KJB's, bunnsonthismoon LLC - A Dietary Transition Coaching Service

KJB's, bunnsonthismoon LLC - A Dietary Transition Coaching Service

KJB's, bunnsonthismoon LLC utilizes a whole-self health model, where community members are taught ho Message to schedule a FREE consultation to see if we're a good fit' for each other :)

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Self-love is not eating things that hurt you.

Katie Baker on Instagram: "Who is experiencing the pressures of learning how to cope with food sensitivities, right now? Leave a like, or a comment ~ let's talk 👄♥️✨️!!" 08/28/2022

Katie Baker on Instagram: "Who is experiencing the pressures of learning how to cope with food sensitivities, right now? Leave a like, or a comment ~ let's talk 👄♥️✨️!!"


Katie Baker on Instagram: "Who is experiencing the pressures of learning how to cope with food sensitivities, right now? Leave a like, or a comment ~ let's talk 👄♥️✨️!!" Katie Baker shared a post on Instagram: "Who is experiencing the pressures of learning how to cope with food sensitivities, right now? Leave a like, or a comment ~ let's talk 👄♥️✨️!!". Follow their account to see 33 posts.


Who is experiencing the pressures of learning how to cope with food sensitivities & intolerances, right now?

109-Year-Old Man Knitting Tiny Knitting For Injured Penguins In His Free Time 08/26/2022

109-Year-Old Man Knitting Tiny Knitting For Injured Penguins In His Free Time

Some delightful news to brighten your feed :D !!

109-Year-Old Man Knitting Tiny Knitting For Injured Penguins In His Free Time As Phillip Island Penguins needed woolen jumpers in the wake of an oil spill, Alfred Date spent his time knitting tiny clothes for them. The 109-year-old man from Australia, Alfred ‘Alfie’ Date was the oldest person


How to make your own chai, from-scratch.

Ingredients in this batch:
*filtered water 💧
*cardamom pods
*rose petals 🥀 🌹 💐 from The Chai Box
*unsweetened organic coconut 🥥 milk simple no guar, from Native Forest
*Yunnan black ⚫️ 🖤 🍵 tea leaves 🍃, from Numi Organic Tea
*stevia/erythritol mix

*steel pot
*mortar & pestle


Something FUN to start our day!!!



Mari Verano is one of my former coaching clients and she is the ideal, coming to me when she wanted help for emergent skin issues.

Mari Verano helps marginalized–and multiply marginalized–managers and high achievers become better leaders of self and others. She is a full-time psychotherapist and entrepreneur running her own coaching and consulting business. https://mariverano.com/


Subject Line: Wellness Without Judgment

Dear Amazing Community,

First of all, I apologize for not being in touch for so long.

2020, for many of us, was a trying and difficult year due to so many circumstances beyond our control. It turned out that 2021 became an even worse year for me with chronic pain issues that were new and mental health issues that came back to haunt me for the first time in years.

I have the economic privilege of being able to hire expert help.

I hired a non-diet personal trainer to help me with my chronic pain issues–an awesome, badass woman of color and loving, supportive mom to a trans son. She saved my career. I will tell you about her later this month.
I reconnected with my doctor and started on a low dose of psychiatric medication. It turns out that the mindless use of social media was causing me trauma flashbacks. (This is why you haven’t seen me around.)
I worked with a dietary transitions coach, Katie Baker, to get my nutrition in shape.

If the words “dietary” and “nutrition” make you want to unsubscribe from this list forever (please don’t!) you’re not alone. Before connecting with Katie, I felt the same way. I grew up experiencing fatphobia from my immediate family, my extended family, my cultural community, and my school community.

Katie did not automatically assume I ate like s**t because I’m a size 16. She has a weight-neutral, individualized approach to dietary coaching. Her empathy and expertise helped me undo a lot of the trauma of fatphobia and diet culture–and empowered me with sound nutritional knowledge to stop my skin from breaking out.

This week, she is offering a once-in-a-lifetime, exclusive retreat for 10 people.

