The Massage Group, LLC

The Massage Group, LLC


Are you in balance?
Perfect! Fall is a great time to do some yoga.
A great exercise! Try it out!

Providing Massage Therapy and Yoga/Movement Instruction

Operating as usual


How true it is 🙏❤️😘debs


It is never too late to start over.

To reinvent yourself.

To be authentically you.

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Good advice.

Yes! ✨✨✨


LIFE is truly a gift! 🎁 And it is our privilege to have the opportunity to create an EXTRAORDINARY life!


Don’t wait another moment, another day, another year to LIVE FULLY and squeeze JOY out of your life!

Remember, it’s NOT about being perfect, it’s about being REAL.

We all have so many areas for GROWTH, but we can’t unless we’re willing to try things that don’t always work out.

Life is messy — but it is also BEAUTIFUL.

ENJOY your life and all of the growth AND CHALLENGES it demands from you. Then share the insights with those you love and support them along the way.

Tag a friend you want to share this message with. 👇🏷


A few self care tips for your Saturday courtesy of Dr. Mark Hyman.


I have been focusing on myofascial work specifically with trigger point therapy, both as self help and in my massage practice.

I have been focusing on myofascial work specifically with trigger point therapy, both as self help and in my massage practice.

AM Flow 05/15/2021

AM Flow

I am in! Come and join Nicole for her great yoga classes. Nicole is a fabulous yoga instructor!

AM Flow Join the Spaces by Wix app to book this service and stay updated on the go.


A few self care tips for your self care this weekend!

Photos from The Massage Group, LLC's post 04/04/2021

Spotlight on Massage Cupping

I have been doing lots of successful massage cupping over the last couple of weeks!

I took cupping training from the International Cupping Therapy Association and have been cupping for 10 years.

Dr. Doug Swanson at Winfield Chiropractic likes to call it decompressive massage.

Have you tried it yet?


Breathing is good for everything!

Slow, long, deep breaths. 💜 🦋🌟💜

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Timeline Photos 03/21/2021

When have you had a massage?

Did you know that massage therapy is one of the oldest health care practices on record?

References to massage have been found in Chinese texts dating back over 4,000 years! That this healing modality has been practiced for thousands of years is a profound testament to its efficacy. And the benefits of massage are just as powerful and plentiful now as ever!


New Year!
New Prices!

New Year!
New Prices!


Ring in the New Year!


Or get a Massage!!!


International Center for Reiki Training

Just for today


Great Class! The online videos are informative, easy to follow, and very effective. Katy Bowman at Nutritious Movement provides great exercises that follow a logical sequence which combine well with Jill Miller from TuneUp Fitness use of her Roll Model balls that help create body awareness and provide amazing self-massage.

You will find Jill Miller's Roll Model Method moves in a few of my books, but when we came up with Walking Well, I was envisioning a program that paired exercises and self-massage equally, where you could use her balls to move smaller bits that might be creating those "sticky spots" (that I explain in Move Your DNA) first -- so that the exercises were more fluid.

As for WALKING, I love this movement and know, for so many, it's an easy way to increase total, and whole-body movement each day while also layering in other needs: transportation, being with others, carrying stuff, connecting with the great outdoors. I also know from 20 years of working with bodies that so many find walking uncomfortable, painful, or unpleasant. Often times it's a small area of the body (like the feet) that keep the whole body from walking.

So this is why Walking Well with Tune Up Fitness, friends! Program launches September 28th and the Early Bird Access/Discount list closes tomorrow. GET ON THE LIST HERE:


The Massage Group is open for business, whether you need to take an hour off to relax, have a nagging pain that just won't go away, or you are interested in supporting your immune system, a massage would be perfect! Call today to book an appointment. 620-222-5121


What a great event! Let's do it again next year!

Thank you Bigs, Littles,Sponsors & RORRing Entertainment for a fantastic Racing for Kids Sake😁


A Sneak Peak of the Massage Group Race Car that will race in the upcoming Racing for Kids' Sake event benefiting the youth of Cowley County. Special thanks to Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters Serving Cowley County and RORRing Entertainment for putting on this great virtual event. Go Big and go Fast Car #46!


A corona message from a spiritual leader from the Andes (Français, Anglais, Espagnol)

What a great message!

This message was recorded in Los Angeles, at the end of March 2020, at the beginning of the lockdown imposed in California due to the projected risks associa...


The Moon Goddess

Quick guide to sage


Winfield Chiropractic

Good advice!

“Nasal Breathing” a deeper look into how the way you BREATH 🤔 can either strengthen 💪🏻 or weaken your immune system!

#MoreLifeBetterLife 03/28/2020

Joan Borysenko: The Fastest Way Out Of Fear

Good Advice. Want to find an easy way to calm your central nervous system? Check out this easy method in this bonus clip from HEAL featuring author and mind-body expert, ...


Matthew Sweigart Healing Arts

Interesting perspective!

Build personal empowerment with self care for lungs and large intestine....


Really good advice.

Biomechanics of Healing:

This is so important and so simple. The nuance can be profound.

Notice what works and do more of that.

Notice what doesn’t and do less of that.

A great formula for moving forward.


So true!

"It is through the mistakes that the greatest learning happens on an inner level." - Eckhart Tolle


What do you want?

[01/06/20]   Open your eyes so that you may see in others the capacity for peace.
—Alberto Villoldo, PhD 01/04/2020

25 Reasons to Get a Massage | American Massage Therapy Association Research indicates massage therapy can help a variety of health conditions.


Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters Serving Cowley County

Thanks Cowley County for celebrating 25 years of volunteering & supporting our youth!

Ken Kraus,Cathy Oller, Michelle Vaught, Sara Williams,Jonathan Leeper,Doug Elissa Swanson, Bruce Schwyhart, Chestnut Ave. Venue, LLC


Gift Certificates


Cudly Massage & Wellness

Crossing your legs can have a negative impact on your posture. This in turn can lead to or worsen back pain. So if you are having some pain in your back, uncross those legs and give me a call. I'll work those knots out for you. 12/02/2019

Engineering students create waterproof and lightweight arm cast to replace plaster casts

This is great! It could be the end of those itchy, annoying plaster casts.


Looks like Christmas is coming at the Massage Group. Plenty of time to get massage gift certificates!

[11/25/19]   "If your body asks
you to press pause...
Do it."
~Susi Hately~




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