not forget to wash our hands thoroughly, use common sense, stay in touch with your loved ones, and try to support your local small businesses if at all possible, they are hurting.

Thank you so much for supporting mine and my family, be safe and stay healthy everyone🙏🏼❤️🙌🏼


[03/17/20]   All is well at Salon Thairapy!

If we have an appointment scheduled the next two weeks, I will be there! I am also still booking future appointments.
I am super grateful that my Suite is small and one on one. I will be taking the necessary precautions that have been suggested and then some to protect us both during your service. At this crazy time of uncertainty, let’s try to stay calm and move forward as normal as possible.
Try not to forget about the small businesses out there taking a huge hit during all of this. I appreciate you holding those appointments and coming in to get your hair done with me more then you will ever know! Be safe everyone and I will see you soon!❤️

[03/13/20]   ✨Hello from Salon Thairapy!!!✨

I just wanted to reach out to all of my clients and friends during this time of concern with the Corona Virus.

I am taking all the necessary precautions here in the salon and will ask you all to do the same please. If you or your child is sick please let me know and we will reschedule. I have and will be continuing to Lysol/Bleach all communal areas in the salon before and after each guest. I will be refraining from hand shakes and hugs for the time being and keeping my hands sanitized and clean with the proper hand washing. I have these products available for you to sanitize entering the salon as well.

This is a very scary, unsure time for us all and I want to reassure you all to feel safe to come get your hair done.
Please, feel free to arrange home visits with me as well. I will come to your home and safely give you your hair service there if need be. I’m here for all of you and want you all to stay safe, healthy and calm while you prepare yourselves. Love to all, we will get through this together.❤️🙏🏼❤️

Happy International Women’s Day from Salon Thairapy! I adore making each and every one of you ladies sparkle!!!✨💕🌸✨

I’m “dyeing” to do this look! Any takers???

Text Holly @ (757)472-2878
for an appointment 🙋‍♀️

Had a blast creating this pretty look on my friend, Missy!

These Soft Silvery Lilac toned highlights are such a beautiful way to embrace your own natural highlights and so on Trend for Spring 2020!

Text Holly @ (757)472-2878 to
book an appointment 🙋‍♀️

I’m so excited to announce that I will be Certified in the Sew In Weft Extension Technique this month!!!

My class is on 3/30 and I could not be more excited!!! I will be taking this Spring to learn, practice then perfect this innovative technique to bring to all of YOU!!!

Text me for more info or to book an appointment @ (757)472-2878🙋‍♀️

Here are some examples of other Stylists work with this technique.
The before and afters are quite amazing!!!

So many great things coming your
way here @ Salon Thairapy...👏🏼

Spring-warm days cool nights and flowers🌸
AG’s Brand New Spring Products
Gorgeous, Spring Hair Trends
Pre-Summer Proper Hair Care
Hand Tied Human Hair Extensions
(ask me for details)
Smoothing Treatments now booking
New Gift Certificates Available

✨Hope we are all excited for a Brand✨
✨New Season for Hair!!!✨

Shag Cuts, 70’s Bangs, Silver/Lilac Blonde, Dip/dyed Ends, Fashion Color Fun and the Racheal are all on trend. Let’s have some Spring hair fun!!!

Text Holly for an appointment @ (757)472-2878 ASAP Ring Dance, Spring Break and Easter are all upon us!!!

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