You are Katie’s ideal client if you can relate to one (or more) of the following:

-You are at midlife, wondering how to best eat for your changing body’s needs.
-You (or members of your family) have food sensitivities and want to eat food that is not only safe, but tastes good, too.
-You want to learn about how to take care of your whole self–not only your body.
-You want to heal your relationship with food.

This retreat takes place in Massillon, Ohio from Thursday, August 18th-Sunday, August 21 and includes:

*An intimate 4-day in-person container at a vintage airbnb
*12 Swap Parties where you will learn how to make mindful swaps of ingredients and create safe foods for custom diets with food sensitivities. (Value $450 per person, per meal)
*1 Thriver's Kit (a one-week meal-battleplan to use when you return home. Value $1,750 pp)
*1 Knit Kit (full of beautiful, squishy yarn, needles, notions, and patterns. Value $250 pp)
*Knitting Lessons & Groups
*A heated swimming pool to play & relax in (complimentary)
*Astrology readings ️
*All food included (Value $150 pp)

Normally, this experience retails for $35K. However, there are group, short-notice, and tester discounts applied which brings the payment to the price below.

Value: $8,580
Sale price: $3.5K per person

Again–this is a once-in-a-lifetime offer to work in-depth with a nutrition expert– a *true* expert with a biology degree, who has trained medical doctors and registered dietitians to use food as medicine.

Katie can be reached at +1-734-904-5702 or [email protected].

Book your spot in this exclusive retreat by calling or emailing her–this offer won’t last long.

To Your Empowerment,


MARI VERANO I’m a Berkeley graduate, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 12 years of experience, a Certificate in Clinical Neuroscience, and the CEO of Mari Verano LLC.


Good Morning 🌄 🌅 matcha 🍵 😋 blessings


Made from scratch chai, so yummy 😋 😍 😊!!!!!!!!


What NOT to do, in transitioning diet lifestyles!!!

STOP reading through all of the nutrition labels looking for what you CAN'T have.... 😒 Instead, START looking at what you CAN eat, through making your own food from-scratch 😋 👌


5 planetary alignment

Good Morning Love's 🌄 🌅 🌞, check the sky this morning before dawn and you'll see this!!!

Photos from KJB's, bunnsonthismoon LLC - A Dietary Transition Coaching Service's post 06/22/2022

Morning 🌄🌅🍵 matcha w/Katie! 😋 🥰😘
Good Morning Love's ~ the morning tea: covid is going around where I am.... It's important to rest when you have this, as a form of self-care. Covid is exhausting. It's not like anything else.... this is not a time to workout, or do anything strenuous. That includes mental stress. Your body is developing a completely new immunity, programmed to all of your cells. That takes a massive amount of energy!!! For people who have less energy to give, this illness hits harder. Please give yourself plenty of time to sleep, as that is what restores the body --as you sleep, the body doesn't have to spend energy on functions that only operate when you're awake, and can instead focus on repairing your body. Drink lots of water 💧 and eat calorie-dense food, like olives 🫒 or nuts--you'll need this to fuel ⛽️ your bodies' repair systems.
Rest well.
-Katie 😘


Organic: Rye berries & Chamomile Tulsi Licorice root tea 🌼 🍵 ♥️ = a FANTASTIC way to start this crisp June morning 🌄🌅!!!


Food tips & skin tips for a healthy day! 😋

Good Morning Love's ❤️! 🌅😘


Sick of running up the tab for nut & seed milk that's filled with stabilizers & thickeners? Try out this recipe for the FRESHEST plant-based milk you can get!

Happy Mother's Day!💐Freshly made quart of vanilla almond-milk🥛-- you guys, this tastes seriously amazing and it's SO easy to make!
*1 cup of raw, organic almonds
*8 cups of filtered water 💦
*Vanilla extract
*Mineral salt
*Stevia/Erythritol blend
*One quart mason jar
*Mesh filtering bag for nut 🥜🥛 milk (I used Ellie's Best)
*Mixing bowl 🥣
1.) Put 1 cup of almonds in the mason jar and cover with 4 cups filtered water 💦.
2.) Screw lid on, shake, and put in refrigerator for 8 - 12 hours (I like to put it in the fridge, then go to bed). For this batch, I accidentally went for 24 hours, but it didn't seem to cause any harm.
3.) Strain nuts over sink. No need to rinse.
4.) Put nuts in blender and cover with 4 fresh cups of filtered water 💦.
5.) Add ~1/4 tsp of vanilla extract to the blender, and a large pinch of mineral salt.
6.) With the lid on the blender: Pulse 2 - 3 times. Then, put on lowest blend setting for 10 - 30 seconds. Go up blending settings one at a time, holding for 10 - 30 seconds for each level. Then, turn the blender off.
7.) Set up your nut 🥜🥛 milk bag in the mixing bowl 🥣.
8.) Pour the contents of the blender into the bag in the mixing bowl 🥣.
9.) Squeeze and massage the bag to get out all the 🥛 milk. Keep or discard the pulp (I like to eat it, for the fiber content).
10.) Add 1 Tbsp Stevia/Erythritol mix to the milk 🥛 in the mixing bowl 🥣.
11.) Fill the quart mason jar with the completed milk.
12.) Clean up the kitchen 🧘.
13.) Store 🥛 milk jar in the fridge and shake to mix. Separation is natural.
14.) Enjoy your creation, that's free from preservatives. 🤤
-Katie 😘


*Calories don't matter, portions don't matter, your BMI doesn't matter....
*What DOES matter is what's happening inside YOUR body, & that your body is unique and processes things differently.
*If you want the absolute 💯🔥👌battleplan, to ensure you're the healthiest, most fit, energetic, least amount of brain-fog 🧠 self & running at your BEST, Drop us a DM & I'll hook you up to speak to a Lifestyle Strategist!
Send us a DM for this account here and I'll save you a spot on the call calendar! 📞📅 😍


Did you know that most long-term diseases can be linked to chronic inflammation? It can, and a key factor in getting your outside well, is to start by reducing internal inflammation caused by trigger foods. Trigger foods, by another name are also called food sensitivities. Many people in either the Standard American, or the Standard Australian Diet have developed these as a result of eating a highly processed, repetitive diet.

When you have food sensitivities, your world changes. Since food is what gives us the literal energy to live, changing what one eats is a VERY intimate journey. Literally, with every bite you have the power to change!! With the right support, this can be very empowering. Like, for real…. YOU are in control of what you choose to eat. With a bit of education and some help finding your local resources, it becomes a journey in which you can learn to thrive! As you heal your body by navigating away from your inflammatory foods, your gut, body, and soul all begin to heal and you can start this new chapter of your life doing better than ever!!! Come join us for an 8-week live container, and I promise you, you’ll come out transformed. Private message for more details ;) .


Evening Tea ☕🍵 to Wind Down 😘

In this pot are: *4 tsp's of The Chai Box 's Lavender Night's herbal 🍵 tea blend, *1 cup if filtered water 💧, and *1 can of organic unsweetened coconut 🥥 milk 🥛 from Native Forest .

SOOOO yummy !!! The spices are all SUPER fresh and are completely organic with no added flavors.

This recipe makes 2 large mugs of chai, just right for one person. If serving many, simply multiply the quantities.

Enjoy! 😉🤗😋🤤☕


Interview of the Dietary Transition Coach, Katie Baker

In this video introduction, Betty Dang of Fly Over T-N-T Coaching interviews Katie Baker to find out just what it is that a Dietary Transition Coach does!


Freshly-made coconut 🥥 whipped cream 😋🤤. You can make this from scratch, or from the can. Here, I used a can of Native Forest unsweetened coconut milk simple no guar, and set the blender to whip until I was satisfied with the coagulation.


Starting the day with Ryze mushroom 🍄 coffee ☕ and some coconut 🥥 oil, is a sustainable way to power up my day with clear thinking and long-lasting energy....without the crash and heart palpitations.
And, I have a coupon code to share with you! KATIE15


Photos from KJB's, bunnsonthismoon LLC - A Dietary Transition Coaching Service's post 01/04/2022

Fresh out of the oven baked, then masked Japanese sweet potato 🍠 with warmed coconut 🥥 milk and some high-quality flakey salt 🤤

What a beautifuly delicious homemade cereal! 🥣

Photos from KJB's, bunnsonthismoon LLC - A Dietary Transition Coaching Service's post 12/15/2021

Good Evening!! 👍 I rearranged the dates & times of my Holiday Baking with Food Sensitivities workshop to be on Saturday, December 18th from 9:00AM - 11:00AM EST, Sunday, December 19th from 9:00PM - 11:00PM EST, and Monday, December 20th from 9:00PM - 11:00PM EST.

Signup by emailing: [email protected]

I know for the first few years into my personal dietary transition journey, it would have been ALOT more manageable to be able to talk 👄 with someone who had walked my path before. Not having that, left me feeling alone and with an ever-burdgeoning level of anxiety that was clearly unhealthy. It's my mission to be able to provide that necessary support to others newly minted on their journey's, so that they don't have to lose their lives to the grip of anxiety that dealing with Food Sensitivities causes.

This workshop will be high-touch (meaning loads of interaction time) and will help the participants to build a community supportive of their food sensitivities.

Holiday Baking For Food Sensitivities workshop.

For the workshop, I am going to have 3 recipes that the ingredients can easily be swapped out. It will be for vegan banana 🍌 bread 🍞/pumpkin 🎃 bread 🍞, a pie 🥧, and cookies 🍪 😋 😜. All of the recipes will be gluten 🌾, dairy 🥛, eggs 🥚, and refined sugar free. 🤤

The best part is, attendees will come out more confident in altering their favorite recipes to fit their food sensitivities.

They'll be given a shopping 🛍 list and can submit questions ahead of time to [email protected]mail.com for a researched answer. Impromptu questions are welcome during the workshop, too.

The workshop will last ~1-2 hours, leaving plenty of time for the treats to cool and be packaged up cutely, for sharing.

The cost for this will be $120/group and I'll be using Venmo for US clients, and PayPal for international clients.


There will be two date options:
The 1st-
Is for it to be held on Saturday, December 18th @ 9:00AM - 11:00AM EST, via Zoom.

The 2nd-
Will be Sunday, December 19th @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM EST, via Zoom.

The 3rd-
It will be held on Monday, December 20th @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM EST, via Zoom.


My sincere apologies for the belated response.... to put it plainly, my friends here are being singled out due to being BLACK and disabled. This is taking place right here in the suburbs of Ypsilanti.

This is NOT okay.... Kwaun , Keisha , and Kameron deserve to feel safe and supported in the house that took Kwaun's lifetime to aquire.

It is NOT okay to use racist stereotyping of a disabled, young man to instigate a fear response from neighbors. Doing this kind of garbage, is what results in black lives being taken before God's time.

Instigating fear is a BIG DEAL, as a result!!! It is not just a harmless comment. It has real-life, long-lasting consequences and destroys the lives of MANY in the community.

This new neighbor that is slinging mud, quite frankly, is not welcome in our community. Shape up, or ship out I say!!!!!


Our Origins

KJB’s, bunnsonthismoon LLC is just getting started as a business, as of late November 2019. I am a Dietary Transition Success Coach. What that means, is that for anyone who has to make a large change to their diet landscape, I’m there to offer the supports needed to make that transition be successful. What is offered is 1:1 lessons on how to cook from scratch within’ your new diet lifestyle, access to completely organic supplements and wellbeing tools, and knitting lessons as a positive form of stress release to help with easing the burden of such a large change to your life - all done in your home and for your whole support network.

It began back in 2009 though, when I first started experiencing VERY poor physical health despite doing all the “right things” like exercising and eating what I thought were fresh & healthy foods. I reached out to traditional doctors, but they had no answers for me as to what was going on. With my Dad’s encouragement, I then reached out to a naturopathic doctor’s office (NDO). After talking with me, the NDO recommended I do blood, stool, and urine tests along with a survey of what my diet looked like. When the results came back, it showed that I was sensitive/intolerant to over 20+ foods. At first, I thought I could handle it and I diligently went about to my local food markets, reading through the ingredient labels and quickly becoming very stressed out about what I could and could not eat within’ the new diet lifestyle. I remember going to a couple of registered dietician’s for help and while they would put together a meal plan for me, they couldn’t tell me where I could find these new foods, how to cook them practically, and were unwilling to guide me in the manner that I was seeking. So, I had to teach myself. I had to go from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to a ‘From-Scratch’ diet, but had very limited previous knowledge of how to cook and shop in a way that would actually be good for me. This transition did not go very well for a few years and I developed a condition where I was afraid to eat for fear of the pain coming back into my gut when I ate those problem foods. I had gotten’ a feel for what it was like to live without daily pain and I liked it so much that I was unwilling to do what I viewed as hurting myself - which was to say, eating those problem foods. I ended up losing so much weight I looked like a walking skeleton and had developed severe anxiety and depression from the mental stress. I was so tiny that when I went to the hospital they refused to let me go for the certainty that I was going to die. They held me for a couple of months while they made sure that I gained some weight and helped me to reduce my stress levels. But, I wasn’t out of the woodwork, yet. From 2012 - 2015 I had been so scarred by almost dying, that I ate anything and everything that crossed my path - even when it was causing me pain. And, I gained a LOT of weight. I noticed that I had gone too far in my weight gain though, and began the journey back towards a balanced weight for a few months and was making progress. But, then in November 2015 my Dad passed away. In my grieving process, I did not want to eat. Being afraid of going back to that skeletal state though and that I might not win that fight for life, I put absolutely EVERY food and in massive quantities into my body. The next couple of years saw an additional massive weight gain and I officially ran right through the level of obesity that I never had imagined I’d be at. Recognizing that I was in a bad place physically, I took on measures to break the sugar addiction that I had created, and to start exercising in a way that wouldn’t hurt my joints and that I found meditative - so it was good for my mental health as well. I would go on to yo-yo a couple more times with job changes and some abusive roommates that I lived with causing my stress levels to be effected, once again. In 2019, I regained a sense of balance and wellbeing that I hadn’t had in years and began again to stabilize my diet. Even when I was severely injured this year, I was able to get the supports that I needed to get back to a state of good vibes and am now feeling balanced enough that I’d like to help other’s with their journeys. My journey took me 10 years. However, using the lessons I learned from it, I believe I’ll be able to help my clients become successfully transitioned within’ 3 - 9 months time. And, that is how my business idea was formed. I am here to bridge the gap in care and am providing for you want I wanted there to be for me when I was going through my transition. If you, or someone you know, would like to work with me - send me a message and I promise I will get back to you!

Take care and Happy Trails. ^_^


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Self-love is not eating things that hurt you. .#foodsensitivities #foodintolerance #Selflove  #selflovematters #loveyou ...
How to make your own chai, from-scratch. Ingredients in this batch:*filtered water 💧 *cardamom pods*cloves*rose petals 🥀...
Something FUN to start our day!!! ...#dietarytransitions #BrunoMars #uptownfunk #ypsi #ypsilantiwatertower #crystals
Good Morning 🌄 🌅 matcha 🍵 😋 blessings #matcha #bookstagram #rainymorning #madefromscratch
Made from scratch chai, so yummy 😋 😍 😊!!!!!!!! #dietarytransitioncoach #madefromscratch #chai #bookstoread #abeautifulev...
What NOT to do, in transitioning diet lifestyles!!!
5 planetary alignment
Food tips & skin tips for a healthy day! 😋
Evening Tea ☕🍵 to Wind Down 😘
Interview of the Dietary Transition Coach, Katie Baker



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Monday 10am - 2pm
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